Curator Kanekura (Toei)

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Curator Kanekura
Curator Kanekura
English name
  • Curator Kanekura
Japanese name
RōmajiKanekura Kanchō
  • Male
OrganizationDomino City Museum
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! (Toei) episode 5: "Now Revealed!! Yugi's Secret"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! (Toei)
Japanese voice
  • Shin Aomori
Kanekura, Curator

Curator Kanekura (金倉かねくら館長かんちょう Kanekura Kanchō) is a character in the Toei Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. He is the anime incarnation of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga character, Curator Kanekura. Kanekura is the curator of Domino City Museum and exhibited the Millennium Puzzle after Yugi Mutou lent it to him for one day.

Kanekura is a greedy individual, who cares much about money and his own life, but little for anything else, and was willing to lie to others to get what he wanted.


Kenekura sponsored an excavation in the Valley of the Kings of a Pharaoh's tomb from the New Kingdom era. Two months later the findings were put on display at Domino City Museum in the Egypt Unearthed exhibition.

Kanekura heard from Professor Yoshimori that Yugi Mutou had the Millennium Puzzle. He then made plans to steal the puzzle, sell it and give Yugi a portion of the profit to keep him quiet. On the day of the Egypt Unearthed exhibition, Kanekura begged Yugi to allow him to put the Millennium Puzzle on display. Yugi was a bit reluctant, but allowed him to borrow it for one day. The puzzle was put on display and Kanekura showed it to a potential buyer.

Kanekura was visited by Shadi, who had come to put him on trial for defiling the tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Shadi proceeded to perform the Weighing of the Heart on Kanekura. He asked Kanekura a series of questions and used the Millennium Scales and Feather of Ma'at to measure his truthfulness. Shadi warned Kanekura that he would suffer a Penalty Game if the side of the scales weighing Kanekura's lies hit the table. Kanekura's claim that he would save a girl over stealing her golden ring was interpreted as a lie. Before his final question, he asked what a Penalty Game was, so Shadi used an illusion to transform Kanekura's chair into Ammit, and said that this creature would be set free in his soul room. Kanekura was driven insane and became injured after failing the weighing.