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"Cyber Style" redirects here. For the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Skill, see "Cyber Style" (Skill).

Cyber Art (サイバー流 Saibā Ryū) or Cyber Legacy, is a term used in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime that denotes the "Cyber" cards used by Duelists such as Zane Truesdale and Chancellor Sheppard.


The Cyber Art has a dojo located in a mountainous area, which was run by Duel Academy's Chancellor Sheppard. Zane Truesdale was the dojo's greatest student and therefore was given "Cyber End Dragon", the ultimate card of the Cyber Art.

Zane used "Cyber End Dragon" and other Cyber Art cards throughout his time at Duel Academy and in the Pro League. After his breakdown in the Pro League and subsequent change of personality, he journeys back to the dojo and confronts Sheppard, wishing to take possession of the Underworld Deck ("Cyber Art Reverse" in the original), a Deck of forbidden cards focused on the "Cyberdark" series.

Zane defeats Sheppard and takes the Deck, combining it with his own. However, the reason the Deck was forbidden eventually becomes apparent - its thirst for battle and desire to improve causes heart problems, which Zane had originally attributed to his use of Dueling with electrodes.

In the past, the dojo apparently had a rivalry with another dojo, consisting of users of Jinzo Art cards. Eventually, the Jinzo Duelists were defeated and the style was not heard from further.

Later, a Jinzo Art Duelist named Makoto Inotsume confronts and defeats Sheppard in a Duel and then declares his intention to track down Zane to Duel him as well. He wishes to defeat all Cyber Style duelists and prove the superiority of the Jinzo Art. By this point, Zane was very weak and often had to use a wheelchair. Despite this, he Duels Inotsume anyway. He collapses midway through the Duel, though he had been losing it since the beginning.

Zane's brother Syrus resolves to take Zane's Deck and finish the Duel for him. Inotsume gives him three days to train using the Deck. Syrus begins to experience the same heart problems as Zane. At the advice of Jaden Yuki, Syrus "makes the Deck his own" and combines it with cards from his own "Vehicroid" Deck. This new "Cyberroid" Deck is able to defeat Inotsume. Syrus ceases experiencing heart problems as he begins to respect the Deck, which is something Zane hadn't done. After the duel, Zane lets Syrus keep his cards and declares he will start over with a new Deck in order to become as strong as his brother.