Cyber Shield (TSC)

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Cyber Shield
Saibā Bontēji
Cyber Bondage
Card type Magic
Number 317
Deck Cost 100

A piece of body armor that is made exclusively for females.
It alters the wearer's personality and powers her up.

Password 63224564

Obtained by

"Cyber Shield" can be purchased in the shop.

  • When the player wins a Duel, up to 50 cards are added to the shop. Each has an intended probability of 27/30,000 being this card. But due to a bias in the random number generation, it is actually a probability of 54/65,536.
  • When the player enters this card's password (63224564), it appears in the shop.

Opponents' Decks

The following characters use "Cyber Shield" in their Deck.

Character Qty
Mai Valentine 1


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