Cyber Style Evolution

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Cyber Style Evolution

At the beginning of the Duel, add 1 "Cyber Emergency" and "Power Bond" to the bottom of your Deck.
In addition, the following effect can be used twice per turn and thrice per Duel. Select 1 "Cyber Dragon" on your field and change its Level to 5.
This Skill will only activate if you begin the Duel with a Deck that has 12 or more Dragon-Type or Machine-Type "Cyber" monsters. (Extra Deck does not count.)


ZaneTruesdale-DULI-Portrait.png Zane Truesdale
Lifetime Mission November 30, 2021 onward
Summon 10 Level (Rank) 5 or higher Machine-Type monsters(s) using Zane Truesdale.

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