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"Cyberdark Dragon", the Fusion of "Horn", "Edge", and "Keel"
"Cyberdark Dragon", the Fusion of "Horn", "Edge", and "Keel"
  • サイバー・ダーク
  • Saibā Dāku (romanized)
  • Cyberténébreu
  • Cyberfinsternis
  • Cyberoscur
  • 사이버 다크
  • Saibeo Dakeu (romanized)
  • Cibersombrio(a)
  • Ciberoscur
Anime appearances

"Cyberdark", spelled "Cyber Dark" (サイバー・ダーク Saibā Dāku) in Japanese, is an archetype of DARK Dragon and Machine monsters, as well as a sub-archetype of the "Cyber" archetype. These cards were used by Zane Truesdale following his "rebirth" in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime as a forbidden "Underworld Deck" (called "Cyber Art Reverse" in the original).


In the anime, the Deck's unquenchable thirst for battle and improvement forces its owner to go past his/her limit, slowly damaging the user's body over time. Because of this drawback, only Duelists with strong wills and dreams of progression can use this Deck for long periods of time. Depending on how strong-willed the Duelist is, the Duelist using this Deck will experience heart trauma, which may lead to death, as displayed by Zane Truesdale after using this Deck for so long. Even Syrus Truesdale experienced some cardiovascular pain when he decided to take over Zane's Duel against Makoto Inotsume. However, Syrus was able to overcome this problem by respecting the Deck, something that Zane had not done.



Main Deck monsters[edit]

Cyberdark Type Battle effect
Chimera Machine -
Edge Direct attack
Horn Piercing battle damage
Keel Effect damage
Cannon Dragon Send from Main Deck
Claw Send from Extra Deck

Fusion Monsters[edit]

Monster Visual Fusion Materials
Cyberdark Dragon Cyberdark Horn + Cyberdark Edge + Cyberdark Keel
Cyberdarkness Dragon Cyberdark Horn + Cyberdark Edge + Cyberdark Keel +
Cyberdark Cannon + Cyberdark Claw
Cyberdark End Dragon Cyberdark DragonHorn + Edge + Keel + Cyber End Dragon

Playing style[edit]

A "Cyberdark" Deck is a varied Deck primarily focused on Beatdown and Control by quickly and constantly Normal Summoning "Cyberdark" monsters with high ATK. The Deck uses Machine monsters primarily and Dragon monsters secondarily as support, and they can be featured in Dragon-oriented Decks that use enough low-Level monsters.

The original Level 4 "Cyberdark" monsters have Trigger Effects to equip themselves with a Level 3 or lower Dragon monster from the GY when they are Normal Summoned. They also gain ATK equal to the ATK of the equipped monster, and the equipped monster also acts as destruction substitute when a "Cyberdark" monster would be destroyed by battle. "Cyberdark Chimera" can send another "Cyberdark" monster to the GY, if sent there itself, and is able to not only search "Power Bond", but also allows its user to use materials in the GY for their next Fusion Summon after activating this effect.

"Cyberdark Cannon" and "Cyberdark Claw" are Level 3 Dragon monsters, so they can be used as Equip Cards by the Machine members. When they are sent to the GY while equipped to a monster, they can draw or return a card to the hand. Each can also be discarded from the hand to add a "Cyberdark" card from the Deck to the hand. When the equipped monster battles, the player can send a monster to the GY, which helps perform further Graveyard setup and trigger certain effects.

"Cyberdark Dragon" and "Cyberdarkness Dragon", can equip themselves with a Dragon monster upon their Summon similarly to the Level 4 Machine members, but with no restrictions beyond the target being Dragon. "Cyberdarkness Dragon" is also able to equip itself with Machine monsters. "Cyberdarkness Dragon" has 2000 original ATK, compared to "Cyberdark Dragon's" 1000 ATK, and it can send Equip Cards to the Graveyard to negate the activation of any opponent's card or effect. However, "Cyberdark Impact!" being searchable by "Claw", using only 3 monsters compared to "Cyberdarkness Dragon's" 5, returning them to the Deck instead of banishing them, and gaining 100 ATK for each monster in its owner's GY, keeps "Cyberdark Dragon" as a usable option on its own right.

The Field Spell Card "Cyberdark Inferno" can protect "Cyberdark" monsters from being targeted or destroyed by opponents' card effects while equipped with a card, and also allows the player to return a "Cyberdark" monster to the hand and Normal Summon it again to change or restore the monster equipped to it. Its effect when destroyed can search for a "Polymerization" or "Fusion" Spell Card, such as "Overload Fusion".

"Cybernetic Horizon" can quickly fill up the GY with 5 "Cyberdark" monsters or as many "Cyber Dragon" monsters as possible. to facilitate the Fusion Summon of "Cyberdarkness Dragon" or "Chimeratech Rampage Dragon" for a quick OTK. "Cyberdark Realm" searches "Claw" or "Cannon", which can discard themselves to search important cards of the strategy, while filling the GY with Fusion Materials for "Cyberdarkness Dragon".

The Deck also requires the integration of the "Cyber Dragon" archetype for it to reach its maximum potential. "Cyber Dragon Core" can search "Cybernetic Horizon" and other "Cyber" Spell/Traps. "Cyber Dragon Herz" can activate its effect if sent to the GY by "Horizon" and provide further consistency. "Cyber Dragon Nachster" can Special Summon "Cyberdark Chimera" from the GY so it can search "Power Bond" without using the Normal Summon. "Chimeratech Rampage Dragon" can be Summoned by using copies of the "Cyber Dragon" monsters and has immense OTK potential, especially if Summoned with the help of "Power Bond" and "Cyberdark Chimera". "Cyber Dragon Sieger" adds further OTK potential to this Deck by increasing the ATK of any Machine monster with 2100 or more ATK by another 2100, thus including the "Cyberdark" Machine monster with sufficiently strong Equip Cards.

Equip options[edit]

"Attachment Cybern" is the ideal Equip Card for the original 3 "Cyberdark" monsters, as it grants them total of 3000 ATK if equipped by their effects. "Hunter Dragon" and "Feedran, the Winds of Mischief" have the highest original ATK of all Level 3 or lower Dragon monsters with 1700, resulting in 2500 ATK for the Level 4 "Cyberdark" monsters. "Leng Ling", while having only 1500 ATK, will also set the ATK of any "Cyberdark" it is equipped to at 2500 ATK and allow it to attack twice, and it can Summon itself to the field while equipped. "Cannon", "Claw" and "Autorokket Dragon" are second to "Hunter Dragon" in terms of original ATK, with 1600 ATK each. "Masked Dragon" is both an eligible target for the Level 4 "Cyberdark" monsters and can search most other eligible targets. "Red-Eyes Baby Dragon" can add a Level 1 Dragon monster from the Deck to the hand when sent to the Graveyard while equipped to a monster. "Dragon Buster Destruction Sword" is also an ideal Equip Card, as it can prevent the opponent from Summoning monsters from their Extra Deck.

"Cyberdark Invasion" and "Cyberdark Realm" also expand the scope of cards "Cyberdark" monsters can be equipped with. "Cyber End Dragon" can also be sent from the Extra Deck to the GY with "Cybernetic Horizon" and serve as an Equip Card for "Cyberdarkness Dragon", increasing its ATK up to 6000, or enable the Summon of the Deck's ultimate ace monster: "Cyberdark End Dragon"

High-Level Dragon monsters are usually kept to a minimum, as most of them do not contribute to the main strategy, tend to brick, and can only be equipped to "Cyberdark Dragon", "Cyberdarkness Dragon" or "Cyberdark End Dragon", the latter two of which are also not limited to Dragon monsters for equipping, so a mere "Cyber Dragon" can provide them enough relevant ATK boost. The deck has plenty of options to send powerful Dragon or Machine monsters to the GY from the Extra Deck, allowing the player to run less high ATK monsters in the Main Deck solely to be equipped to the Fusion Monsters.

Recommended cards[edit]

Recommended cards
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