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Saibāsu Sekai

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Cyberse World



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Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 0011: "Link into the VRAINS"

The Cyberse, also known as the Cyberse World (サイバース世界, Saibāsu Sekai), is a hidden digital world in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, created and populated by sentient AI known as the Ignis.[1] This world was under attack by the Knights of Hanoi led by Varis. One of the Ignis, Ai, was able to keep its location hidden before barely escaping "Cracking Dragon".


The six Ignis created the Cyberse to live in as a world where they could live on their own, populating it with the Cyberse monsters. Five years before the start of the series, Varis assaulted the Cyberse with "Cracking Dragon" with the intention to destroy it. The different Ignis that protected it were restrained by Varis and thus unable to stop the destruction of their world. However the Dark Ignis that had not been trapped appeared and forced a disconnection of the Cyberse from the rest of the network, thus forcing Varis out of the Cyberse while keeping its location known only to him. However, Varis, furious by this Ignis' interference, ordered his "Cracking Dragon" to capture it, which led to the A.I. being dismembered by the monster's jaws. This made Varis and the Knights of Hanoi spend the following years searching for the Ignis' remnants in order to find the location of the Cyberse. SOL Technology is also searching for the Ignis because without the Cyberse, their network will continue to deteriorate, having already dropped 30% by the time the series started.[2]

The Knights of Hanoi eventually tried to destroy the Cyberse by annihilating the entire network with the Tower of Hanoi, but they were defeated thanks to the actions of Ai's Origin, Yusaku Fujiki.[3][4] During this point in time, the Ignis debated among themselves whether or not to trust humanity; the Light and Wind Ignis (the Wind one having been reprogrammed by the Light at this point) favored opposing them, the Fire and Water Ignis wanted to ally with humans, while the Earth Ignis remained neutral. Before they could come to a conclusion, the Light Ignis secretly ordered an A.I. that he had created, Bohman, to destroy the Cyberse. Bohman attacked the Cyberse with "Paradox Hydradrive Atlas" and "Judgment Arrows", reducing it to a wasteland and scattering the remaining Ignis. The Water Ignis was imprisoned in LINK VRAINS 2.0 by the Light Ignis, while the Light and Wind Ignis took up residence in a new Cyberse created by the Wind Ignis.[5] The Earth Ignis simply roamed the network in search of the Water Ignis, while the Fire Ignis sought out his Origin, Theodore Hamilton, taking the name "Flame".[6][7]

Three months after the Tower of Hanoi was stopped, Ai returned to the Cyberse and revealed its location to the network, but found it destroyed with only "Linkuriboh" remaining there in hiding.[8]

After the defeat of Bohman and the deaths of the other five Ignis, Ai took Roboppi and "Linguriboh" to the Cyberse, where he laid five memorial stones in his friends' honor.[9] Ai also appeared to take Yusaku Fujiki to the Cyberse for their final Duel, though they were encircled by a Data Storm for the duration of the Duel, and the ruins of the Cyberse finally vanished when Ai died after he lost.[10]

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