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Holders: Deck, Graveyard, and Extra Deck Zones

The D-Pad (ディーパッド Dī Paddo) or Duel Pad is a piece of Dueling equipment in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. It combines the functionality of a Duel Disk and a tablet computer. The term "D-Pad" is used in the manga; the anime simply refers to them as "Duel Disks", though its tablet functionality is sometimes referred to as a "Duel Pad".




The activation of a D-Pad. (Click the image to see the sequence.)
Yuma's D-Pad in the Manga

Like its predecessors, it is worn on the wrist, but is more box-like and possesses more high-tech features. The Deck Zone is placed in the side of the wrist while the Graveyard Zone is placed on top, where the Deck Zone was located in previous Duel Disks. When the D-Pad is activated the Card Zones quickly pop out and fold into their activated shape. Spell and Trap Cards are placed in a single slot near the Graveyard Zone, facing the Duelist, as opposed to six with the earlier models (five normal Spell/Traps and one Field Spell). This is more clearly seen in the manga, but is notably seen when Yuma Duels Fortuno. Its touch screen allows the Duelist to activate card effects and check cards on the field, but can also be removed and used for other purposes.

Unlike the Duel Disk, it lacks Solid Vision projectors, and instead it uses AR (Augmented Reality) Vision in conjunction with the Duel Gazer for more involving effects in an Augmented Reality Duel. The Extra Deck Zone is stored separately from the D-Pad.[1]


Rio showing a newspaper-like announcement on her D-Pad.

When not in Duel mode, the Deck and Graveyard holders are placed on a belt behind the Duelist's waist[2].

The touch screen can stream videos and television stations,[3] connect to the internet.[4] and be used as a notebook for schoolwork.[3]

The D-Pad can be customized with an assortment of colors and models. This includes the standard silver color model that has red (Yuma Tsukumo) and blue (Reginald Kastle) versions, a pink D-Pad that is built into Lillybot's arm, and a blue D-Pad that is summoned and used by Astral. D-Pads can be customized by their owner, as shown with the photographer Cameron Clix, who has a camera attached to it.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL, the D-Pad also receives notifications of Duels from the D-Network.[5]




Information Image
The standard version of a D-Pad is entirely gray, and the field is composed of three panels all in a rectangular shape.  
Yuma Tsukumo - A red-colored version of the standard.  
Reginald Kastle - A blue-colored version of the standard.  
Flip Turner - A greyish blue-colored version of the standard.
Devon Knox - Devon's D-Pad is orange and has a unique shape, composed of an octagon for the main section with two hexagonal leaflets. All three parts feature engraving on the back. This style is also used by the Walker couple, implying that it may be popular among pro Duelists.  
Mayday Walker - Mayday's D-Pad is a green version of Devon's D-Pad.  
Brooke Walker - Brooke's D-Pad is a pink version of Devon's D-Pad.  
Erazor - Erazor's D-Pad is a black version of standard D-Pad.  
Mr. Heartland - Mr. Heartland's D-Pad is a white version of the standard D-Pad.  


Information Image
Kite Tenjo - A unique kind of D-Pad which is shaped like a crescent moon. This D-Pad is first shot out of Orbital 7's head and onto Kite's wrist. It is then rotated and enlarged to form. Also, unlike the usual D-Pad, this D-Pad doesn't have a touchscreen, but a crystal-like ornament instead. The back also contains a crystal.  


Orbital 7 - Orbital 7's D-Pad is similar to Kite's D-Pad, but his has an orange crystals instead of blue.  
Lillybot - Lillybot's D-Pad is pink and is built into her arm. When not in Duel mode, her Deck is carried in her mouth.  
Anna Kaboom - Anna's D-Pad has a different shape than the most others. Its color matches that of her hair, Duel Gazer, clothing and cannon.  
Quattro - Quattro's D-Pad appears crimson & dark gold and has a serrated appearance, which activates when thrown and quickly disassembles and reassembles itself onto to the wrist mount, which is bronze colored and in the shape of a knight's gauntlet. The Graveyard seems to appears to be the bottom slot on the right side of the blade, and the Spell & Trap Card Zone is the slot right above it.
Trey - Trey's D-Pad is largely wing-shaped and colored light-green & white. It activates when thrown and blooms its Card Zones like a flower on his wrist mount, which is similar to his brothers' except silver instead of gold. The Graveyard appears to be the grey and orange oval pod where the Monster Card Zones stem from. The Spell/Trap Zone slot is in the small arm that connects the body of the Duel Disk to the wrist.  


Quinton - Quinton's D-Pad is curved at the center with largely rhombus edges with an ∞ (infinity) sign at the back of it. Its Monster Card Zones are colored blue and black and entirely outlined in silver. His wrist mount largely resembles a knight's gauntlet, much like his brothers Quattro and Trey. However, much like his father, Quinton's D-Pad simply materializes onto his wrist rather than being thrown.  


Vetrix - Like Trey, Quattro and Quinton, Vetrix's D-Pad has a medieval style. When Vetrix Duels, it materializes on his arm out of a reddish purple light. The back of the D-Pad shows a sign that looks like an ∞ (infinity) sign with one additional loop. There are two slots below the Monster Card Zones, which are most likely the Graveyard and the Spell/Trap Card Zones.  


Cameron Clix - Cameron's D-Pad is another unique piece, as its original form is a camera. Even though it may be in its Dueling state, it can still take pictures and instantly print the photos. Cameron uses this to take pictures of major events from the near possible future.  
Nistro - When Nistro first Duels, his D-Pad materializes on his arm in a fire-like light. It is shaped like a flame, reflecting his fiery enthusiasm. Later, his D-Pad does not materialize, he instead throws the touch screen portion in a manner similar to Yuma.
Dextra - As with Nistro, Dextra's D-Pad materializes on her arm when she Duels, in a shining purple light. Her D-Pad has a butterfly-style motif, reflecting her Deck that revolves around "Butterspys". Later, the D-Pad's two "wings" spin in a circular fashion when activated.  


Roscoe - As a dog, Roscoe's D-Pad is a unique dog-like model.  


Dr. Faker - Dr. Faker's D-Pad is very large and isn't worn around Faker's arm like a D-Pad normally would, instead hovering to his level. There are 5 Monster Card Zones with two zones (likely the Spell/Trap Card Zones and the Graveyard) below the middle Monster Card Zone.  
Fender - Fender's D-Pad has a punk style, with a demonic face in the back and metal spikes on the Deck case and Graveyard area.  
Rio Kastle - Rio's D-Pad and its Card Zones are crystal-shaped.  


Cologne - Cologne's D-Pad is very different from the standard ones. It is normally a balloon, which opens when she will Duel, forming a D-Pad. Even during a Duel, it keeps floating, instead of being attached to her arm.
Luna - Luna's D-Pad has a crescent moon shape, referring to her name, Deck and Duel Gazer. Her D-Pad also resembles Kite's, but is shaped to the opposite side. It resembles the KC mass production Disk.
Hishakaku - Hishakaku's D-Pad's Card Zones and Deck slot are separated - the Card Zones have the form of a fan, while the Deck Slot is placed on his wrist. The wrist part contains the Graveyard slot over the wrist, and the Deck Slot beside. It also features the Kanji for "King" (王), which is the abbreviation of the "King" piece of Shogi on both the Graveyard and Deck Slots.
Kyoji Yagumo - Kyoji's D-Pad is composed of a hexagonal touch screen and another hexagon with four blades attached to it (each containing one Monster Card Zone). Underneath, the hexagon has a web embroidery, and the four blades have two spider eyes each (totaling eight).
Mr. Heartland - Mr. Heartland's D-Pad has a heart-shaped touch screen, and the blade with the Monster and Spell/Trap Card Zones is composed of two united irregular parts.


Astral WorldEdit

Information Image
Astral - His D-Pad is different than most others, due to its awkward shape and that it is manifested instantly out of thin air by Astral, rather than being manufactured. Though at first glance it doesn't seem to have any Monster Card Zones, the cards are actually placed on the side in a similar manner to the D-Pads of ZEXAL and the Barians, as can be seen in the picture of Number 96's D-Pad, which is identical in form.  
Yuma/Astral Combined (ZEXAL) - With Astral and Yuma fused together, they acquired a new D-Pad. It has 5 Monster Card Zones on one side and 5 Spell & Trap Card Zones on the other side. The eleventh Zone is probably used as a Field Spell Card Zone. While under the influence of Dark ZEXAL, the D-Pad has a darker colour scheme and the design sharpens somewhat.
Yuma/Astral Combined (ZEXAL II) - In ZEXAL II, their combined D-Pad resembles a shield.  
Yuma/Astral Combined (ZEXAL III) - In ZEXAL III, their combined D-Pad resembles a shield.  
Shadow Giant - The Shadow Giant's D-Pad is integrated into his shield. The Deck is placed in its side, to the direction of the hand, between two irregular shaped additional parts - the one to the right being the Graveyard slot. The Monster and probably Spell/Trap Card Zones are placed to the inner side of the shield.  


Mach - Mach's D-Pad is a pegasus-like model.  
Number 96 - Number 96's D-Pad is identical to Astral's, but colored purple.  
Jinlon - Jinlon's D-Pad is a cloud-like model. When not in Duel mode, it serves as his walking stick.  


Abyss - Abyss' D-Pad is a harp-like model. It has a musical note on the front.  


Eliphas - Eliphas' D-Pad is a bird-like model.  

Barian WorldEdit

Information Image
Mizar - Mizar's D-Pad looks to be formed from strips of cloth that appear around Mizar's arm with blue, circular zones. Also, unlike most of the D-Pads in the anime, the Deck slot is placed at the top of the wrist as opposed to the side of it. The Graveyard slot is over the middle monster zone.  


Alito - Alito's D-Pad is orange and has a crystal where the touch screen would be. It resembles a gauntlet, encasing Alito's entire hand. The Monster Card Zones, while not visible, are placed on the underside of the right side of the D-Pad's main body, although Alito was already shown placing his Monster Cards at the upper side instead. Also, like Mizar's D-Pad, Alito's has the Deck slot placed at the top of the wrist.  


Girag - Girag's D-Pad is green, huge and has an shell-like appearance. Like with Alito's D-Pad, the Monster Card Zones, while not visible, are placed on the underside of the right side of the D-Pad.  
Vector - Vector's D-Pad's main body is pink and yellow, with purple strips coming from the Deck slot. As the other Barians' D-Pads, Vector's Card Zones are not visible, and its Deck slot is placed over the wrist. The D-Pad doesn't fit to the arm, but is elevated above it instead.  


Dumon - Dumon's D-Pad is white and purple, and like Vector's, is attached to the wrist and from there goes up Dumon's arm. Despite its mechanical appearance, it is shaped like the D-Pads of Astral and Number 96. It also features two green crystals, one of which serves as the Deck Zone.  


Nash - Nash's D-Pad is an irregularly-shaped yellow and black model. The black spiked portion which makes up the field resembles a stylized shark's fin or tail. It also features a red jewel at the center of the back side resembling a shark's eye. It looks similar to "Panther Shark".


Marin- Marin's D-Pad is a irregularly-shaped purple and black model with a minimalist design. The three purple spiked blades which make up the field resemble a ice shard, and appear to levitate above the wrist attachment with little or no visible attachment.  


Erazor - In his alternate form, Erazor's D-Pad is a insect-like model.  
Chironex - In his alternate form, Chironex's D-Pad is a jellyfish-like model.  
Scritch - In his alternate form, Mosquito Ninja's D-Pad is a mosquito-like model.  
Mr. Heartland - In his alternate form, Mr. Heartland's D-Pad is a fly-like model.  
Don Thousand - Don Thousand's D-Pad is composed of a black part attached to his arm and a more irregular bright-red and black part for the card zones. The most notable characteristic of it is a big eye which can be seen in both the front and back of his D-Pad, and which seems to move as well.  



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