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The D-Sensor.

A D-Sensor is a device used by Zigzix to aid Iliaster in confirming the identities of the Signers during the Fortune Cup tournament.


Fortune Cup[edit]

Zigzix placed several D-Sensors around the Kaiba Dome to measure the Ener-D levels during the Duels of the Fortune Cup tournament. During Leo's Duel with Greiger, Zigzix thought the D-Sensors were broken as they weren't picking up any Ener-D levels (as they thought Leo was Luna), but after increasing the signals that the D-Sensors emit, he managed to trace Luna in the stands. The strong frequency caused Luna immense headaches.[1] During Akiza Izinski's Duel with Commander Koda, the D-Sensors confirmed her identity as a Signer.[2]


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