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"Different Dimension Dragon", "D.D. Warrior Lady", "D.D. Assailant", "D.D. Warrior", "D.D. Survivor" and "D.D. Scout Plane" in the artwork of "Dimension Reversion"
  • げん
  • 異次元 (base)
  • いじげん (ruby)
  • Ijigen (romanized)
  • ディーディー
  • D.D. (base)
  • ディー.ディー. (ruby)
  • Dī Dī (romanized)
  • D.D.
  • Autre Dimension
  • D.D.
  • einer anderen Dimension
  • D.D.
  • Altra Dimensione
  • 이차원
  • Ichawon (romanized)
  • D.D.
  • Di Di (romanized)
  • D.D.
  • Outra Dimensão
  • Another Dimension (translated)
  • D.D.
  • Dimensión Distinta
Anime appearances
Manga appearances

Different Dimension, usually abbreviated D.D., and called げん (Ijigen) or ディーディー. (Dī Dī) in the Japanese version, is a series of cards that focus on banishing cards, often including themselves once they are defeated, thus sending them to a different dimension as opposed to just destroying the enemy. Although they were released in different sets, a large amount of "Different Dimension" monsters were released in The Dark Emperor Structure Deck. Alien of Light used some D.D. cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime and Nelson Andrews used some in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL.


Playing style[edit]

A D.D. Deck revolve around card banishment, commonly used in conjunction with other cards such as "Golden Homunculus", "Gren Maju Da Eiza", the Helios cards, "Caius the Shadow Monarch", etc. Other cards also return themselves from banishment: "D.D. Survivor", "D.D. Scout Plane", etc.

Because D.D. is often associated with the Sparrow Family, the strongest D.D. monsters are "D.D. Esper Star Sparrow" (which has 3000 ATK) and "D.D. Jet Iron" (which has 4000 ATK), although these cards are more associated with the Sparrow Family than the D.D. theme, and are not related to banishing like other D.D. cards. Beyond them, however, D.D. monsters are rather weak in terms of offense, with "D.D. Assault Carrier" being the only other D.D. monster to have more than 1800 ATK. Furthermore, while there are D.D. Spell and Trap cards, because the theme lacks any archetype support, combined with the low ATK of the monsters in the theme, makes it difficult to create a Deck with only D.D. cards.


"Imperial Iron Wall" shuts down most D.D. cards (with some exceptions, such as "Different Dimension Dragon").

Recommended cards[edit]