Dancing Fairy (Tag Force 1)

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Dancing Fairy
Danshingu Fearī
Attribute WIND
Type Fairy / Effect
Level 4
ATK / DEF 1700 / 1000
Rarity Common
Internal number 5201
Password 90925163

As long as this card remains in face-up Defense Position on your side of the field, increase your Life Points by 1000 points during each of your Standby Phases.

Obtained by

"Dancing Fairy" can be obtained from the card converter by inputting 79 cards.

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"Dancing Fairy" is part of the following genres:

Deck Recipes

"Dancing Fairy" is in the following Decks:

Character Deck Level Qty
Colin Idol Deck 2 3 2
Enzo Living It Up 5 2
Ivan My Fairyland 3 3

Other languages

Name Lore
French Fées Dansantes Tant que cette carte reste sur votre Terrain en Position de Défense face recto, augmentez vos Life Points de 1000 points durant chacune de vos Standby Phases.
German Tanzende Fee Solange diese Karte offen in Verteidigungsposition auf deiner Spielfeldseite liegt, erhöhe deine Life Points in jeder deiner Standby Phasen um 1000 Punkte.
Italian Fata Danzante Fino a quando questa carta resta scoperta sul tuo Terreno in Posizione di Difesa, aumenta i tuoi Life Points di 1000 punti durante ogni tua Standby Phase.
Spanish Hada Danzante Mientras esta carta permanezca boca arriba en tu Campo en Posición de Defensa, aumenta tus Life Points en 1000 puntos durante cada una de tus Standby Phases.