Dark-piercing Ligh (DM1)

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Dark-piercing Ligh
Yami wo Kakikesu Hikari
Darkness-Erasing Light
Card type Magic
Number 350
Rarity D

A dazzling light reveals all monsters on the field.

まばゆいひかりで フィールドの モンスターが すべてみえるようになる

Obtained by

One copy of "Dark-piercing Ligh" is included in the Initial Deck.

"Dark-piercing Ligh" is awarded as a victory bonus after defeating these characters a specific number of times.

Character Wins
Yugi Muto 20

"Dark-piercing Ligh" can be obtained via random drop from the following characters. The chance of winning it is listed as a percentage and a probability out of 2048.

Character % 2048th
Yugi Muto 4.88 100