Dark Mummy

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Dark Mummy
"Dark Mummy Surgical Forceps"
  • ダークマミー
  • Dāku Mamī (romanized)

Anime appearances

A Virus user always has a vaccine!

— Baira about her Deck.

"Dark Mummy" (ダークマミー Dāku Mamī) is an archetype of used by Baira in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.


"Dark Mummy" monsters are Zombie monsters named and designed after medical equipment, such as syringe and cooper (although their names were localized in the official subs).

Dark Mummy card/support Origin
Infuser Syringe
Probe Nasogastric intubation
Surgical Forceps Forceps
Monster Restitch Surgical suture

Playing style[edit]

Baira utilizes her "Dark Mummy" monsters alongside "Virus" cards, allowing her to cripple the opponent's monsters while keeping her monsters at full power with the effect of "Dark Mummy Infuser‎".