Dark Puzzle

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Dark Puzzle
Dark Puzzle
EnglishDark Puzzle


Koi no Pazuru

Game details
GameShadow Game
PlayersMs. Chono
Orchestrator(s)Dark Yugi
Penalty GameFace Puzzle
LocationDomino High School
Chapters7: ""The Face of Truth""

Dark Puzzle[1] was a Shadow Game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga played by Ms. Chono. It used the love jigsaw puzzle and inflicted consequences on the person solving it.

As Ms. Chono solved Hiroto Honda's love letter jigsaw puzzle for Miho Nosaka, Dark Yugi used the Millennium Puzzle to change the nature of the puzzle to a Shadow Game.

In the Toei anime, Dark Yugi played a two-player Shadow Game with Ms. Chono instead.


Hiroto Honda purchased a love jigsaw puzzle at Kame Game to give as a gift to Miho Nosaka, whom he had a crush on. He got Yugi Mutou to write the message on it and the next day, Yugi, Honda and Katsuya Jonouchi placed the wrapped puzzle in Miho's desk.

Miho didn't notice the puzzle at first, until the teacher Ms. Chono performed a desk inspection. When Ms. Chono spotted the gift, Miho said that she didn't know what it was, so Chono proceeded to open and began solving the puzzle. When she realized it was a love letter, she planned on punishing the sender, since dating was against school rules. She offered the sender a chance to confess, lying that she might forgive them. Honda was about to confess, but Yugi and Jonouchi stood up saying that they wrote it and put it on Miho's desk respectively, hoping to protect Honda and give him another chance with Miho. However Honda still admitted that the gift was from him. Thinking only one was guilty and the others were lying, Ms. Chono continued to solve the puzzle to find the name of the sender and threatened to expel them.

Dark Yugi took control of Yugi's body and used the Millennium Puzzle to change the nature of the jigsaw to a Shadow Game. The feelings of Honda, Yugi, Jonouchi and Miho were in the jigsaw and as much as Ms. Chono hurt them, she would hurt herself. Chono inserted the last piece and as she was about to announce the name of the sender, her makeup peeled away in the shape of jigsaw pieces and revealed her ugly face.

With her ugly face exposed, Chono ran out of the room, saying the class never happened and warning the students not to reveal her secret.