Dark Yugi and Ms. Chono's Shadow Game

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Dark Yugi and Ms. Chono's Shadow Game
Dark Yugi and Ms. Chono's Shadow Game
Game details
GameShadow Game
Winner(s)Dark Yugi
LocationDomino High School
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! (Toei)
Episodes10: "The Pressing Beautiful Teacher - A Secret Mask"

Dark Yugi and Ms. Chono's Shadow Game was a Shadow Game in the Toei Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, played by Dark Yugi and Ms. Chono.

The game was a race to piece together broken mirrors like a jigsaw, while blindfolded.

It is partly based on the Dark Puzzle Shadow Game, Dark Yugi got Ms. Chono to play in the manga.



Anzu Mazaki requested a revision of the school rules so that she can continue her part-time job. Ms. Chono agreed to do so only if Anzu managed to get enough signatures on a petition. Shortly after Anzu failed to obtain enough signatures, Yugi Mutou discovered that Chono had been manipulating students to ensure Anzu's failure. Dark Yugi then appeared and challenged Ms. Chono to a Shadow Game.


The rules were:

  • Each player had to re-assemble a shattered mirror. The player that re-assembled their first mirror won.
  • The players must re-assemble their mirrors blindfolded.
  • If Dark Yugi won, Anzu would not get punished.
  • If Ms. Chono won, Dark Yugi would not mention anything about her manipulation of students and would do anything Ms. Chono said.

Dark Yugi gave Ms. Chono a pair of gloves to avoid injury. Ms. Chono removed her blindfold, thinking that Yugi would not know that she cheating while he has his on. Apparently oblivious, Dark Yugi continued to work on his puzzle and let her know when he was half done and Chono lied that she thought she was going to lose. Dark Yugi also reminded her that this was a Shadow Game and there are punishments for breaking the rules.

Ms. Chono finished her mirror first, but since she cheated she was subjected to a Penalty Game, which caused her make-up to peel away and reveal her ugly face.


Ms. Chono managed to fix her face with more make-up, but any time she insisted on making the rules stricter, her make-up would start to crack apart again.