Dawn of Destiny

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Dawn of Destiny
Dawn of Destiny
  • Dawn of Destiny
RōmajiDōn Obu Disutinī
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeMini BOX
Number of cards40
Cover card
Release date
  • July 10, 2017
Video games

Dawn of Destiny

Dawn of Destiny is a Mini BOX in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It was first released in-game on July 10, 2017, 9:00 PM (EST).


The Sacred Phoenix shall rise again! Cleanse the field with its holy flames!

-"Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys," who if destroyed by a card effect, will be Special Summoned during your next Standby Phase. When it is Special Summoned this way, "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys" will destroy all Spell/Trap Cards on the field.
-"Magical Exemplar," who can Special Summon a Spellcaster-Type monster from your hand or Graveyard with a level equal to that of the number of Spell Counters you removed.
-"Tribute to The Doomed," a Spell Card that lets you destroy a monster by discarding 1 card from your hand.
-"Anti-Magic Prism," a Trap Card that lets you destroy a card on the field when your opponent activates a Quick-Play Spell Card.
-A total of 40 types of Cards: 2 UR, 8 SR, 14 R, and 16 N.

Each box of Dawn of Destiny contains 80 packs. Each pack contains 3 different cards, which will always consist of 2 Normal (aka Common) cards and 1 Rare, Super Rare, or Ultra Rare card. There is a guaranteed number of copies of each individual card per box, depending on its rarity:

  • Ultra Rare: 1 copy
  • Super Rare: 1 copy
  • Rare: 5 copies
  • Normal (aka Common): 10 copies


"Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Tribute to The Doomed"Ultra RareNormal Spell
"Mirage Knight"Super RareEffect Monster
"Il Blud"Super RareGemini monster
"Heavy Knight of the Flame"Super RareGemini monster
"Skull Conductor"Super RareEffect Monster
"Magical Exemplar"Super RareEffect Monster
"The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion"Super RareEffect Monster
"Super Rush Headlong"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
"Molten Destruction"Super RareField Spell
"Red Dragon Ninja"RareEffect Monster
"Hazy Flame Hyppogrif"RareEffect Monster
"Fire King Avatar Yaksha"RareEffect Monster
"Brushfire Knight"RareEffect Monster
"Naturia Marron"RareEffect Monster
"Des Wombat"RareEffect Monster
"Hand of Nephthys"RareEffect Monster
"Dark Flare Knight"RareFusion Monster
"Fire King Island"RareField Spell
"Puzzle Reborn"RareNormal Trap
"Sealing Ceremony of Katon"RareContinuous Trap
"Anti-Magic Prism"RareNormal Trap
"Beast Rising"RareContinuous Trap
"Good Goblin Housekeeping"RareNormal Trap
"Naturia Stag Beetle"CommonEffect Monster
"Vampire Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
"Naturia Hydrangea"CommonEffect Monster
"Naturia Pumpkin"CommonEffect Monster
"Bone Crusher"CommonEffect Monster
"Vampire Lady"CommonEffect Monster
"Fire King Avatar Kirin"CommonEffect Monster
"Invasion of Flames"CommonEffect Monster
"Vampire Baby"CommonEffect Monster
"Naturia Eggplant"CommonEffect Monster
"Naturia Sunflower"CommonEffect Monster
"Card of the Soul"CommonNormal Spell
"Barkion's Bark"CommonNormal Spell
"Landoise's Luminous Moss"CommonNormal Spell
"Ninjitsu Art of Shadow Sealing"CommonContinuous Trap
"Exterio's Fang"CommonCounter Trap

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