Death T-2

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Death T-2
Death T-2
EnglishDeath T-2



Game details
Contained games
Orchestrator(s)Seto Kaiba
LocationHorror Zone
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! (first series)
Episodes22: ""Tearing - Boarderline Shooting""
  1. 1.0 1.1 Only in the manga

Death T-2 is the second stage of Death T-2. It is set in the Horror Zone.

In the manga, it consisted of three games, the Electric Chair Ride, the bllood puzzle and a deathmatch with the Chopman. The Electric Chair Ride took the group to the Murderer's Mansion, where the next two games both took place.

In the first series anime, it only contained the bllood puzzle, although its setup was altered in this version.

Manga events[edit]

Electric Chair Ride[edit]

Main article: Electric Chair Ride

Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu, Honda and Kaiba's butler were strapped into electric chairs on a train ride. Johji sat on Anzu's lap for the ride. The butler, who was an expert in torture put the group through a series of terrifying events on the ride. If anyone screamed, they would receive a million volt electric shock.[1]

Jonouchi fainted at some point on the ride, preventing himself from screaming. When Johji realized Anzu was close to screaming, he crawled back to the butler and defecated on his lap, causing him to scream in surprise, shocking himself. Without the butler orchestrating the horrors, the group reached the end of the ride alive.[1]

Bllood puzzle[edit]

Main article: bllood puzzle

Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda had their hands strapped into a guillotine, set to fall after five minutes, during which they needed to answer a riddle. The straps for their hands were labelled "10", "11", "00" and "01" and each had a button on the opposite side. One of the buttons would release their hands, while the other four would cause the guillotine to immediately fall. They had a slip of paper, with "bllood" written on it as a clue. The second "l" was also an arrow pointing downwards.[2]

Yugi realized that the circles and straight lines creating the letters in "bllood" could also be read as "10 11 00 01", the numbers on the guillotine. Since the eleven had the arrow, he concluded that it must correspond to the button they needed to push to stop the guillotine.[2]


After the bllood puzzle, Johji was kidnapped by the Chopman. In order to save him, Jonouchi had to take part in a deathmatch with the Chopman in a small chamber. The two players were handcuffed together by a long chain, strung through a pedestal. The Chopman's chainsaw got stuck in the pedestal. While he tried to free it, Jonouchi used his lock picking skills to take off his end of the handcuff using a candle stick. He attached the handcuff to the door and placed the candle inside the cuff. When the Chopman yanked the chain, expecting to pull Jonouchi over to him, he ripped open the door. While Jonouchi escaped out the door, the candle hit the oil on the floor, setting the Chopman on fire.[3]

Anime events[edit]


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