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Deck Leader is a position a Monster Card can hold in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses. The Deck Leader serves as the player's mobile base, representing their Life Points, Summoning monsters from the hand, and Setting Magic and Trap Cards from the hand.

When the player receives their starter Deck from Simon McMooran at the beginning of the game, their Deck Leader is already set.


All Monster Cards start with no Rank (Non Commissioned Officer). After their first promotion, they are ranked Second Lieutenant (2LT in the game's shorthand). The full list of ranks are detailed below.

Rank Shorthand Icon Icon description XP Required
Non Commissioned Officer NCO None 0-499
Second Lieutenant 2LT 2LT-Rank-DOR.png 1 star 500-999
First Lieutenant 1LT 1LT-Rank-DOR.png 2 stars 1000-1999
Captain CPT CPT-Rank-DOR.png 3 stars 2000-3999
Major MAJ MAJ-Rank-DOR.png 1 star and 1 bar 4000-6999
Lieutenant Colonel LTC LTC-Rank-DOR.png 2 stars and 1 bar 7000-10999
Colonel COL COL-Rank-DOR.png 3 stars and 1 bar 11000-15999
Brigadier BG BG-Rank-DOR.png 1 star and 3 bars 16000-21999
Rear Admiral RADM RADM-Rank-DOR.png 2 stars and 3 bars 22000-29999
Vice Admiral VADM VADM-Rank-DOR.png 3 stars and 3 bars 30000-39999
Admiral ADM ADM-Rank-DOR.png 1 star and 3 bars, red fimbriation 40000-51999
Senior Admiral SADM SADM-Rank-DOR.png 2 stars and 3 bars, red fimbriation 52000-65534
Secretary of Defence SD SD-Rank-DOR.png 3 stars and 3 bars, red fimbriation 65535


Every Monster Card the player owns has a hidden XP value, ranging from 0 to 65535, that is shared between all copies of that card. As a monster passes certain XP thresholds it becomes promoted (or demoted) upon the Duel's conclusion.

Monsters gain XP in a variety of ways such as destroying monsters in battle, defending against attacks, and being on the field at the end of your turn. While monsters most predominantly lose XP by being sent to the Graveyard. In addition, your current Deck Leader also gains/loses XP when you win/lose Duels.

Any monster that reaches the rank of 2LT can never be demoted to NCO, even if its XP falls below the threshold.

Leader Ability[edit]

Deck Leaders have special effects called Leader Abilities. As monsters become promoted, they earn Leader Abilities. Although the game does not explain when or how this occurs, the abilities acquired (and their potency) depends on the Type and Level of the individual monster.

Some abilities are not listed in the Leader Ability page of the monster and are therefore hidden. These abilities affect the player's ability to acquire new cards.

Support Range[edit]

Some Deck Leader Abilities, such as Increased Strength for Same Type Friendlies, are only effective within a 3x3 grid centered around the Deck Leader, which is known as the Support Range. Deck Leaders with the Extended Support Range Ability can increase this range to a 5x5 grid.

List of Leader Abilities[edit]