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Default Settings is a Forbidden & Limited List in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force Evolution, which is enabled by default.

This is based on the OCG March 2006 Lists. However unlike the OCG, "D.D. Assailant" and "Cathedral of Nobles" are Unlimited, rather than Limited. And the game-original cards, "Happy Marriage" and "Philosopher's Stone - Sabatier" are Limited.

After completing story mode with all seven Tier 1 Duelists, Chancellor Sheppard will allow the player to include one Forbidden card in their Deck.


Card Card type Type Level ATK DEF Status
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Monster Warrior 8 3000 2500 Forbidden
Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Monster Dragon 8 3000 2500 Forbidden
Fiber Jar Monster Plant 3 500 500 Forbidden
Magical Scientist Monster Spellcaster 1 300 300 Forbidden
Makyura the Destructor Monster Warrior 4 1600 1200 Forbidden
Sinister Serpent Monster Reptile 1 300 250 Forbidden
Witch of the Black Forest Monster Spellcaster 4 1100 1200 Forbidden
Yata-Garasu Monster Fiend 2 200 100 Forbidden
Butterfly Dagger - Elma Spell Forbidden
Change of Heart Spell Forbidden
Delinquent Duo Spell Forbidden
Graceful Charity Spell Forbidden
Harpie's Feather Duster Spell Forbidden
Mirage of Nightmare Spell Forbidden
Monster Reborn Spell Forbidden
Painful Choice Spell Forbidden
Raigeki Spell Forbidden
The Forceful Sentry Spell Forbidden
Imperial Order Trap Forbidden
Mirror Force Trap Forbidden
Ring of Destruction Trap Forbidden
Sixth Sense Trap Forbidden
Left Arm of the Forbidden One Monster Spellcaster 1 200 300 Limited
Left Leg of the Forbidden One Monster Spellcaster 1 200 300 Limited
Right Arm of the Forbidden One Monster Spellcaster 1 200 300 Limited
Right Leg of the Forbidden One Monster Spellcaster 1 200 300 Limited
Breaker the Magical Warrior Monster Spellcaster 4 1600 1000 Limited
Cyber Jar Monster Rock 3 900 900 Limited
D.D. Warrior Lady Monster Warrior 4 1500 1600 Limited
Dark Magician of Chaos Monster Spellcaster 8 2800 2600 Limited
Exiled Force Monster Warrior 4 1000 1000 Limited
Exodia the Forbidden One Monster Spellcaster 3 1000 1000 Limited
Injection Fairy Lily Monster Spellcaster 3 400 1500 Limited
Jinzo Monster Machine 6 2400 1500 Limited
Marshmallon Monster Fairy 3 300 500 Limited
Morphing Jar Monster Rock 2 700 600 Limited
Night Assailant Monster Fiend 3 200 500 Limited
Protector of the Sanctuary Monster Fiend 4 1100 1900 Limited
Reflect Bounder Monster Machine 4 1700 1000 Limited
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Monster Winged Beast 8 2400 1600 Limited
Sangan Monster Fiend 3 1000 600 Limited
Tribe-Infecting Virus Monster Aqua 4 1600 1000 Limited
Tsukuyomi Monster Spellcaster 4 1100 1400 Limited
Twin-Headed Behemoth Monster Dragon 3 1500 1200 Limited
Thousand-Eyes Restrict Monster Spellcaster 1 0 0 Limited
Book of Moon Spell Limited
Card Destruction Spell Limited
Confiscation Spell Limited
Dark Hole Spell Limited
Happy Marriage Spell Limited
Heavy Storm Spell Limited
Illusion Gate Spell Limited
Lightning Vortex Spell Limited
Limiter Removal Spell Limited
Mage Power Spell Limited
Metamorphosis Spell Limited
Mystical Space Typhoon Spell Limited
Philosopher's Stone - Sabatier Spell Limited
Pot of Greed Spell Limited
Premature Burial Spell Limited
Scapegoat Spell Limited
Snatch Steal Spell Limited
Swords of Revealing Light Spell Limited
United We Stand Spell Limited
Call of the Haunted Trap Limited
Ceasefire Trap Limited
Crush Card Virus Trap Limited
Deck Devastation Virus Trap Limited
Exchange of the Spirit Trap Limited
Magic Cylinder Trap Limited
Reckless Greed Trap Limited
Torrential Tribute Trap Limited
Abyss Soldier Monster Aqua 4 1800 1300 Semi-Limited
Manticore of Darkness Monster Beast-Warrior 6 2300 1000 Semi-Limited
Creature Swap Spell Semi-Limited
Emergency Provisions Spell Semi-Limited
Level Limit - Area B Spell Semi-Limited
Nobleman of Crossout Spell Semi-Limited
Reinforcement of the Army Spell Semi-Limited
Upstart Goblin Spell Semi-Limited
Good Goblin Housekeeping Trap Semi-Limited
Gravity Bind Trap Semi-Limited
Last Turn Trap Semi-Limited