Delinquents (anime)

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The delinquents (不良 furyō) are a gang of seven characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.

In the Japanese ending credits, two of the delinquents are called delinquent 1 (不良1) and delinquent 2 (不良2) and voiced by Eiji Takemoto and Hiroshi Kikkawa respectively.


Joey Wheeler confronted the gang of delinquents in a warehouse to defend a child from them. The gang called Joey an idiot for challenging all of them to a fight at once. Joey said that it annoyed him when people gang up to pick on a weakling. One of the delinquents replied that they would make sure he would never be able to stand up again and proceeded to attack him. Tristan Taylor then arrived at the scene to help Joey and together they fought off the delinquents. Afterwards Tristan asked Joey if he was okay and called him reckless, while holding out his hand to help him up. However Joey slapped Tristan's hand away and said he had not asked for Tristan's help, claiming he could have beaten them all by himself.

Joey remembered this incident while using the "Lava Battleguard" Tristan had lent him and realized how Tristan had always been by his side when he got into trouble.