Demo Speed Dueling kit

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Demo Speed Dueling kit
Demo Speed Dueling kit
Set information
FormatSpeed Duel
TypeBeta set
  • SL00-EN (en)
  • SL00-FR (fr)
  • SL00-DE (de)
  • SL00-IT (it)
  • SL00-SP (sp)
Number of cards107
Release dates
English (world)
  • October 4, 2017
French, German,
Italian, Spanish
  • October 4, 2017

The Demo Speed Dueling kit was a beta play set sent out to interested stores in October 2017 as part of the Speed Dueling Event, intended to solicit feedback from players and organizers for the upcoming Speed Duel format. Each kit included three sets of six Decks.

The demo period lasted for two weeks, from October 4 to 17, 2017. During the event, players who participated were given one of the Decks to Duel with; at the end of the Duel, they were required to return the Deck to the store. Konami did not distribute prizes for participating, though stores were allowed to if they wished. After the event ended, stores were required to return the kits, including the Decks of cards, to Konami.

The cards in these Decks were never intended for distribution to players, and as such have no foil, not even the Eye of Anubis Hologram, though there is a space for it to the right of the copyright notice. In addition, the printing on their faces is noticeably lighter than on cards intended for distribution, though their backings are indistinguishable from other cards. Unlike Speed Duel cards released later, these cards had no Speed Duel branding printed on them.

The cards in these Decks were printed with the lores they'd last been printed with, or that had been featured on the official card database; for example, effect cards that had last been printed before the introduction of Problem-Solving Card Text did not get text updated for PSCT. However, type lines were updated: for example, "Zombie Tiger" was printed with the type line "[Zombie/Union/Effect]", even though none of its previous prints had used that line.

Participation in the Speed Dueling Event by stores was very low. At least one team, representing five stores, participated in France,[1] and at least one store in Italy participated.[2]


Each Speed Dueling kit contains:

  • 3 20-card Kaiba Decks
  • 3 20-card Pegasus Decks
  • 3 20-card Odion Decks
  • 3 20-card Ishizu Decks
  • 3 20-card Mai Decks
  • 3 21-card Yugi Decks

Participating stores also received feedback forms for the organizer and for players, a PDF which summarized Speed Duel rules, and a printable playmat. Stores were also supposed to receive an introduction presentation, but this was apparently never sent out.

Fifteen cards included in the kit were never released in a Speed Duel product and thus are not Speed Duel-legal; the "Released later?" column in the set list indicates whether the card was printed in a released Speed Duel product.



Demo Speed Dueling kit
Unlimited Edition galleries

Card numberNameRarityCategoryQuantityReleased later?
SL00-EN001"Ryu-Kishin Powered"CommonNormal Monster2Yes
SL00-EN002"Battle Ox"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN003"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN004"Luster Dragon #2"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN005"Mystic Horseman"CommonNormal Monster2Yes
SL00-EN006"Twin-Headed Behemoth"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN007"Lord of D."CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN008"Tyrant Dragon"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN009"Spirit Ryu"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN010"Kaibaman"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN011"Cost Down"CommonNormal Spell1Yes
SL00-EN012"The Flute of Summoning Dragon"CommonNormal Spell1Yes
SL00-EN013"Mountain"CommonField Spell1Yes
SL00-EN014"Burst Stream of Destruction"CommonNormal Spell1Yes
SL00-EN015"Interdimensional Matter Transporter"CommonNormal Trap1Yes
SL00-EN016"Trap Jammer"CommonCounter Trap1Yes
SL00-EN017"Curse of Aging"CommonNormal Trap1No
SL00-EN018"Dragon's Rebirth"CommonNormal Trap1Yes
SL00-EN019"Dark Rabbit"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN020"Toon Alligator"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN021"Rogue Doll"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN022"Senju of the Thousand Hands"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN023"Jigen Bakudan"CommonFlip monster1No
SL00-EN024"Toon Goblin Attack Force"CommonToon monster1No
SL00-EN025"Toon Masked Sorcerer"CommonToon monster1Yes
SL00-EN026"Toon Mermaid"CommonToon monster1Yes
SL00-EN027"Toon Summoned Skull"CommonToon monster1Yes
SL00-EN028"Relinquished"CommonEffect Ritual Monster1Yes
SL00-EN029"Black Illusion Ritual"CommonRitual Spell1Yes
SL00-EN030"Toon Rollback"CommonNormal Spell1Yes
SL00-EN031"Yami"CommonField Spell1Yes
SL00-EN032"Fulfillment of the Contract"CommonEquip Spell1Yes
SL00-EN033"Toon World"CommonContinuous Spell2Yes
SL00-EN034"Toon Table of Contents"CommonNormal Spell1Yes
SL00-EN035"Sword of Deep-Seated"CommonEquip Spell1Yes
SL00-EN036"Wild Tornado"CommonNormal Trap1Yes
SL00-EN037"Jar of Greed"CommonNormal Trap1Yes
SL00-EN038"Dragon Zombie"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN039"Armored Zombie"CommonNormal Monster2Yes
SL00-EN040"The Snake Hair"CommonNormal Monster2Yes
SL00-EN041"Decayed Commander"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN042"Giant Axe Mummy"CommonEffect Monster1No
SL00-EN043"Vampire Lord"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN044"Millennium Scorpion"CommonEffect Monster1No
SL00-EN045"Zombie Tiger"CommonUnion monster1Yes
SL00-EN046"Violet Crystal"CommonEquip Spell1Yes
SL00-EN047"Storm"CommonNormal Spell2Yes
SL00-EN048"Wasteland"CommonField Spell1Yes
SL00-EN049"Michizure"CommonNormal Trap1Yes
SL00-EN050"Embodiment of Apophis"CommonContinuous Trap1Yes
SL00-EN051"Statue of the Wicked"CommonNormal Trap1Yes
SL00-EN052"Dark Coffin"CommonNormal Trap2No
SL00-EN053"Inspiration"CommonNormal Trap1Yes
SL00-EN054"Gravekeeper's Assailant"CommonEffect Monster2Yes
SL00-EN055"Gravekeeper's Oracle"CommonEffect Monster2Yes
SL00-EN056"Gravekeeper's Priestess"CommonEffect Monster2Yes
SL00-EN057"Gravekeeper's Recruiter"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN058"Gravekeeper's Shaman"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN059"Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier"CommonEffect Monster2Yes
SL00-EN060"Gravekeeper's Chief"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN061"Gravekeeper's Curse"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN062"A Cat of Ill Omen"CommonFlip monster1Yes
SL00-EN063"Gravekeeper's Cannonholder"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN064"Sebek's Blessing"CommonQuick-Play Spell1Yes
SL00-EN065"Gravekeeper's Stele"CommonNormal Spell1Yes
SL00-EN066"Hidden Temples of Necrovalley"CommonContinuous Spell1Yes
SL00-EN067"Rite of Spirit"CommonNormal Trap1Yes
SL00-EN068"Blast Held by a Tribute"CommonNormal Trap1Yes
SL00-EN069"The Eye of Truth"CommonContinuous Trap1Yes
SL00-EN070"Harpie Lady"CommonNormal Monster1No
SL00-EN071"Harpie Lady 2"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN072"Harpie Lady 3"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN073"Birdface"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN074"Harpie Lady Sisters"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN075"Amazoness Chain Master"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN076"Amazoness Sage"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN077"Sonic Shooter"CommonEffect Monster2Yes
SL00-EN078"Bladefly"CommonEffect Monster1No
SL00-EN079"Harpies' Hunting Ground"CommonField Spell1Yes
SL00-EN080"Follow Wind"CommonEquip Spell1No
SL00-EN081"Elegant Egotist"CommonNormal Spell2Yes
SL00-EN082"Cyber Shield"CommonEquip Spell2Yes
SL00-EN083"Triangle Ecstasy Spark"CommonNormal Spell1Yes
SL00-EN084"Shadow of Eyes"CommonNormal Trap1Yes
SL00-EN085"Wild Tornado"CommonNormal Trap1Yes
SL00-EN086"Windstorm of Etaqua"CommonNormal Trap1Yes
SL00-EN087"Beaver Warrior"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN088"Dark Magician"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN089"Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN090"Gamma The Magnet Warrior"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN091"Beta The Magnet Warrior"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN092"Alpha The Magnet Warrior"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN093"Curse of Dragon"CommonNormal Monster1Yes
SL00-EN094"Valkyrion the Magna Warrior"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN095"Berfomet"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN096"Phantom Beast Cross-Wing"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN097"Phantom Beast Wild-Horn"CommonEffect Monster1Yes
SL00-EN098"Mystical Moon"CommonEquip Spell1No
SL00-EN099"Polymerization"CommonNormal Spell1Yes
SL00-EN100"Dark Magic Attack"CommonNormal Spell1Yes
SL00-EN101"Mystic Box"CommonNormal Spell1No
SL00-EN102"Fusion Sage"CommonNormal Spell1Yes
SL00-EN103"Fusion Substitute"CommonNormal Spell1No
SL00-EN104"Seven Tools of the Bandit"CommonCounter Trap1Yes
SL00-EN105"Lightforce Sword"CommonNormal Trap1Yes
SL00-EN106"Chain Destruction"CommonNormal Trap1No
SL00-EN107"Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast"CommonEffect Fusion Monster1Yes