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"Dramaturge of Despia"
  • デスピア
  • Desupia (romanized)
  • Despia (translated)
  • Despia
  • Despia
  • Dispia
  • 데스피아
  • Deseupia (romanized)
  • Despia
  • Despía

"Despia" (デスピア Desupia) is an archetype of DARK Fairy and LIGHT Fiend monsters introduced in Dawn of Majesty.

Etymology & Design[edit]

"Despia"/"Despian" is a combination of the words "despair", "death", and "thespian". The names of "Despia" cards stems from theatrical elements and drama. The theatrical theme of the "Despia" archetype is fitting, as these monsters kept up the facade of a holy Church for a long time, as if they were playing a theatrical fiction, before revealing their true colors.

Most of the "Despia" cards consist of corrupted versions of the "Dogmatika" monsters. This may have been started with the events depicted in the artwork of "Dogmatikalamity", where "Dogmatika Maximus" opens a portal to the Hole.

Origin Monster Base counterpart
Ad libitum Ad Libitum of Despia Dogmatika Ashiyan
Jester Aluber the Jester of Despia Fallen of Albaz
Sock (Comedy) Despian Comedy None
Buskin (Tragedy) Despian Tragedy
Proskenion Despian Proskenion Dogmatika Nexus
Quem quaeritis? Despian Quaeritis White Knight of Dogmatika
Dramaturgy Dramaturge of Despia Dogmatika Maximus

Playing style[edit]

The "Despia" archetype is a Fusion-focused archetype, and is a part of an overarching playstyle, typically called "Branded Despia", that encompasses "Despia", the "Branded" archetype of Spell & Trap cards, and the "Fallen of Albaz" Dragon form Fusion Monsters (and their dedicated support cards). Within Branded Despia, "Despia" provides the Deck's Main Deck starters and Fusion Material fodder.

Generally speaking, "Despia" cards and their specific "Branded" support cards generically support Level 8 or higher Fusion Monsters, while specific "Despia" cards provide support to "Branded" or "Albaz"-related cards, connecting it to the other two card series in Branded Despia.

The primary starter of "Despia", and therefore of Branded Despia as a whole, is "Aluber the Jester of Despia", who searches a "Branded" Spell/Trap when Summoned. The main search target for "Aluber" is the Fusion Spell "Branded Fusion", who can Fusion Summon "Albion the Branded Dragon" or "Lubellion the Searing Dragon" using materials from the Deck. From there, "Albion" and "Lubellion" would typically bridge into the powerful boss monster of Branded Despia, "Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon", whose effects can dump copies of "Albion" to search more "Branded" cards, completing the Deck's resource loop.

Three "Despia" Main Deck monsters provide Branded Despia with advantage-generating Fusion Materials. They each have Trigger Effects that generate advantage when they're sent to the GY or banished as a Fusion Material for a Fusion Summon.

Despia Fusion Summon Trigger Effect
Tragedy Add 1 "Despia" monster from Deck to hand (except "Tragedy").
Ad Libitum Special Summon 1 "Despia" monster or Level 8 or higher Fusion Monster from GY or banished (except "Ad Libitum").
Dramaturge Special Summon this card.

These monsters' effects compensate for Fusion costs if they were used as materials from the hand or field. However, if they were used as materials from the Deck (only possible with the effect of "Tragedy") or GY, then they will actually generate additional advantage.

By triggering these effects on the opponent's turn with Spell Speed 2, GY-utilizing "Branded" Fusion cards like "Branded in Red" or "Branded Banishment", and by summoning Fusion Monsters with disruptive effects like "Guardian Chimera", the Deck can rapidly generate advantage in the opponent's turn, making it easier to finish the game on the player's next turn.

Recommended cards[edit]