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Destiny HERO
"Clock Tower Prison", "Diamond Dude", "Dreadmaster", "Captain Tenacious" and "Doom Lord" in the artwork of "D - Tactics".
  • D-HEROデステニーヒーロー
  • D-HERO (base)
  • デステニーヒーロー (ruby)
  • Desutenī Hīrō (romanized)
Simplified Chinese
  • 命运-英雄
  • HÉROS de la Destinée
  • Schicksals-HELD
  • EROE del Destino
  • 데스티니 히어로
  • Deseutini Hieoro (romanized)
  • HERÓI do Destino
  • HÉROE del Destino
Anime appearances

"Destiny HERO" (D-HEROデステニーヒーロー, Desutenī Hīrō) is a "HERO" sub-archetype of DARK Warrior monsters used by Aster Phoenix in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime, as well as by his alternate universe counterpart in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. Since their debut, they have been believed to be an anti-thesis to the "Elemental HERO" archetype, as specific cards somewhat resemble certain "Elemental HERO" monsters.


In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime, the "Destiny HERO" monsters were designed by Aster Phoenix's father. After he was killed (kidnapped in the dub), Aster inherited the cards, although one was stolen by the D.

It was mentioned by Aster that, just like "Neos" and the "Neo-Spacians", the "Destiny HERO" monsters were infused with cosmic energies.

The stolen card was known as the "Ultimate D Card". Aster made it his business to find this card in order to avenge his father.

The "Ultimate D Card" was "Destiny HERO - Plasma", while the "Final D Card" was "Destiny End Dragoon". Aster was able to retrieve the former card after defeating the D. "Destiny End Dragoon" was initially stolen by Mike in the fourth season, but it was retrieved by Jaden and Emeralda during a Duel that Mike organized, and was ultimately returned to Aster.



In the OCG, the names of all "Destiny HERO" monsters begin with the letter D and end with the word Guy. There are a few exceptions that don't end with Guy, but their names still feature the letter D.


The "Destiny HERO" monsters are based on vigilantes/antiheroes (such as Batman, Devilman, and Spawn) as well as British culture, in contrast to the American superhero-theme of the "Elemental HERO" archetype. There is also an emphasis on time and the future in most "Destiny HERO" card effects, as opposed to the more immediate effects of "Elemental HERO" monsters, with many having effects that trigger during the Standby Phase, interacting with the top card(s) of the Main Deck, or taking effect over multiple turns.

Main Deck[edit]

Destiny HERO European origin
English Japanese
Blade Master Dagger Guy N/A
Captain Tenacious Die Hard Guy Sir William Inglis
Celestial Divine Guy N/A
Dark Angel Dark Angel N/A
Dasher Dash Guy Spring Heeled Jack
Decider Decision Guy Loch Ness Monster
Defender Defend Guy N/A
Denier Denial Guy N/A
Departed Departed Guy The Invisible Man
Diamond Dude Diamond Guy Cullinan Diamond
Disk Commander Disk Guy N/A
Dogma Dogma Guy N/A
Doom Lord Devil Guy N/A
Double Dude Double Guy Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Drawhand Draw Guy Pistol duel
Dread Servant Dread Servant N/A
Dreadmaster Dread Guy Man in the Iron Mask
Dreamer Dream Guy N/A
Drilldark Drill Guy N/A
Dunker Dunk Guy Basketball
Dynatag Dynamite Guy Dynamite Kid
Fear Monger Doom Guy N/A
Malicious Diabolic Guy N/A
Plasma Bloo-D Blue blood/Count Dracula

Extra Deck[edit]

Destiny HERO
English Japanese
Dangerous Deadly Guy
Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer Destroy Phoenix Guy
Dominance Dominate Guy
Dusktopia Duskutopia Guy
Dystopia Dystopia Guy

"Destiny End Dragoon" is not a "Destiny HERO" monster, but it is a Fusion between two "Destiny HERO" monsters and supports the "Destiny HERO" archetype. "Xtra HERO Cross Crusader" also supports the archetype, and its Japanese name ends with "Guy".

"Elemental HERO Phoenix Enforcer" and "Elemental HERO Shining Phoenix Enforcer" are also associated with the "Destiny HERO" archetype. They are named after and used by Aster Phoenix in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and their Japanese names also end with "Guy".

Several support and related Spell/Trap Cards also have references to British culture.

Card British origin
Clock Tower Prison Big Ben
D - Time Teatime
Doctor D John Dee
Drain Time Pocket watch

Playing style[edit]

The "Destiny HERO" archetype includes a diverse array of Main Deck monsters and Extra Deck Fusion monsters. Their playstyle heavily involves the Graveyard, with many of their monsters having effects that activate in the GY, or effects that Special Summon "Destiny HERO" monsters from the GY. The archetype has a secondary focus on drawing cards, exemplified by individual cards such as "Disk Commander", "Celestial", and "Destiny Draw". The archetype thirdly focuses on effects with a delayed activation or resolution; many of their monster effects fully resolve in the turn after their conditions are met.

Generally, the archetype aims to summon their powerful boss monsters as quickly as possible to suppress the opponent's board. Their Main Deck boss monsters include "Plasma", "Dogma", and "Dreadmaster", while their Extra Deck Fusion boss monsters include "Dystopia", "Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer", and "Destiny End Dragoon". By far the most commonly used "Destiny HERO" boss monster is "Plasma", who has a one-sided "Skill Drain" effect, can remove an opposing monster by equipping them to itself, and is searchable by both "Destiny HERO" and general "HERO" support.

Destiny HEROes are able to control the flow of the game quite well by shutting down enemy Monster Effects (Plasma), Spell Effects ("Destiny HERO - Dark Angel"), and even being able to deny the opponent a vital resource in their hand cards ("D-Tactics), which is compounded by their easy access to "Masked HERO Dark Law", which combos with "Destiny HERO - Drawhand" and "Droll & Lock Bird" to control the opponents hand even further. "Break the Destiny" is even able to take away an entire enemy turn phase, while Destroy Phoenix Enforcer and Dystopia are able to disrupt the enemy with destruction "Quick Effect"s.

The archetype also has some excellent protection in "Destiny HERO - Dreadmaster" and "D - Force" making their fellow D-HEROEs untargetable and indestructible.

The GY effects of the "Destiny HERO" Main Deck monsters typically involve either swarming the field from the GY, or giving advantage to the player from the GY. "Malicious" can banish itself from the GY to Special Summon another copy of itself from the Deck, which is not once per turn and can be repeatedly used as long as there are more copies of "Malicious" in the Deck. "Denier" can once per duel Special Summon itself from the GY and recycle a banished "Destiny HERO" monster back into the Deck, making it useful for recycling "Malicious" for more activations. "Celestial" can banish itself and another "Destiny HERO" from the GY to draw 2 cards, and "Dynatag" can banish itself to boost a "Destiny HERO" monster's ATK by 1000.

"Fusion Destiny" is the most powerful way for the archetype to set up their GY with desired "Destiny HERO" monsters. "Fusion Destiny" can Fusion Summon a "Destiny HERO" Fusion Monster by sending its Fusion Materials from the Deck to the GY; because most "Destiny HERO" Fusion Monsters require generic "Destiny HERO" monsters as materials, "Fusion Destiny" can directly send 2 or 3 specific "Destiny HERO" monsters to the GY, setting up the player's GY plays. Though the monster Fusion Summoned by "Fusion Destiny" in the End Phase of the next turn, "Dominance" and "Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer" have floating effects that allow them to float into more "Destiny HERO" monsters in the GY upon being destroyed.

Within the space of the entire "HERO" meta-archetype, the "Vision HERO" combo of "Faris" → "Increase" → "Vyon" is an excellent support for the "Destiny HERO" playstyle, since "Vyon" can search out "Polymerization" and either strategically mill or search out needed "Destiny HERO" monsters (by sending "Elemental HERO Shadow Mist" to the GY). "Elemental HERO Stratos", being a "HERO" searcher, is always welcome for the "Destiny HERO" playstyle, and "Elemental HERO Shadow Mist" opens up the possibility for "Destiny HERO" to run the powerful "Masked HERO" monsters.

Within the "Xtra HERO" Link Monsters, "Cross Crusader" is a direct support to the "Destiny HERO" playstyle. Upon being Link Summoned, "Cross Crusader" can Special Summon a "Destiny HERO" monster from the GY, and can tribute a "Destiny HERO" to search out another "HERO" monster, making it useful both as a searcher and a recovery option.

On the other side of the relationship, the "Destiny HERO" archetype is one of the backbones in the overall "HERO" meta-archetype playstyle, thanks to the Link climbing ability offered by "Malicious" and "Denier" . "Xtra HERO Cross Crusader" combos especially well with "Malicious" as a searcher for all "HERO" monsters. The power offered by the "Destiny HERO" boss monsters also makes them popular for other "HERO" decks to include.

Recommended cards[edit]

Official Deck[edit]


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