Dice game

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Dice game
Dice game
EnglishDice game


Saikoro Shōbu

Game details
GameShadow Game
Winner(s)Dark Yugi
Penalty GameMosaic Illusion
LocationZTV parking lot
Chapters2: "Lying Eyes"

The dice game[1] was a simple die roll Shadow Game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, played by Dark Yugi and the ZTV director.

The rules were whoever rolled lowest won and if it was a draw, the director won.

The die used in this game had the Eye of Wadjet as on its 1 face.


The director abused Yugi Mutou by having A.D. Fujita beat him up, so they could stage a documentary on bullying, Caught on Camera: School Violence. However Katsuya Jonouchi broke up the fight and confronted the director when he found out what was happening. However the director was able to prevent Jonouchi from fighting, by reminding him that they were being filmed and freely attacked Jonouchi himself, having control over what was and was not recorded.

Yugi switched to Dark Yugi and followed the director to a parking lot at the ZTV studio. Dark Yugi challenged the director to the die game. The director was not interested in playing, but had Dark Yugi roll anyway. Dark Yugi got a 6, making the director think it was impossible for Dark Yugi to win. Dark Yugi insisted that the game was not over until the director rolled. Fed-up, the director took the die and fired it at Dark Yugi's face. Dark Yugi deflected the die by holding up the Millennium Puzzle. When it landed the director thought he had rolled a 1. However, Dark Yugi showed him that the die had broken in two and landed on a 6 and a 1, making his roll 7.

Dark Yugi inflicted the Mosaic Illusion Penalty Game on the director, causing his vision to pixelate (with the poetic justice being that the director was censored as punishment for bending the truth in front of cameras).