Dice in cup

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Dice in cup
Dice in cup
EnglishDice in cup


Daisu in kappu

Game details
LocationDomino High School
Chapters134: "The New Game"

Dice in cup (ダイスinインカップ daisu in kappu) is a dice game Ryuji Otogi played with Katsuya Jonouchi for a bet, in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.


  • One player is tasked with retrieving a die from underneath a cup.
  • The player is not allowed to use their hands to remove the cup and must find another way to take the die without moving the cup.

Normally, this game is impossible for the player to win. This is the point, as the game is secretly a bar bet designed to trick the player's opponent.



On the first day of the new school year, Jonouchi sees Ryuji showing off his dice tricks to a group of girls in class. Jealous, he starts to brag about his victory over Bandit Keith in Duelist Kingdom. Impressed, Ryuji asks if Jonouchi would like to play a game with him, which he reveals as dice in cup. He explains the rules and offers a wager: the loser will have to obey the winner's every demand for a week.


Ryuji starts the game by placing the die into a cup, shaking it, and placing the die and cup on top of a desk. As soon as he does, he declares that the die is already in his right hand. Jonouchi rightly claims that this is impossible, but Ryuji challenges him to check underneath the cup. He does so by lifting the cup, at which point Ryuji takes the die from underneath it, therefore winning the game as he didn't use his own hand to move the cup.


Since he lost the bet, Jonouchi is forced to obey Ryuji's every command for a week. However, Jonouchi fights back and demands a rematch in a different game, leading him to play Ryuji in Four Aces.