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Doll Monster
Doll Monsters "Mr. Dragon", "Rob Robot", "Bear-Bear", and "Miss MadChen" in the artwork of "Box of Friends".
Doll Monsters "Mr. Dragon", "Rob Robot", "Bear-Bear", and "Miss MadChen" in the artwork of "Box of Friends".
  • ドール・モンスター
  • Dōru Monsutā (romanized)
  • Monstre Poupée
  • Puppenmonster
  • Mostro Bambola
  • 돌 몬스터
  • Dol Monseuteo (romanized)
  • Monstro Boneca
  • Monstruo Muñeca
Manga appearances

"Doll Monster" (ドール・モンスター, Dōru Monsutā) is an archetype used by Cologne in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL manga. The archetype is composed of Normal Monsters with toy themes with the goal of creating various Rank 4, Rank 6, and Rank 8 Xyz Monsters.

It is a sub-archetype of the manga-only "Doll" archetype.


All "Doll Monsters" are named after popular infant toys (a doll, a toy dragon, a teddy bear, and a toy robot). In the Japanese version, their names end with a Japanese honorific ("-chan", "-kun", "-chi" and "-chin", respectively), making their names become loving cute names, which would normally be given to the toys by the kid who owns them.

Playing Style[edit]

"Doll Monsters" focus on Summoning various Rank 4, 6, and 8 Xyz Monsters through the use of Normal Monsters and Level Manipulation. Because of this playstyle, cards that support Normal Monsters and Xyz Monsters are generally recommended.

Their main strategy involves using the Spell Card "Doll Happiness" to search and then destroy "Box of Friends" to Summon 2 Level 4 Normal Monsters with 0 ATK and/or DEF and overlay them into various Rank 4 Xyz Monsters, such the focal point of the deck "Princess Cologne". The deck also employs the effects of the Field Spell "Doll House" to make Rank 6 monsters as well as the Level 1 monster "Grandpa Demetto" to aid in creating powerful Rank 8 Xyz Monsters by Special Summoning up to 2 Normal Monsters from the GY as Level 8 DARK monsters, letting them Xyz Summon monsters such as the theme's technical boss monster from the manga; "Number 22: Zombiestein".

As such, Doll Monsters can utilize multiple playstyles such as a stall/control strategy through the aid of "Princess Cologne" and "Doll Happiness" to fend off the opponent's offensive plays until monsters like "Zombiestein" can be Summoned to an aggressive strategy focused on quickly getting out a Rank 8 Xyz Monster, such as "Number 97: Draglubion" to Special Summon "Number 100: Numeron Dragon" and OTK. "Princess Cologne" herself cannot be targeted with cards, effects, or for attacks by the opponent while her controller controls another monster, and "Doll Happiness" prevents the opponent's monsters from attacking monsters the controller controls with 0 ATK or DEF, as long as the controller also controls "Princess Cologne". Due to this, Doll Monsters have a good level of versatility in how one can make the deck. They can also function somewhat as a Normal Monster focused Rank 4 Engine depending on the Deck.

In the manga however, "Doll Monsters" focused on the destruction of Normal Monsters by battle or card effects in order to Summon higher and higher level "Doll Monsters" from the deck through the manga effects of "Doll House" to summon "Number 22: Zombiestein" quickly.

Recommended Cards[edit]


  • In the manga, the Level 4 beginning forms as shown as normal, cute toys. The more they evolve however (Level 6, Level 8), the more gothic and creepy they become. This could be a reference to Cologne herself, who was once a loved doll, but was soon abandoned by her owner and became trash until she was saved by Dr. Faker.
  • The Field Spell "Doll House" features an old craftsman, Grandpa Demetto. When the Dolls are destroyed, Demetto seems to "use parts of one of them to fix the others". This causes the dolls evolve, as they get parts of the other dolls mixed into them.