Domino Park (Toei)

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Yugi Mutou meeting Risa Kageyama at Domino Park

Domino Park (童実野公園 Domino Kōen) is a location in Domino City in the Toei Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.


Risa Kageyama invited Yugi Mutou to meet her at Domino Park on three occasions, while pretending to be romantically interested in him. However she and her sisters were secretly plotting to steal his "Violet Hecate" card.

  • On the first occasion, she invited Yugi via a a love letter. Yugi's curious friends followed him and hid in the bushes to spy on the meeting. They saw Risa for the first time, as she gifted Yugi with a knitted sweater.
  • On the second occasion, she phoned Yugi and asked him to meet her in the same place. This time she gave Yugi a pair of socks, but Yugi had started to grow concerned over how things were developing when he knew so little about her.
  • Yugi met her at the park a third time, intending to break things off, but failed to do so. This time he was spotted by Seto Kaiba, who recognized Risa as on one of the Kageyama sisters, who were famous in Duel Monsters communities for acquiring rare cards by whatever means.