Don Thousand's palace

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The exterior of the palace spire.

Don Thousand's palace is a a great spire in the Barian World, from which Don Thousand once ruled in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. Within the palace is a device capable of merging the Barian World with Earth, which would aid in the destruction of the Astral World.

Eventually, Thousand called his host, Vector, to the palace. After explaining the device, he took control of Vector completely and connected him to the palace's throne, as they had to be present to focus their power to create more devices.[1] After the devices were completed, Vector called Mr. Heartland back to the palace, where he ordered him to spread the Fake "Numbers" the devices had manufactured all over the Human World. Vector and Thousand watched through a Baria Crystal from the palace until Vector was called to an emergency meeting of the Seven Barian Emperors.[2]


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