Dr. Vellian Crowler (Spirit Caller)

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Dr. Vellian Crowler
Dr. Vellian Crowler
Japanese translatedVice-Principal Chronos
Japanese name
RōmajiKuronosu Kyōtō
  • Male
SchoolDuel Academy
DormitoryObelisk Blue
Spirit Caller
  • Ancient Strategies
  • Ancient Intelligence
  • Watch and Learn
  • Excellent Gadget
Appears in
Nintendo DSYu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller
Crowler, Vellian, Dr.

Dr. Vellian Crowler, known as Chronos de Medici (クロノス・デ・メディチ Kuronosu De Medichi) in the Japanese version and referred to as Vice-Principal Chronos (クロノス教頭, Kuronosu Kyōtō) in-game, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller video game. This is a video game depiction of Vellian Crowler, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime.


The player and Jaden met Crowler when they tried to apply for the Duel Academy entrance exam upon arriving late. Crowler gave them a chance to enter if they could defeat him in a Duel, and developed a dislike for both of them after losing. Crowler can be found around the Blue Dorm and in the Forest since the very beginning of the game, but he will refuse to duel the player.

Crowler attempts several times to get back at the player and Jaden, pitting them against the Duelist in Disguise, supporting Chazz Princeton's own attempts at payback, luring them into a Duel against Titan at the Abandoned Dorm, and then trying to get them expelled for trespassing. However, none of them succeeds.

Crowler will allow the player to duel against him after they become Duel Academy's representative for the duel against North Academy.


Crowler can give the player 1 copy of any of the following cards each time he is defeated.

Defeating Crowler multiple times can earn the player a replica of Crowler's Duel Coat.


  • Crowler sends the player this message after registering him as a contact.

Subject: A Special Lesson

You should know what you got yourself into for registering me as a duelist. I have a rigorous lesson plan tailored just for you. You'll learn what real dueling is about!





Special lessons, nano~ ne

Considering you were willing to register me as a duelist, you must know what that means, no~ ne. Special duel lessons are in order, nano~ ne. You shall be able to experience first-hand the essence of my Decks, no~ ne.

  • Crowler sends the player this message after dueling him 30 times.

Subject: Impressive

It's the duty of duelists to duel everyday! <Player name>, you've dueled many times! That's the spirit!





Excellent work

For those who are duelists, dueling every day is very much an obligatory duty, nano~ ne. And, Signore <Player>, you do indeed have many duels to your name, no~ ne! Excellent work.



  • Crowler uses this Deck at first.
  • Crowler will switch to this Deck after the player defeats Kagemaru.
  • Crowler uses the following Decks after finishing the game.