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From left to right: "Dinoster", "Majester", "Ignister" and "Amorphactor"
From left to right: "Dinoster", "Majester", "Ignister" and "Amorphactor"
  • りゅうけん
  • 竜剣士 (base)
  • りゅうけんし (ruby)
  • Ryūkenshi (romanized)
  • Dracossassin
  • Drachobezwinger
  • Dracoassassino
  • 룡검사
  • Lyong-geomsa (romanized)
  • Dracossassino
  • Dracoasesino

"Dracoslayer" (りゅうけん Ryūkenshi) is an archetype of mostly Dragon monsters that debuted in Clash of Rebellions. The prominent members are all Extra Deck monsters that share a connection to other Pendulum-based archetypes that debuted in the same set as themselves. The remaining "Dracoslayers" are Pendulum Monsters that are the basis for Summoning the Extra Deck monsters.


The Dracoverlord conquered the entire world with his army of Dracofiends, using Dragon Alchemy to turn all life into his terrible minions. At some point after this, "Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer" lost his memories and was cursed to have powers similar to the Dracofiends. Believing Dragon Alchemy to hold the key to breaking his curse and unlocking his memories, the Dracoslayer continues his journey and resolves to fight the evils of the Dracoverlord.



All "Dracoslayer" monsters have two-word name with a title following them. In all of these names, the first word always has the syllable "ster" (スター sutā) as their second half, and the Extra Deck "Dracoslayer" monsters have the first syllables of their corresponding archetypes' names as the first half of the word. The second word always starts with "P".

In Japanese, the second word in the "Dracoslayer" monsters' two-word names is written in the form of a single Latin character (the first character of the word), with the full word reading being applied to it as furigana. For example, the name "Luster Pendulum" is written as ラスターペンデュラム (Rasutā Pendyuramu) in Japanese. Related to this, a large number of cards within the "Dracoslayer" storyline, in particular the ones associated with the "Dracoslayer" and "Dracoverlord" archetypes, their associated story Field Spells, and the "True King / True Draco" archetypes, contain such examples of stylized words in their Japanese names.


The archetype can be broadly divided into three sub-series: the forms of "Luster Pendulum" released in the first half of Series 9, the forms of "Master Pendulum" released in the second half of Series 9, and three monsters visually related to "True Draco" monsters released in Darkwing Blast in Series 11.

As a central character in its storyline, "Luster Pendulum" and "Master Pendulum" are both related to multiple archetypes released in Series 9, and are each featured the artworks of supporting cards to these archetypes.

The archetype and its related archetypes all feature a thematic emphasis on Field Spell Cards. Each of these Field Spells depict interactions between characters within the storyline, often between multiple archetypes.

The "Luster Pendulum"-formed "Dracoslayer" Pendulum Monsters and the related "Dracoverlord" Pendulum Monsters both feature 1 Pendulum Normal Monster with the Pendulum Scale of 3, and 1 Pendulum Effect Monster with the Pendulum Scale of 5.

Luster Pendulum-related[edit]

"Luster Pendulum" is the basic form of the character at the start of the story. It is related to the "Igknight", "Majespecter", or "Dinomist" archetypes.

"Luster Pendulum" has three evolved forms: "Ignister Prominence", "Majester Paladin", and "Dinoster Power", who are the Extra Deck "Dracoslayer" monsters. They are the combined forms of "Luster Pendulum" and a member(s) of the the "Igknight", "Majespecter", or "Dinomist" archetypes, and is released in the same card set alongside these archetypes. Each of them also has a corresponding Field Spell showing "Luster Pendulum" being empowered by the corresponding archetypes.

Dracoslayer Type Evolved "Dracoslayer" Type Related archetype Related Field Spell
Luster Pendulum Pendulum
Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Synchro Igknight Ignition Phoenix
Majester Paladin, the Ascending Xyz Majespecter Majesty's Pegasus
Dinoster Power, the Mighty Fusion Dinomist Dinomic Powerload

Master Pendulum-related[edit]

"Master Pendulum" is the second basic form of "Luster Pendulum" in the middle of the story, just before his showdown with "Lector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord". Thematically, it is related to the "Metalfoes", "Crystron", and "Zoodiac" archetypes, but in terms of lore and story, it is primarily conneted to the "Dracoverlord" and "True Draco" archetypes.

"Master Pendulum" has 1 evolved in-archetype form: "Master Peace, the True Dracoslayer". It is suggested to be the combined form of "Master Pendulum" and "Lector Pendulum", in the events depicted in "Amorphous Persona" and "Forge of the True Dracos".

"Master Pendulum" is shown in the Field Spells of the "Metalfoes", "Crystron", and "Zoodiac" archetypes, which apparently show "Luster Pendulum" empowering the corresponding archetypes. It is also shown in the Field Spell of the "True Draco" archetype, depicting it being empowered by all of its allied archetypes.

Dracoslayer Type Evolved "Dracoslayer" Type Related archetype Related Field Spell
Master Pendulum Pendulum
Master Peace, the True Nomi Dracoverlord -
Metalfoes Metamorformation
Crystron Crystolic Potential
Zoodiac Zodiac Sign
True Draco Dragonic Diagram

Though not a member of the archetype, "Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King" is the final evolution of "Master Peace, the True Dracoslayer", after being empowered by the "Metalfoes", the "Crystron", the "Zoodiac", and "Mariamne, the True Dracophoenix".

Darkwing Blast Dracoslayer[edit]

The Darkwing Blast "Dracoslayer" monsters depict monsters that have features of both the non-human "Luster Pendulum"-related archetypal monsters (i.e. "Igknight", "Majespecter", and "Dinomist"), and the human-form "True Draco" 1-Tribute monsters (who themselves are counterparts to these three archetypes).

Dracoslayer Secondary
"True Draco"
Related Field Spell
Ignis Phoenix Igknight Ignis Heat Dragonic Pendulum
Majesty Pegasus Majespecter Majesty Maiden
Dinomight Powerload Dinomist Dinomight Knight


Dracoverlord Type Evolved "Dracoverlord" Type Related archetype Related Field Spell
Vector Pendulum Pendulum
Amorphactor Pain, the Imagination Ritual Amorphage Amorphous Persona
Lector Pendulum Pendulum

Playing style[edit]

This Deck's main monster is "Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer", a Pendulum Tuner Monster that can only be used to Summon its Synchro, Xyz, and Fusion counterparts. Each of these monsters can Special Summon another "Dracoslayer" Pendulum Monster to the field to Special Summon a different counterpart. This allows for rapid Special Summoning of powerful monsters that each can return cards to the Deck, protect Pendulum Scales, and search for any Pendulum Monster from the Main Deck respectively.

As "Luster Pendulum" tends to utilize many monsters as Materials to Summon its stronger forms, it is recommended to use recycling cards such as "Jar of Avarice", "Pot of Riches", and "Daigusto Emeral" to keep the Summons going.

"Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer", unlike its Tuner counterpart, is not restricted to "Dracoslayer" Extra Deck Monsters only and can be recovered by their effects to fuel any Extra Deck Summon. "Draco Face-Off" is great for loading the Extra Deck with Pendulum Monsters early in the game, but becomes a dead draw as the game drags on.

Recommended cards[edit]

Recommended cards

Official Deck[edit]


  • The Dracoslayers have some similarities to both the "D/D" and "Odd-Eyes" archetypes.
    • All three archetypes use Pendulum Monsters as a catalyst to summon powerful monsters.
    • They each have a trio of Extra Deck Monsters with the attributes of FIRE, WIND, and WATER.