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A Draft Format is where players sit at tables in groups of 4-8, depending on the number participating, with an equal number of unopened booster packs each. When instructed by the Tournament Organizer, each player picks up 1 of their Booster Packs and opens it, then takes 1 of the cards and sets it face down in front of them to start a pile. After that, they pass the remaining cards to the left or right, dictated by the Tournament Organizer, pick up the cards passed to them by the player on their other side and select another card. This continues until all of the cards from each player's pack have been selected. Then each player opens the next pack and repeats, passing the cards in the opposite direction. Once all packs have been used up, players construct Decks on their own using only the cards they have selected.

When doing a Booster Draft, the following rules apply:

  • Players may not trade cards obtained in the Booster Draft until the tournament is over.
  • Decks must have a minimum of 20 cards. Maximum Deck size is only limited by the number of cards a player drafted.
  • Decks may contain more than 3 cards of the same name.
  • The Forbidden and Limited Lists used by the Advanced Format and Traditional Format are ignored.
  • Extra Decks can contain any number of Extra Deck monsters.
  • Any cards not used in a player's Main Deck or Extra Deck are placed in their Side Deck, which has no maximum.