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| playable_in_kaiba = Yes
| playable_in_kaiba = Yes
| playable_in_joey  = Yes
| playable_in_joey  = Yes
| targets          =
* B.eye White Dragon (DM4)
* Baby Dragon (DM4)
* Winged Dragon 1 (DM4)
* Blackland Fire Dra (DM4)
* Sword Arm of Drago (DM4)
* Koumori Dragon (DM4)
* Two-headed King Re (DM4)
* Gaia the Dragon Ch (DM4)
* Curse of Dragon (DM4)
* Griffore (DM4)
* Torike (DM4)
* Armored Lizard (DM4)
* Garoozis (DM4)
* Thousand Dragon (DM4)
* Kairyu-shin (DM4)
* Krokodilus (DM4)
* Grappler (DM4)
* Megazowler (DM4)
* Uraby (DM4)
* Crawling Dragon 2 (DM4)
* Red-eyes B. Dragon (DM4)
* Dark Chimera (DM4)
* Crawling Dragon (DM4)
* Dragon Zombie (DM4)
* Tomozaurus (DM4)
* Yamatano Dragon Sc (DM4)
* Dragon Statue (DM4)
* Darkfire Dragon (DM4)
* Synchar (DM4)
* Petit Dragon (DM4)
* B. Skull Dragon (DM4)
* Midnight Fiend (DM4)
* Roaring Ocean Snak (DM4)
* Dragoness the Wick (DM4)
* One-eyed Shield Dr (DM4)
* Wicked Dragon with (DM4)
* Kurama (DM4)
* Takriminos (DM4)
* Yamadron (DM4)
* Seiyaryu (DM4)
* Zera The Mant (DM4)
* B.eye Ultra Dragon (DM4)
* Rude Kaiser (DM4)
* Parrot Dragon (DM4)
* Harpie's Pet Drago (DM4)
* Metal Dragon (DM4)
* Sky Dragon (DM4)
* Thunder Dragon (DM4)
* Stone D. (DM4)
* Kaiser Dragon (DM4)
* Aqua Dragon (DM4)
* Sea King Dragon (DM4)
* Giant Red Seasnake (DM4)
* Spike Seadra (DM4)
* Inhaler (DM4)
* Yado Karu (DM4)
* Dragon Seeker (DM4)
* D. Human (DM4)
* Cyber Saurus (DM4)
* Bracchio-raidus (DM4)
* Skelgon (DM4)
* Winged Dragon 2 (DM4)
* Tyhone 2 (DM4)
* Lesser Dragon (DM4)
* Yormungarde (DM4)
* Anthrosaurus (DM4)
* Trakadon (DM4)
* B. Dragon Jungle (DM4)
* Little D (DM4)
* Fairy Dragon (DM4)
* Twin-headed Thunde (DM4)
* Tri-horned Dragon (DM4)
* Serpent Night Dra (DM4)
* Mikazukinoyaiba (DM4)
* Meteor Dragon (DM4)
* Meteor B. Dragon (DM4)
* Ryu-ran (DM4)
* Manga Ryu-ran (DM4)
* Hyozanryu (DM4)
* Lord of D. (DM4)
* R.eye B. M. Dragon (DM4)
* Barrel Dragon (DM4)
* Blue-eyes Toon Dra (DM4)
* Slifer the Sky Dragon (DM4)
* Alligator's Sword Dragon (DM4)
* Twin-Headed Fire Dragon (DM4)
* Boneheimer (DM4)
* Southern Ocean Diabolos
* Dragon Pirate Soldier
* Root Wood

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