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"Parlor", "Kitchen", "Nurse", "Laundry", and "House" in the artwork of "Dragonmaid Hospitality".
"Parlor", "Kitchen", "Nurse", "Laundry", and "House" in the artwork of "Dragonmaid Hospitality".
  • ドラゴンメイド
  • Doragonmeido (romanized)
  • Dragonirène
  • Drachenmädchen
  • Dragonzella
  • 드래곤메이드
  • Deuraegonmeideu (romanized)
  • Dragãozela
  • Dragoncella

Serve up destruction with a smile!

— TCG commercial for Mystic Fighters

"Dragonmaid" (ドラゴンメイド Doragonmeido) is an archetype of Dragon monsters introduced in Deck Build Pack: Mystic Fighters.


The Main Deck monsters consist of two lineups: Level 2/3/4 humanoid maids, and Level 7/8 dragons. Each maid-dragon pair representing the same individual shares the same Attribute and has a 5-Level difference.


The "Dragonmaid" monsters' human forms are broadly based on maid classifications found in late modern period European domestic worker hierarchies.

The OCG names of their dragon forms ones are simply the German names of things associated to their Attributes, whereas the TCG names are simply anagrams of the names of their humanoid forms.

Attribute Humanoid Dragonmaid Name origin Draconic Dragonmaid OCG name origin
LIGHT.svg LIGHT House Hauskee Housekeeping Sheou Strahl Strahl (German for "ray")
DARK.svg DARK Chamber Chame Bedchamber N/A N/A N/A
WATER.svg WATER Laundry Laudry Laundry Nudyarl Fluss Fluss (German for "river")
EARTH.svg EARTH Nurse Nasary Nursery Ernus Erde Erde (German for "soil")
WIND.svg WIND Parlor Parla Parlour Lorpar Luft Luft (German for "air")
FIRE.svg FIRE Kitchen Tillroo Kitchen/Still room Tinkhec Flamme Flamme (German for "flame")

Playing style[edit]

The "Dragonmaid" archetype revolves around swarming its low-Level members and using their on-summon effects to amass resources during the Main Phase 1, switching them out for their dragon forms during the Battle Phase, and then switching back into the humanoid forms afterwards. The archetype uses self-bouncing and Graveyard recursion as its main methods of gaining card advantage and triggering beneficial effects, has two Extra Deck Fusion boss monsters, and is backed up with many powerful Spell/Traps.

The low-Level humanoid forms of the "Dragonmaid" monsters each have two effects:

  1. If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can [On-Summon Effect].
  2. At the start of the Battle Phase: You can return this card to the hand, and if you do, Special Summon 1 [high-Level] "Dragonmaid" monster from your hand or GY.
Low-Level Dragonmaids
Attribute Dragonmaid On-Summon Effect
DARK.svg DARK Chamber Add 1 "Dragonmaid" Spell/Trap from your Deck to your hand.
WATER.svg WATER Laundry Send the top 3 cards of your Deck to the GY.
EARTH.svg EARTH Nurse Target 1 Level 4 or lower "Dragonmaid" monster in your GY, except "Nurse Dragonmaid"; Special Summon it.
WIND.svg WIND Parlor Send 1 "Dragonmaid" card from your Deck to the GY, except "Parlor Dragonmaid".
FIRE.svg FIRE Kitchen Add 1 "Dragonmaid" monster from your Deck to your hand, except "Kitchen Dragonmaid", then send 1 "Dragonmaid" monster from your hand to the GY.

Within these cards, "Chamber" is the archetype's main Spell/Trap searcher. "Parlor" and "Kitchen" are situational card searchers that require setup for maximum effectiveness or otherwise can only send cards to the GY. "Nurse" is an advantage generator that can Special Summon additional "Dragonmaid" monsters (and trigger their effects), and is often summoned and triggered in the opponent's turn. Lastly, "Laundry" is a situational GY setup tool that can theoretically provide significant GY advantage, but at the cost of inconsistency.

Special Summoning a high-Level "Dragonmaid" monster from the GY with the low-Level "Dragonmaid" monsters' switching effect grants a +1 in card advantage, as they bounce themselves to the hand to do so.

The high-Level Dragonic forms of the "Dragonmaid" monsters each have three effects:

  1. Cannot be destroyed by card effects while you control a Fusion Monster.
  2. You can discard this card, [Discard Effect]
  3. At the end of the Battle Phase: You can return this card to the hand, and if you do, Special Summon 1 [low-Level] "Dragonmaid" monster from your hand.
High-Level Dragonmaids
Attribute Dragonmaid Discard Effect
WATER.svg WATER Nudyarl Target 1 monster in either GY; shuffle it into the Deck.
EARTH.svg EARTH Ernus (Quick Effect): Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower "Dragonmaid" monster from your hand.
WIND.svg WIND Lorpar Target 1 face-up monster on the field; players cannot activate that target's effects on the field this turn.
FIRE.svg FIRE Tinkhec (Quick Effect): Target 1 "Dragonmaid" monster you control; it gains 2000 ATK until the end of this turn.

The Dragonic "Dragonmaid" monsters have high statlines, making them the deck's main battle monsters. They are functionally effectless on the field aside from their switching effect, so they also possess discard effects to provide some value in case they're stuck in the player's hand.

The switching effects of the "Dragonmaid" monsters are generally Level-restricted, meaning that not all of them can switch to all high-level or low-level "Dragonmaid" monsters. Specifically, the Level 2 monsters "Nurse" and "Laundry" can each switch with Level 7 "Nudyarl" or "Ernus", and the Level 3 monsters "Parlor" and "Kitchen" can each switch with the Level 8 monsters "Lorpar" or "Tinkhec". None of the aforementioned Level 7/8 monsters can switch into "Chamber", but it can switch into any of them.

Dragonmaid Switching Effects
Attribute Humanoid Dragonic
Monster Level Target Level Monster Level Target Level
DARK.svg DARK Chamber 4 7+* N/A N/A N/A
WATER.svg WATER Laundry 2 7 Nudyarl 7 2
EARTH.svg EARTH Nurse Ernus
WIND.svg WIND Parlor 3 8 Lorpar 8 3
FIRE.svg FIRE Kitchen Tinkhec
*: "Chamber" can switch to all high-Level "Dragonmaid" monsters, including the Fusion Monsters.

The pair of "Dragonmaid" Fusion Monsters, "House Dragonmaid" and "Dragonmaid Sheou", are the deck's main boss monsters. They can easily be made using a pair of low-Level and/or high-Level "Dragonmaid" monsters, and both have two effects: a Special Summoning effect, and a disruptive effect.

House Dragonmaid & Dragonmaid Sheou
Dragonmaid Fusion Materials Effect 1 Effect 2
House 1 "Dragonmaid" + 1 Dragon (OPT) During each Standby Phase, you can target 1 other friendly "Dragonmaid", and Special Summon 1 "Dragonmaid" from hand or GY, whose Level is 1 higher or 1 lower than it. When another face-up friendly Dragon returns to hand, you can target 1 opposing monster and destroy it.
Sheou 1 "Dragonmaid" + 1 Level 5+ Dragon (HOPT) During each Standby Phase, you can Special Summon 1 Level 9 or lower "Dragonmaid" from hand or GY. (HOPT) When your opponent activates a card or effect, you can negate and destroy it, then return this card to the Extra Deck and Special Summon 1 "House Dragonmaid" from Extra Deck.

"Sheou" is usually the better target to be Fusion Summoned, as her effects are stronger, more flexible, and she can still turn into "House" if needed.

In terms of supportive Spell/Traps, the most important Spells and Traps are "Dragonmaid Changeover", the archetype's Fusion Spell that can recover itself from GY as an immediate +1, "Dragonmaid Hospitality", which can Special Summon a "Dragonmaid" monster from hand or GY and then search out another "Dragonmaid" monster with the same Attribute (by milling it), and "Dragonmaid Tidying", a bounce disruption that also has a GY effect that can Special Summon "Dragonmaid" monsters from hand or GY.