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"Parlor", "Kitchen", "Nurse", "Laundry", and "House" in the artwork of "Dragonmaid Hospitality".
"Parlor", "Kitchen", "Nurse", "Laundry", and "House" in the artwork of "Dragonmaid Hospitality".
  • ドラゴンメイド
  • Doragonmeido (romanized)
  • Dragonirène
  • Drachenmädchen
  • Dragonzella
  • 드래곤메이드
  • Deuraegonmeideu (romanized)
  • Dragãozela
  • Dragoncella
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Serve up destruction with a smile!

— TCG commercial for Mystic Fighters

"Dragonmaid" is an archetype of female Dragon monsters introduced in Deck Build Pack: Mystic Fighters.


The "Dragonmaid" cards appear to be loosely inspired by the Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid series, written and illustrated by Cool-kyou Shinja. The Main Deck monsters consist of two lineups: Level 2/3/4 humanoid maids, and Level 7/8 dragons. Each maid-dragon pair representing the same individual shares the same Attribute and has a 5-Level difference.


Each humanoid's name seems to be a play on the roles that maids traditionally covered and the associated rooms. The OCG names of their dragon forms ones are simply the German names of things associated to their Attributes, whereas the TCG names are simply anagrams of the names of their humanoid forms.

Attribute Humanoid Namesake Dragonic OCG Name Translation
LIGHT.svg LIGHT House Hauskee Housekeeping Sheou Strahl Ray
DARK.svg DARK Chamber Chame Bedchamber N/A N/A N/A
WATER.svg WATER Laundry Laudry Laundry Nudyarl Fluss River
EARTH.svg EARTH Nurse Nasary Nursery Ernus Erde Earth
WIND.svg WIND Parlor Parla Parlour Lorpar Luft Air
FIRE.svg FIRE Kitchen Tillroo Kitchen/Still room Tinkhec Flamme Flame

Playing style[edit]

This theme's revolves around swarming the low-Level members and using their effects to amass resources during the Main Phase 1, switching them out for their dragon forms during the Battle Phase, and then switching back into the humanoid forms afterwards. As this switching occurs by the way of self-bouncing and Special Summoning from the hand, some of theme's effects focus on gaining advantage when the player's cards are returned to the hand, as well as Summoning from the hand as much as possible. Their dragon forms also possess discard effects in case they remain stuck in the player's hand.

Moreover, the monsters' dragon forms are also immune to destruction by effect while the player controls a Fusion Monster, incentivizing the use of the in-theme boss.