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A Duel Board, known as a D-Board (ディー・ボード Dī Bōdo)[1] in the Japanese version, is a type of hoverboard introduced in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It is designed for Speed Duels inside LINK VRAINS. When a Duel is about to begin within the Data Storm, the Duel Boards will appear from within the wind for the Duelists to jump onto. The Duel Boards can also be used as a form of transportation inside LINK VRAINS when Data Storm winds are present,[2] and will disappear as necessary when their owner no longer has the intent of riding the Data Storm winds.[3]


User Description
Unnamed Duelists NB-01: Standard issue models. Blue with white and black wings, and green gems Another model is blue, black, and white, but lacks wings. NB-01 VR.pngStandard model.png
Playmaker PLM-01: White with black-striped sides and blue fins on the back sides, with yellow gems on the front and red gems on the fins. It has a high-speed mode that angles the sides down and blasts purple energy out of the back. Yusaku's DBoard.png
Blue Angel BA-01: Light green with white-striped sides and small heart-shaped, red-lined fins on the back sides. It has blue gems on the front and green gems on the fins. Aoi's DBoard.png
The Gore Maroon with black guards and gold accents. Go's DBoard.png
Ghost Gal Purple with silver and white wings and navy stripes with pink gems. Ema's DBoard.png
Prototype Green-A Green and black horseshoe crab-shaped body with yellow markings and tails. It has six red gems at the edges of the board. AI-A D-Board.png
Prototype Red-B Red and black horseshoe crab-shaped body with green markings and tails. It has six blue gems at the edges of the board. AI-B D Board.png

Knights of Hanoi[edit]

The Knights of Hanoi use Duel Boards that are longer and narrower than other models, with three gems placed towards the front, a semicircle-shaped piece on the back and yellow angles. In the second season, they upgrade their Duel Boards to match the specifications of the upgraded models commonly used in LINK VRAINS 2.0.

User Description
Varis White with green gems and a red semicircle. Like Playmaker's, it has a high-speed mode. Revolver's DBoard1.png
Dr. Genome White with orange gems and a blue semicircle. Genome D Board.png
Baira White with orange gems and a purple semicircle. Baira D Board.png
Faust White with orange gems and a brown semicircle. Faust D Board.png
Knights of Hanoi/Number 10/Brave Max/Varis White with orange gems and a green semicircle. Such a Duel Board was prepared for Naoki by Faust, although it was not used. Varis is also seen riding it during the opening "With The Wind", but has not used it in the show. Number 10 D board.png
Varis Red with green gems and a black and red semicircle. Varis uses this Duel Board during the second season. Varis season 2 d board.png
Spectre Grey with green gems and an orange semicircle. Spectre duel board.png

Upgraded Duel Boards[edit]

During the second season, the legal introduction of Speed Duels to the general public resulted in upgraded Duel Boards that were easier to control and also more powerful, often with more elaborate features than those seen in the first season. When they move through the air, they emit a blue flame from their engines. They do not need Data Storms to fly, but still require Data Material to operate.

User Description
Playmaker White with blue side thrusters and fins and black, gold-tipped prongs. This Duel Board was provided for Playmaker by Cal Kolter. Playmaker d board1.png
The Shepherd Grey rectangular board with maroon thrusters shaped like jet engines and gold details on the pauldrons. The Shepherd d board.png
Bohman Purple circular board with a golden edge in the shape of the Southern Cross star and white-gold thrusters shaped like elongated teardrops. Bohman duel board.png
Harlin Teal hemispherical board with a golden rail around the edge and a silver base. 200px
Bit/Boot Charcoal triangular boards with dark pink and golden markings that resemble paper planes or shurikens. When they combine into BitBoot, their Duel Boards slot together nose-to-tail. Bitboot duel board.png
Soulburner Orange board with a charcoal top, red accents, and green gems. The front has a solid bumper, while fins emerge from the back that curve back on themselves and meet under the Board. Souburner duel board.png
The Gore Red hexagonal board with a dark green top and charcoal jet engine below, in addition to similar side ornaments to his previous Duel Board. The gore duel board.png
Kenchi/Yozaka Jade green boards with maroon tops in the same style as The Gore's Duel Board. Yozaka d board.png
Ghost Gal Grey teardrop-shaped board with a white top, purple details, and ellipse-shaped fins studded with dark pink gems. This Duel Board also includes a shield function similar to a retractable windscreen. Ghost gal duel board.png
Blue Angel/Blue Gal/Blue Maiden Dark blue teardrop-shaped board resembling Ghost Gal's, with a white top, sky blue details, and teardrop-shaped fins with blue and dark pink markings. This Duel Board also includes a shield function. Blue gal maiden duel board.png
Jin Kolter Violet circular board with a golden edge in the shape of the Southern Cross star and white-gold thrusters shaped like elongated teardrops. Jin Kolter duel board.png
Earth Wooden half-ellipsoid board with orange ovular pad and branches emerging from the sides. Earth duel board.png
Ai Dark blue sword-shaped board with golden rims. The Duel Board has a circular pad, a blade extending from the front, and protrusions emerging from the back and sides that are shaped like the crossguard and pommel of a sword. Ai duel board.png
Roboppi Dark blue half-spheroid-shaped board with bright blue sides, baby blue details, and white comma-shaped fins dotted with pink orbs. Roboppi duel board.png
The Brave Battler Blue board with orange engines and a centerpiece shaped like The Brave Battler's shield, with a smaller shield section attached beneath. Brave battler duel board.png



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