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Not to be confused with field.
From left to right: the magma, space, jungle, and desert fields.

A Duel Field is a special field exclusively used in the World Duel Carnival finals. There are four of these fields: magma, space, jungle, and desert. Each of them exists in the underground section of the Duel Coaster.[1]

Relating to their names, each field occurs at a certain location; specifically, they occur at a volcano, a spacecraft, a jungle and a canyon. These stages are where the eight WDC finalists engage in one-on-one Duels in order to progress to the second-last round of the tournament.

In addition to this, each Duel Field is also its own Field Spell Card, having an effect that will influence the Duel. For example, the "Jungle Field" inflicts 1000 points of damage to a player who does not Summon a monster from their hand during their turn. The "Sphere Field" is counted as Duel Field, and is used in the World Duel Carnival finals match between Yuma Tsukumo and Vetrix on top of the Duel Tower.




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