Duel Ghoul

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A group of Duel Ghouls.
Duel Ghoul linework

A Duel Ghoul, known as a Duel Zombie in the Japanese version, is a person who is stripped of their free will and thoughts after having their energy drained with a Bio-Band via dueling. They were used as the main force of the Martin Empire by Yubel. When a person is defeated by a Duel Ghoul, their Bio-Band drains their energy and they fall. They then become a Duel Ghoul themselves. Bio-Bands are ineffective against Duel Ghouls themselves, as they have no energy left to drain.

Appearance-wise, the eyes of Duel Ghouls have no pupils and there is dark shading under their eyes. Duel Ghouls tend to have their heads hunched over and tilted.

Those turned into Duel Ghouls include Chazz Princeton, Syrus Truesdale, Fonda Fontaine, Vellian Crowler, Jean-Louis Bonaparte, Beauregard, Ishiki Erishi and the Blue Berets.