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Luke, Gavin, and Romin's Duel ID cards.

Duel ID cards are personal identification cards carried by Duelists that are contained within their Duel Disks in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. Their capacity to be rewritten with new data has made them the sole source of Maximum Monsters, which Goha Enterprises have yet to print themselves.


Duel ID cards are stated to be the same as Duel Monsters cards, with a grey border akin to that of Token monsters. The Duelist's name is printed where the monster's name is, while the text ID CARD is printed where the RUSH DUEL logo would usually be printed. The text box contains four hexagonal matrix barcodes. Via Real-Time Duel Programming, these cards can be rewritten into normal Duel Monsters cards, though doing so will erase the attached accounts.[1] However, the level of susceptibility varies between Duel ID cards. The three cards used to create "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", those belonging to Number 1, Number 2, and Number 4, took the update with no issues, while Number 3 and Number 5's cards rejected the rewrite. Romin Kassidy, Gavin Sogetsu, and Lucidien "Luke" Kallister's ID cards initially accepted the rewrite, but later returned to their previous forms after the Duel. Both Yuga and Asana Mutsuba later use ID cards from discarded prototype Duel Disks to create their own Maximum Monsters, though Asana had to search many Duel Disks to find ID cards that would not disintegrate due to their age. Despite initially accepting the update, the cards' age rendered them susceptible to the energy unleashed when the Maximum Monsters clashed with equal ATK.[2] Yuga and Tracker would later use the remainder of these cards to create more Maximum Monsters, including "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" and "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix"; while these Maximums have yet to be shown disintegrating, Yuga mentions he had Asana repair his "Vast Vulcan" cards for him and later claims to be looking for a method to stabilize them.[3][4][5] The cards are capable of being effected by the "Pauli effect" produced by Luke's wristwatch, transforming them into different Maximum Monsters.[6]


Nail Saionji created the first Maximum Monsters; "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [L]", "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" and "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [R]" by rewriting the Duel ID cards of Number 1, Number 2, and Number 4 of the Top of the Hexagon, though he was unable to rewrite the Duel IDs of Number 3 and Number 5.[2] To combat Nail's Maximum Summon, Lucidien "Luke" Kallister, Romin Kassidy and Gavin Sogetsu suggested that Yuga Ohdo use Maximum Monsters of his own, and that he could obtain them by using Real-Time Rush Duel Programming to rewrite the cards when he drew them into Maximum Monsters. Yuga was initially unwilling to do so, as this would erase his friends' accounts, but they eventually convinced him to do so and he was able to hack into their Duel Disks and Duel Guitar to eject the Duel ID cards via voice command and add them to his Deck. Yuga was successfully able to rewrite the cards when he drew them during his second Rush Duel with Nail and create the Maximum Monsters "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord [L]", "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord", and "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord [R]".[1] After his Duel with Nail, the three cards reverted into their Duel ID card forms.[7]

Asana Mutsuba extracted many old Duel ID cards from prototype Duel Disks that had been discarded in a mine on the outskirts of Goha City, eventually scavenging three that could withstand the rewrite into the Maximum Monsters "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco [L]", "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco", and "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco [R]", which she used to defeat Yuga.[2][8] Yuga deduced what Asana had done, so he decided to do the same himself prior to their rematch, seeking out the mine and three Duel ID cards that could be rewritten into the three "Magnum Overlord" cards again, which he successfully accomplished. However, when "Magnum Overlord" and "Wyrm Excavator" clashed with equal ATK, the energy unleashed began to disintegrate the old cards.[2]

The rest of the Duel Disks and Duel ID cards from Maximum Mountain were excavated by Tracker with assistance from Goha 66 and converted into Maximum Monsters, including Hunt's "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix". Hunt distributed these Maximums one at a time to ensure no-one else had a full set. Asana found a single intact ID card and gave it to Galian Townsend to give to Yuga, who later acquired "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan [L]" and "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan [R]" from Roa Kassidy and Nail and converted the ID card Asana had given him into "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan".[3] After his Rush Duel with Luke, Yuga had Asana repair the "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" cards, but they remained unstable and fluctuated at times.[4][6]

Galian, Trapigeon Kayama and Caterpillio Zomyoji later offered Asana their Duel ID cards to recreate "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco", but she declined their offer and instead chose to add their ace monsters to her Deck. After Nail resigned from Goha Enterprises he left his Duel Disk on a rock with his Duel ID card extracted from it.[9]

Yuga joined Goha Enterprises with the intent to work with Nail on stabilizing Maximum Monsters created from Duel ID cards, as his "Vast Vulcan" cards continued to fluctuate. During his Rush Duel with Nanaho Nanahoshi, Yuga's "Vast Vulcan" cards were exposed to the Pauli effect of Luke's wristwatch and changed into "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord [L]", "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord", and "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord [R]", apparently being stabilized.[6]

To help restore Asana's memories, Galian used the Duel ID cards owned by Chevelle Kayama, Trapigeon and Zomyoji to recreate "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco".[10] It was not revealed if the cards were permenantly rewritten, or if they reverted after Galian's Duel with Asana.

During Yuga and Luke's final Duel in the Super Rush Robot, Yuga rewites his own ID card into an extra "Sevens Road Magician", due to his real one having been in the Deck he was using to Duel Otes, and gives it to Luke before beating Luke in the Duel. Yuga subquently lacked a Duel ID card for his Duel with Otes, and he was forced to send himself and Otes further into space before they renetered the range of the Goha Duel Server, which would have disqualified him for Dueling without a Duel ID card. Luke kept the "Sevens Road Magician" card for two years before Yuga returned from space, at which point the card rewrote itself back into Yuga's Duel ID card.[11]


As a pre-order bonus of the Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Dawn of the Battle Royale!! video game, Duel ID cards were released as amiibo cards.


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