Duel Team Carnival

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Duel Team Carnival
Duel Team Carnival
Japanese nameD・T・Cデュエル・チーム・カーニバル
Dyueru Chīmu Kānibaru
Manga appearancesYu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL

The Duel Team Carnival (D・T・Cデュエル・チーム・カーニバル Dyueru Chīmu Kānibaru) is a tournament for Dueling Teams in the Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL manga.

The Duel Team Carnival is a top class tournament for Dueling Teams which have already won regional tournaments on their own.[1]

In the tournament's edition where Team ZEXAL took part in, a riot was caused by someone hacking the Litterbots, causing the torunament to become a huge mess.[1] Team ZEXAL found out that it was all caused by Master Evil and his henchmen, who planned to ruin the tournament because he was banned from it previously, due to being found out cheating several times. Master Evil was ultimately stopped by Team ZEXAL, however, the tournament was unable to resume due to all the mess caused by Master Evil.[2]

Known teams[edit]


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