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Note: This article is an unofficial English translation of the official Japanese Duel Terminal Master Guide card storylines. The following information is presented in a format closely mimicking that of the Duel Terminal Master Guide. The guide's linguistic conventions have been edited for coherence, but all meanings have been preserved as best as possible.


DUEL TERMINAL WORLD HISTORY - AGE 1.0: The "Worm" Invasion to the Revival of "Trishula"[edit]

The "Worms" Appear[edit]

The continent's tribes fought each other to expand their territories and reign over the land. Seeking power, they waged a war that lasted ages—but it didn't end the way they expected, due to the appearance of the "Worms", invaders from outer space.

"W Nebula Meteorite"
"Worm Apocalypse""Worm Barses""Worm Cartaros"
These creatures, known as the "Worms", come from organic matter that clings to meteorites. They mutate to evolve and fit their environment, and then multiply. They are invasive lifeforms that consume and exhaust planets throughout the cosmos.

All-out War Against the "Worms"[edit]

The tribes lacked information about the true nature of the "Worms", so they gathered large forces similar to army ants to fight the invaders. Each tribe was forced to reach a truce, and each began to fight the "Worms" in its own way.

The First Ice Dragon's Seal Is Broken[edit]

"Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"
To deal with the army of "Worms" covering the world, the "Ice Barrier" unleashed one of their sealed ice dragons, whose chilling aura pushed the invaders back.
"X-Saber Urbellum""Mist Valley Falcon""Flamvell Fiend"
As for the non-"Ice Barrier" tribes: they dispatched powerful figures among their ranks to fight against the "Worms". They each displayed their power by making mincemeat of the gathered "Worm" forces, slicing them to pieces and burning them to ash.
"Worm Illidan"
The various assaults that rained down on the "Worms" became the external stimulus that caused them to evolve in various ways, which resulted in the emergence of new beings that had adapted to deal with the attacks they'd suffered.

The "Allies of Justice" Are Formed[edit]

As a result of the invasion, entire tribes began to die out, and the remaining tribes gathered and held a conference. They realized that they couldn't each oppose the invaders alone, and decided to join forces. Thus, the alliance, "Ally of Justice", was formed. It was headed by the four main tribes that had the most influence on the continent, and it began developing and producing Anti-"Worm" Weapons.

"Flamvell Uruquizas"
"General Grunard of the Ice Barrier"
"Ice Barrier"
"Commander Gottoms, Swordmaster"
"Mist Valley Executor"
"Mist Valley"

The Alliance of Justice[edit]

"Ally of Justice Rudra""Ally of Justice Unknown Crusher"
"Ally of Justice Thousand Arms""Ally of Justice Clausolas"
"Ally of Justice Catastor"
"Catastor" was built by a complete and perfect cooperation between the four tribes. It reaped major gains on the battlefield every time it was deployed.

The "Worms" and "Genex" Come Into Contact[edit]

Around this time, the "Ally of Justice" engineers confirmed the existence of the "Genex". Although their precise purpose was unknown, the "Genex" were observed to be silent creatures who seemed to have the ability to improve the environment around them. When they encountered the "Worms", they recognized them as outside invaders who polluted and destroyed the environment, so they began to eliminate them. Meanwhile, the "Allies" launched an investigation into the "Genex's" true nature...

"Genex Controller""Genex Undine"
"Hydro Genex"
"Controller" allows the other "Genex" to reveal their full power through its ability to combine its Central Control Core with them.

The "XX-Sabers" Are Formed[edit]

After many battles against the "Worms", the "X-Sabers" were injured. "Gottoms", their leader at the time, chose the next generation of swordsmen, the "XX-Sabers", and headed off to the battlefield once again.

"Worm Noble"
Every time the "Worms" fought, their surviving members kept evolving, and ultimately, individuals with high levels of intelligence appeared. They gathered as a group and started commanding the lower-level "Worms".
"X-Saber Pashuul"
The "X-Sabers" fought bitterly against the "Worms", who outnumbered them. "Pashuul" lost parts of his body in battle, but he replaced them with artificial limbs and returned to the battlefield despite his wounds.


The next generation of "X-Sabers", with "Gottoms" continuing to serve as leader. Using feedback from the various improvements to the "Ally of Justice", each of the members put on equipment with mechanical functions.

"XX-Saber Gottoms"
"XX-Saber Garsem""XX-Saber Faultroll""XX-Saber Ragigura"
"XX-Saber Fulhelmknight""XX-Saber Emmersblade""XX-Saber Hyunlei"
"XX-Saber Boggart Knight""XX-Saber Darksoul""XX-Saber Gardestrike"

The Worms Invade "Naturia Forest"[edit]

As the days passed, the conflict spread across the entire continent, and the intensity of the "Worm" attacks increased. Their slimy claws finally reached the peaceful "Naturia", who joined together to match the power of the invaders and protect their home.

"Naturia Forest"
"Naturia Vein""Naturia Beetle"
"Naturia Beast"
The "Naturia" tribe is fundamentally pacifist, but they could not overlook the "Worm" invasion that polluted their beautiful forest, so they confronted them bravely without a single member stepping back in fear.

"Ally of Justice Field Marshal" Wages a Fierce Battle[edit]

The warriors see a valiant figure towering over the battlefield, shining in their hopeful eyes: "Field Marshal". But it had been severely damaged on the way to the battlefield by a great number of "Worms", so it was deemed beyond repair, and was abandoned.

"Ally of Justice Field Marshall"
Since the existing technology of the "Allies of Justice" wasn't enough to create a control system for their large weapon, they captured "Genex Spare" and used it as their Central Control Core.
"Genex Spare""Final Gesture"

"Mist Valley" Withdraws from the "Allies of Justice"[edit]

The technicians of the "Allies of Justice" investigated the meteorite that came from the "Worm" home star system, and they discovered an unknown substance in it which they used to complete the "Ally Mind". Experimentally equipping it allowed the computing power of the "Allies of Justice" to rise by leaps and bounds.

"Ally Mind"
Although it couldn't be miniaturized with the technology available to the "Allies of Justice", it managed to increase weapon performance with its high Tuning ability.
"Ally of Justice Enemy Catcher"
The "Allies" began to mass-produce weapons for the purpose of capturing "Worms" rather than killing them.
"Mist Valley Thunder Lord""Fabled Raven"
"Mind Pollutant"
The "Mist Valley" tribe had small doubts about the Allies' policy of taking advantage of the voiceless "Genex", since they weren't enemies. These feelings were tiny at first, but the "Fabled" amplified them into a great distrust for the rest of the alliance. As a result, "Mist Valley" left the "Allies of Justice", all according to the schemes of the "Fabled".
"Ally of Justice Cosmic Gateway"
At the same time, the "Allies" began developing the "Cosmic Gateway", but the development was rough, as they were unable to get the machine to produce the proper output.

The "Fabled" Tribe Revives[edit]

Perhaps they were awakened by the mayhem on the surface, or perhaps by the Allies' dimensional interference experiments—either way, the "Fabled", who had been sleeping since time immemorial, awoke and led their minions to the surface world.

"Fabled Kushano""Fabled Lurrie""Fabled Grimro"
"Fabled Valkyrus"
The philosophy of the "Fabled" is, 'be faithful to your desires'. In accordance with that ideal, these evil gods refuse to aid the tribes, only bothering to interfere in the surface-dwellers' fights when it suits their own enjoyment.
"Genex Army""Windmill Genex"
The "Genex" began to repair themselves and optimize their designs toward a more combat-oriented style. Meanwhile, "Fabled Leviathan" appeared on the planet's surface...

The "Fabled" Descend Upon the "Jurrac"[edit]

The awakened "Fabled" appeared in the "Jurrac" nest's vicinity and attacked it. "Worm" invasions were relatively rare there, so the "Jurrac" were able to join forces and fight back.

"Fabled Miztoji""Fabled Krus""Fabled Soulkius"
"Fabled Leviathan"
The "Fabled" found the counterattack of the "Jurrac" to be stronger than they expected, and realized their prey was more formidable than they'd imagined, which made them smile with joy.

At this time, the engineers of the "Allies of Justice" started intervening in the evolution of the "Genex".

"Jurrac Giganoto"
The proud "Jurrac" clan refused to let themselves become the hunted, and they fought back together against the "Fabled" with everything they had. The flames that clothed their bodies became fires of unity with their comrades; and with them, they burned the "Fabled", who had become the hunters, to ash.
"Jurrac Monoloph""Jurrac Protops"

The "Genex" Evolve into the "R-Genex"[edit]

In order to make a new energy source for the "Allies of Justice", the AoJ engineers implanted the Real Fusion Reactor into certain "Genex" monsters, which evolved into "R-Genex".

"R-Genex Magma""R-Genex Overseer"
"R-Genex Turbo""R-Genex Crusher"

The Seal of "Gungnir" Is Broken[edit]

On top of the "Worms", the "Fabled" became a new enemy, turning the surface world into a pot of chaos. In order to stop the vast army of "Worms", who continued to march day and night, and to counter the threat of the elusive "Fabled", the "Ice Barrier" freed the second Ice Dragon.

The Second Ice Dragon's Seal Is Broken[edit]

"Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"
With its body freed from the seal, "Gungnir" began to dance across the battlefield as if trembling with joy. Its breath turned the invaders and wicked gods into immobile ice sculptures.

The "Dragunity" Appear from "Mist Valley"[edit]

After leaving the "Allies of Justice", the "Mist Valley" fought on their own. However, the strongest weapon in their arsenal was the lone "Mist Wurm", and when it was defeated, it seemed like their troops would be completely routed—and that was when the legendary dragon knights rode in to the rescue.

"Dragunity Javelin""Dragunity Primus Pilus"
"Dragunity Knight - Trident"
The "Dragunity", whose existence was partially considered a legend, are said to dwell in the "Dragon Ravine". They are a tribe that has handed down a method of unifying with their dragons, in body and soul, known as "Dragon Mastery". This allows them to become "Dragunity Knights" who ride through the air.

Final Battle with the "Worms"[edit]

As the "Worm" invasion became strangely and increasingly sporadic, the "Allies of Justice" began constructing their ultimate weapon in preparation for the final battle. At the same time, they wound down production of their other weapons, and focused instead on creating other tools.

"Ally of Justice Quarantine""Ally of Justice Cycle Reader"
The ultimate weapon was to be their ace in the hole, and as they constructed it, the "Allies of Justice" developed reconnaissance units mounted with monitoring equipment that was designed to predict where "Worms" would appear.
"Genex Controller"
When they completed the final weapon, they used "Genex Controller" as its Central Control Core.
"Worm Call"
As they'd anticipated, an ominous and terrifying "Worm" appeared that was incomparable with any that they had encountered up to that point.
"Worm Zero"
Space tore apart, and from it, despair emerged. "Zero" increased its power by absorbing its "Worm" kin, and then it created a new army. Everywhere it went was tainted and turned into dead earth.
"Ally of Justice Decisive Armor"
An enormous floating fortress, constructed to have the greatest firepower known to the planet, was lying in wait for the enemy's appearance. At the end of the fierce battle, in which the weapon and "Zero" attacked each other at the same time, the "Worms" were eradicated.

With the "Worms" defeated, there was a short-lived peace — and it was then that the full-scale invasion of the "Fabled" began.

"The Fabled" Appear[edit]

For a brief moment, the tribes cheered excitedly as the world was finally rid of the "Worms". But the "Fabled" had been watching the final battle from the sidelines; and now, accompanied by "The Fabled" beasts, they made their move to conquer the world's surface.

"The Fabled Chawa""The Fabled Ganashia"
"The Fabled Unicore"
The seemingly endless conflicts that ravaged the surface world gradually wore down the boundary between it and the "Fabled" Realm, eventually causing that boundary to disappear completely. "The Fabled", serving as the "Fabled" Army's vanguard, began pouring quietly out of the "Fabled" Realm and threatening the tribes with their paranormal powers.

The "Genex Allies" Are Created[edit]

With the "Fabled" as their enemies, the "Ally of Justice" Weapon Series was no longer good enough, so their engineers began a military-focused conversion project on the "Genex": a new version of their ongoing "Genex" Weaponization Plan. For the sake of their plans, the "Allies" asked "Mist Valley" to cooperate with them once again. "Mist Valley" agreed and sent its engineers, and the plan succeeded and resulted in the creation of the "Genex Allies".

"Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator"
They took their old "Ally of Justice" machines...
"Spare Genex"
They repaired the "Genex" and installed them as Central Control Cores...
"R-Genex Oracle"
They equipped the "R-Genex" with new power reactors...
"Genex Ally Remote"
Thus, the "Genex Ally" series was created.

Each Tribe's "Genex Ally"[edit]

The engineers of the "Ally of Justice" tribes advanced their own designs based on some basic specifications, resulting in "Genex Allies" that reflected each of their strengths. Moreover, they offered each other the technology they developed in the process, and ended up pushing forward in pursuit of joint development.

"Genex Ally Reliever"
"XX-Saber" model
"Genex Ally Bellflame"
"Flamvell" model
"Genex Ally Birdman"
"Mist Valley" model
"Genex Ally Solid"
"Ice Barrier" model

"Ice Barrier" and "Mist Valley" Joint Development[edit]

"Genex Ally Triarm"
A "Genex Ally" developed by the "Ice Barrier" and "Mist Valley". It possesses a power reactor based on the "R-Genex" that's both compact and high powered.

"Flamvell" and "XX-Saber" Joint Development[edit]

"Genex Ally Triforce"
A "Genex Ally" developed soon after "Triarm", by the joint efforts of the "XX-Sabers" and the "Flamvell". The weapon equipped on its right arm can rotate, allowing it to adjust to situations on the fly.

The "Allies" sent "Triarm" and "Triforce" to the front lines, one after the other.

Jurrac Impact[edit]

The "Fabled" assault against the "Jurrac" reached its peak. With each passing day, the "Jurrac" lost more and more energy, and the number of flames was reduced to half of what it was before the "Fabled" made their surprise attack. If things kept going that way, they would have been destroyed, so the "Jurrac" made one final counterattack.

"Fabled Raven""The Fabled Nozoochee"
"The Fabled Peggulsus""Fabled Urustos"
"Jurrac Stauriko""Jurrac Monoloph"
The remaining "Jurrac" clustered and transformed their bodies into a giant blazing meteor that fell on their own nest. The fire and impact turned the entire area, as far as the eye could see, into a sea of flames. The "Fabled" were reduced to ashes along with the nest, and from the fire-scorched remains, the "Neo Flamvell" were born.
"Jurrac Meteor""Jurrac Impact"
The "Fabled" in the Jurrac nest who weren't obliterated by the impact started to flee, every man for himself.
"Neo Flamvell Origin"
"Neo Flamvell Shaman""Neo Flamvell Hedgehog"
The hearts of the "Jurrac" who lost their bodies became a part of the flames themselves, reincarnating as "Neo Flamvell".
"Ancient Flamvell Deity"
The fire tribe's thoughts awakened an ancient deity of fire and flames which existed in a mythical age. "Ancient Flamvell Deity", who had slept for eons, responded to the fire tribe's wishes and used its power to immolate the "Fabled" left in the "Jurrac" nest until not even ashes were left.

The Seal of "Trishula" Is Undone[edit]

Many of the "Fabled" were wiped out, but the remaining groups only intensified their attacks across the world. The seemingly endless conflict laid waste to the surface world and pushed its people into impoverishment and exhaustion. Having been driven to such a point, one faction among the "Ice Barrier" proposed releasing the third Ice Dragon. The "Ice Barrier" tribe was internally divided over the matter, but they ultimately unleashed the dragon.

"Geomancer of the Ice Barrier""Dai-Sojo of the Ice Barrier""Medium of the Ice Barrier"
Powerful individuals among the "Ice Barrier" gathered, and carefully shattered the seal one piece at a time. The rituals and procedures continued, day and night over a month, until the entire seal was broken.

The Third Ice Dragon's Seal Is Broken[edit]

"Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"
The power of "Trishula" was terrifying and dreadful, and it destroyed all the "Fabled" on the planet. However, the "Ice Barrier" lost control of the beast, and it went into a furious rage—and the other dragons, as if in response, rampaged with it.
"Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier""Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"
"General Raiho of the Ice Barrier""General Gantala of the Ice Barrier""General Grunard of the Ice Barrier"
"Mirror of the Ice Barrier""Magic Triangle of the Ice Barrier"
They took every possible measure to reseal the dragons.
"Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier"
In the unlikely event that the Ice Dragons went on a rampage, "Dewloren" was to serve as a safety device, but the Tiger King's power didn't match that of the three rampaging Ice Dragons, and it couldn't stop the madness and frenzy.

DUEL TERMINAL WORLD HISTORY - AGE 1.5: The Corruption of "Noellia" to the Formation of the "Gishki"[edit]

Two Mages of the "Ice Barrier": "Noellia" and "Natalia"[edit]

During the "Ice Barrier" tribe's dispute over whether or not to release the Ice Dragons, two mages and childhood friends considered alternative options. There was "Natalia", whose family sided with releasing the dragons, and "Noellia", whose family opposed releasing the dragons. Both of them sought to find something else to use in place of "Trishula".

"Mirror of the Ice Barrier"
The two had their eyes on demons called "Steelswarm", which had been sealed since ancient times, as a means to defeat the "Fabled". They attempted a Demon-Summoning Technique derived from mystical arts handed down to members of the "Ice Barrier" through the generations.
"Steelswarm Hercules"
Their plan was to summon the demons and enslave them.

"Natalia" Dies and "Noellia" Is Corrupted[edit]

The Summoning Ritual failed, as the two were unable to control the unexpected might of the "Steelswarm", and "Natalia" lost her life.

"Trial and Tribulation"
The failure of the Ritual cost "Noellia" her best friend and contaminated her mind with the thoughts of the "Steelswarm".
"Gishki Natalia"
A mage who was the childhood friend of "Noellia" and the mother of "Gishki Avance". The regret of dying and leaving behind her young son caused her thoughts and spirit to remain in the living world.

"Sacred Spirit of the Ice Barrier" Simultaneously Seals All Three of the Dragons[edit]

As the three dragons began to rampage out of control, the spectral entity, "Sacred Spirit", which had been watching over the "Ice Barrier" for generations, used a Sealing Technique at the cost of his being, and successfully sealed all three dragons at the same time.

"Sacred Spirit of the Ice Barrier""Void Trap Hole"
"Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier""Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier""Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"

The Founding of the "Ice Barrier" and the Past of the "Prior" Who Sealed the Three Dragons[edit]

Long ago, the three dragons who ran rampant among the snowy mountains were sealed with a special method involving the "Mirror of the Ice Barrier". The "Prior" founded the "Ice Barrier" then, and his soul transcended to become the "Sacred Spirit".

"Mirror of the Ice Barrier""Sacred Spirit of the Ice Barrier""Prior of the Ice Barrier"

After the War, "Noellia" Adopts Several Orphans.[edit]

At the end of the war against the "Fabled", "Noellia" adopted several of the children of her "Ice Barrier" comrades who died in the war. Among them was "Avance", the son of "Natalia".

"After the Storm"
After ensuring the safety of several children from the "Gusto" clan, "Noellia" sent them home to the clan's village.

"Noellia" Founds the Society of Forbidden Arts[edit]

"Noellia", who was being slowly corrupted by the thoughts and feelings of the "Steelswarm", changed into a completely different person, and began research into theretofore forbidden rituals. Once she completed her research, she began to educate the children she'd adopted, as practitioners of the method. She broke off from the "Ice Barrier", taking with her their sacred artifact, the "Mirror of the Ice Barrier". Thus began the Society of Forbidden Arts, "Gishki".

"Gishki Avance""Gishki Emilia"
"Gishki Noellia"
"Gishki Aquamirror"
After "Noellia" finished modifying the "Mirror of the Ice Barrier", it became an artifact for controlling all sorts of rituals.

DUEL TERMINAL WORLD HISTORY - AGE 2.0: The "Laval" Invasion of "Gem-Knight" Territory to the Repulsion of "Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth"[edit]

The "Laval" Invade the "Gem-Knights'" Territory[edit]

The war-like "Laval" decided to invade the neighboring "Gem-Knight" tribe to entertain themselves. The mild-mannered and preachy "Gem-Knights" didn't launch a counterattack, but they did rise up against the repeated provocations in order to protect their comrades.

"Laval Judgment Lord"
Crowned with the title of "Lord", he is the first-class warrior who united the combat-oriented "Laval" tribe. By his orders and directions, many of the vigorous, energetic, and reckless members of the "Laval" are able to fight in an organized fashion.
"Gem-Knight Aquamarine"
A warrior with an Aquamarine Core, who boasts outstanding defensive might among the "Gem-Knights". He blocks the almost-daily attacks that the "Laval" army launches, giving his allies time to prepare for battle.

Meanwhile, "Noellia" began attempting to break the seal on the "Steelswarm"...

The "Vylon" Intervene in Conflicts Across the Planet[edit]

As the "Lavals" and "Gem-Knights" battled, mechanical angels - "Vylon" - descended from the heavens to intervene and force an armistice. They then began to intervene aggressively in other battles all across the planet's surface. In response to the attacks of the "Vylon", the "Lavals" and "Gem-Knights" agreed to a temporary truce.

"Vylon Cube""Vylon Soldier"
"Vylon Sigma"
Mechanical angels that serve as arbiters who observe the surface from the sky above. In ancient times, the fiends called the "Steelswarm" had pushed the surface to the brink of extinction, so the "Vylon" sealed them deep within the earth.

In the Ancient Past, the Mobile Weapon System "Vylon" Was Mass-produced to Oppose the "Steelswarm"[edit]

During their battle against the "Steelswarm", the "Constellars" developed entities known as "Vylon" whose bodies were meant to be impervious to corruption by the thoughts and feelings of the "Steelswarm". After the "Steelswarm" were sealed, the "Vylon" continued to observe the planet's surface, and they sensed traces of "Steelswarm" activity deep within "Noellia". In order to search for the source, they descended from on high.

"Constellar Omega""Vylon Epsilon"
"Steelswarm Hercules"
The Anti-"Steelswarm" Weapons known as the "Vylon" have the ability to sense traces of evil in others. In order to discover those corrupted by the thoughts of the "Steelswarm" deep inside them, they intervened on the battlefields of many wars and conflicts, where many were generating negative emotions. They then analyzed the data they'd gathered.

The "Gishki" Invade the Great "Mist Valley" Marshlands Where the "Gusto" Live[edit]

The emerging power, "Gishki", led by "Noellia", decided to try and seize the abundant resources that lay unexploited in the Great "Mist Valley" Marshlands. Thus, they began an invasion to defeat the tribe that protected the Great Marshlands: the "Gusto".

"Evigishki Mind Augus"
The "Gishki" used Forbidden Magic to transform their bodies into monsters in order to battle. "Ariel", who was orphaned, was adopted by "Noellia", and grew up to be a excellent mage due to her special training and education.
"Daigusto Eguls"
Among the "Gusto" tribe's fighting styles was their method of man and bird fighting together as one. The tribe, who had once helped "Noellia", was confused by her sudden actions, but they decided to fight back against the "Gishki" in order to protect the Great Marshlands.

The True Purpose Behind the Invasion[edit]

The invasion was ostensibly launched so the "Gishki" could obtain natural resources from the Great Marshlands that would help stabilize its influence as a major player. However, the real goal of "Noellia" from the beginning for attacking the "Gusto" was to obtain the power of "God". Moreover, the "Steelswarm" thoughts infecting her mind guided her subconsciously to begin the invasion.

The Ruins That Stand Before the Great "Mist Valley" Marshlands[edit]

"Shrine of Mist Valley"
The shrine that stands before the Great Marshlands. "God", said to be sleeping in this land, is worshiped and enshrined here by the "Gusto".

"Noellia" Finishes Breaking the "Steelswarm" Seal[edit]

There was another reason behind the invasion of the Great "Mist Valley" Marshlands - a hidden side. "Noellia" was secretly searching for the "Steelswarm", who she considered her comrades, knowing that they were sealed near the Great Marshlands. She planned to use her allies to break the seal.

The Absolute Predators Swarm Out onto the Planet's Surface[edit]

The "Steelswarm" were freed from the seal of the "Vylon" and let loose upon the planet's surface. Their ravenous hunger caused them to immediately label every living thing in the Marshlands as food, and the predators began to eat their fill by feasting on their "Gishki" allies who had survived the invasion and broken the seal. As the "Steelswarm" rampaged, many more fell prey to them and were slain.

"Steelswarm Caucastag"
"Steelswarm Cell""Steelswarm Girastag""Steelswarm Moth"
"Steelswarm Caller""Steelswarm Scout""Steelswarm Gatekeeper"

"Emilia" Dies in a Failed "Gishki" Experiment[edit]

The "Steelswarm" inside of "Noellia" awakened when she delved deeper into the forbidden arts for a way to revive her friend. During an experiment, the daughter of "Noellia", "Emilia", lost her life in an accident.

"Aquamirror Illusion"
By forcibly separating the target's soul from its body, the practitioner can alter the soul. This ritual method twists and changes the corpse, but leaves it behind to be sacrificed, allowing one to get two entities' worth of fighting strength for the cost of one sacrifice.
"Gishki Emilia"
"Noellia" controlled and enslaved her astral body, rendering her soul unable to return to her flesh-and-blood body.

The Great "Steelswarm" War Begins[edit]

Having been caught off guard by the revived "Steelswarm", the "Vylon" captured some of them and reported their findings to the "Constellar". They then sent out the strongest machine angel, "Vylon Omega", and began supporting the main forces of each major tribe in order to buy time for "Omega" to gather enough energy.

"Vylon Omega"

The Main Forces of Each Tribe Work with the "Vylon"[edit]

The "Vylon", who modified themselves to serve as equipment, equipped themselves to the main forces of each tribe. This increased their fighting power while also serving to protect them from being corrupted by the "Steelswarm".

"Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto""Vylon Sphere""Daigusto Sphreez"
"Gem-Knight Crystal""Vylon Prism""Gem-Knight Prismaura"
"Gishki Noellia""Vylon Tetra""Evigishki Tetrogre"
"Laval Cannon""Vylon Stella""Laval Stennon"

During the battle against the "Steelswarm", "Noellia" suffered serious wounds and, nearly dead, she retreated from the front lines. Finally, "Omega" gathered enough energy and was able to cut down the vast hordes of "Steelswarm" covering the planet's surface, in a single, decisive strike of divine judgement. The "Steelswarm" were utterly defeated.

The Thoughts of the Steelswarm Corrupt the "Vylon"[edit]

"Noellia", who was on the side of the "Steelswarm", had feigned her true motivations by siding with the "Vylon" camp, but she'd also desired to corrupt the "Vylon" by assimilating with their hivemind. Her scheme succeeded, and she managed to transmit the thoughts of the "Steelswarm" among the "Vylon".

"Vylon Tetra"
"Noellia" had equipped herself with "Vylon Tetra" by changing into "Tetrogre" through a Ritual, and she'd slowly corrupted him since then. The connected consciousness of the "Vylon" then allowed for every member to be infected.
"Vylon Hept""Vylon Vanguard"
They received transmissions from "Tetra".

The Vylon Go on a Rampage, and the Anti-"Vylon" Alliance Forms[edit]

After all of the "Vylon" were corrupted, they went on a rampage. Guided by the machine-like purpose of making the entire surface world equal and uniform, they attacked every tribe. In response, four tribes on the surface rallied together and formed an alliance, and a new fight began, to repel the "Vylon".

"Vylon Stigma""Vylon Pentachloro""Vylon Tesseract"
Combine to become...
"Vylon Disigma"

"Steelswarm Roach" is born from power of a piece of a corrupted "Vylon"[edit]

A piece of a "Vylon" that was destroyed during a fight with the Anti-"Vylon" Alliance came into contact with a "Steelswarm" that had secretly survived. The two powers of light and darkness dwelling inside the fragment brought about a sudden evolution in the creature that touched it, giving rise to the new entity, "Steelswarm Roach".

"Advance Zone"
Most entities that touched the fragment would be killed by an intense reaction to the combination of the good and evil forces it contained. But those who could endure the intense symptoms would be able to dramatically evolve, and in that way, "Steelswarm Sentinel" mutated into "Steelswarm Roach".
"Steelswarm Sentinel""Steelswarm Roach"

Without "Noellia", the "Gishki" Halt Their Activities[edit]

After "Noellia" was nearly-fatally wounded, and left the front lines of the war against the "Steelswarm", the "Gishki" had no one to lead their invasion, so they paused it and joined forces with the other remaining tribes during the war with the "Vylon".

"Gishki Avance""Gishki Vanity""Gishki Shadow"
The "Gishki" was an organization formed and led by "Noellia", and it acted according to her will, so her absence meant the immediate cessation of its activities. Those among the society who remained together also kept fighting together in the great "Steelswarm" war, side-by-side with the other tribes.

The Four Tribes Oppose "Disigma" with New Powers[edit]

Against the continued rampage of the "Vylon", the four tribes awakened a new power called "Xyz" in order to oppose them. But "Disigma" analyzed and absorbed their negative emotions, allowing it to absorb many warriors in turn.

"Evigishki Merrowgeist""Lavalval Ignis""Daigusto Phoenix"
"Evigishki Gustkraken""Lavalval Dragun""Daigusto Falcos"

Six warriors were absorbed by "Disigma". "Merrowgeist" was an Xyz of the soul of "Gishki Emilia" and "Musto". "Gustkraken" was the flesh-and-blood body of "Emilia", sacrificed for a ritual art that created a monster. "Falcos", who was handled by "Kamui", let himself be absorbed in order to save "Kamui".

"Gem-Knight Pearl" Manages to Defeat "Disigma"[edit]

As one ally after another was absorbed, "Pearl", a warrior associated with the "Gem-Knights" who had no negative emotions, was able to bypass the "Vylon" and their sensors, and inflicted fatal damage to "Disigma".

"Oni-Gami Combo"
An attack used by "Pearl", a warrior who chiefly belongs to the peaceful "Gem-Knight" tribe, that draws out all of his power. His attack's continuous, surging waves caused "Disigma" to stop functioning before Pearl reached it, and it's said that everyone who saw this sight was reminded of a fearsome deity.

Thus, all of the "Vylon" were defeated.

"Noellia" Returns[edit]

The thoughts of the "Steelswarm" had spread from "Noellia" and caused "Disigma" to run out of control, but after its defeat, and with "Noellia" on the verge of death, they returned to her. As a result, the "Steelswarm" inside of her awakened, causing her body to rapidly recover.

"Creeping Darkness"
The thoughts of the "Steelswarm" had nowhere else to go when "Disigma" was destroyed, so they returned to "Noellia".

The "Gishki" Use Forbidden Magic to Absorb the "Laval"[edit]

Upon the return of "Noellia", the "Gishki" shifted back to their path of invasion. Their first step was to approach the "Laval" in a ploy to join forces, but their true intention was to replenish their fighting strength by absorbing them as sacrifices.

"Lavalval Chain"
The form of "Gishki Chain", after it gained forbidden power by sacrificing the "Laval". The fighting strength of the "Gishki" increased beyond its previous limits as they sacrificed and absorbed basically every "Laval".
"Laval Phlogis"
It seemed the tribe known as the "Laval" had been extinguished, but a lone member, "Phlogis", emerged from far up in the volcanic mountain where he had been lumberjacking.

The "Gishki" Restart Their Invasion of the Lands of the "Gusto"[edit]

At this point, the mind of "Noellia" was severely corrupted. She showed for the first time that she would use any possible means, no matter how barbaric, to achieve her goals. She restarted her invasion of the "Gusto" by unleashing a deadly poison on the mighty wind that flowed from the "Mist Valley" to the Marshlands. The wind massacred most of the "Gusto" as it spread over the entire Marshlands.

"Poisonous Winds"
The "Poisonous Winds" blew across the vast wetlands, causing even the "Gusto" village to be shrouded in the deadly poison which attacked a being's entire body. "Caam", on the verge of death, lost the strength to stand. Did her prayer reach "God"...?
"Shrine of Mist Valley"
As the "Poisonous Winds" raged across the vast Marshlands, "Winda" headed to the "Shrine of Mist Valley" and offered up prayers, begging to be rescued.
"Windaar, Sage of Gusto""Dust Storm of Gusto"
"Winda's" father, "Windaar", makes a charge against the "Gishki" forces and manages to temporarily stop the spread of the deadly poison.

The "Gem-Knights" Rush to Aid and Rescue the "Gusto"[edit]

The "Gem-Knights" knew of the crisis of the "Gusto", and they rushed to save them, for they were peoples with the same desire for peace. "Daigusto Emeral", a new warrior born from Fusion, managed to blow away the "Poisonous Winds" with their power.

"Gem-Knight Emerald""Daigusto Emeral"
"Daigusto Emeral" is a warrior who came about when "Gem-Knight Emerald" fused with a "Gusto". Not only can they control the weather and create winds, but they can even change the atmospheric makeup to a limited degree. They have huge, heavy knuckles attached to both of their arms that boast extreme hardness, and are capable of crushing all obstacles in their path.

"Gem-Knight Zirconia" Is Born[edit]

In the face of the barbarity of the "Gishki", the mild "Gem-Knights" finally felt fury. The veteran warrior "Crystal" tried to optimize his Fusion ability, ascending to the form, "Zirconia", which represented his power's limits.

"Gem-Knight Zirconia"
His limitless optimization transformed him into a being with no special power, as he sought pure and absolute combat strength.
"Gem-Knight Crystal""Fragment Fusion"

The "Evilswarm" Awaken[edit]

As even the gentle "Gem-Knights" became controlled by hate, the surface world was filled with toxic emotions. As a result, the entity known as "Evilswarm", the embodiment of wicked thoughts, awakened.

"Infestation Infection"
The wicked mental entity, "Evilswarm", awoke from the corpse the "Steelswarm". It possessed the bodies of those who had died in the Great Marshlands during the last Great War, and began to use them to attack the living.
"Infestation Pandemic"
The "Evilswarm" even began to infect the three Ice Dragons that were sealed by the "Sacred Spirit" in the past. It wouldn't be long until the day came when they were corrupted enough to start to move.

The "Evilswarm" Continues to Awaken and Expand Its Corruption[edit]

After "Evilswarm" awoke, it possessed and animated the corpses and wreckage littered throughout the Great Marshlands. The dead began to attack the living, and those who were attacked became "Evilswarm" themselves, causing the corruption to spread even further.

"Mist Valley Apex Avian""Evilswarm Thunderbird"
"Ally of Justice Catastor""Evilswarm Golem"
"Locomotion R-Genex""Evilswarm Coppelia"

Soon, the "Evilswarm" phenomenon expanded to infecting the living as well. The three dragons of the "Ice Barrier" became completely infected by the "Evilswarm" plague.

The "Steelswarm" Were the Hosts of the Psychic Organism, "Evilswarm"[edit]

The "Steelswarm" were creatures that were compatible with "Evilswarm"-ization and hosting the "Evilswarm" inside their bodies. But did the creatures that became their hosts come from another world, or did they use to be a species that existed on the surface? The truth is unknown.

"Infestation Infection"
The mind of the "Evilswarm" influences whatever host organism it takes.
"Steelswarm Hercules""Steelswarm Longhorn""Steelswarm Caucastag"
Higher-grade "Steelswarm"
They were the first to adapt to "Evilswarm"-ification by having the evil thoughts dwell inside their bodies. Alongside their absolute malice, they possessed an incredibly high intellect, and the power to transmit the "Evilswarm" into the corpses and wreckage of their "prey".
"Steelswarm Cell""Steelswarm Genome""Steelswarm Sentinel"
Lower-grade "Steelswarm"
They were the corpses of the higher-grade "Steelswarm's" prey in ancient times, that were since possessed by the "Evilswarm". Their intellect was quite inferior to that of the higher grade.

The "Constellar" Finally Arrive[edit]

The rapid spread of the corruption of the awakened "Evilswarm" threw the surface world into a period of confusion. It was at this point that the "Constellar", knights of salvation mentioned in myth and lore, descended onto the world. They launched an all-out assault against the "Evilswarm" in order to shatter the continually-growing chain of evil thoughts.

"Constellar Pleiades"
A high-ranking member of the starlight knights, the "Constellars". Its fighting strength is greater than that of the other "Constellars", and it's said that the other warriors can lend support attacks while it fights at the front of the battlefield.

They Had Received the Reports of the "Vylon" on the Revival of the "Evilswarm"[edit]

"Vylon Alpha"
The "Vylon" had been developed to oppose the "Steelswarm" and observe the surface. The "Constellars" had received their notice that the "Steelswarm" had revived, so they'd sallied forth to exterminate the "Steelswarm".

"Noellia" Breaks the Seal on the Three Dragons of the "Ice Barrier"[edit]

Faced with the deadlock between the wildly rampaging "Evilswarm" and the advent of the "Constellar", "Noellia" attempted to break the seal on the three dragons. However, as the dragons had already been already corrupted by the "Evilswarm", they revived as the most sinister and evil beings.

"Evilswarm Ouroboros""Evilswarm Bahamut""Evilswarm Ophion"

"Noellia" Performs Forbidden Magic Using "Steelswarm" Corpses[edit]

"Noellia" once again attempted to use the spell that had taken her best friend's life, and succeeded in performing a Ritual using the corpses of the "Steelswarm" - but her body and mind were corrupted into rampaging alongside the "Steelswarm".

"Gishki Psychelone"
Because of the "Steelswarm" crest on the surface of the "Aquamirror" she holds, it can be surmised that she's been completely corrupted by the "Steelswarm" in body and soul.

The "Gishki" Resurrect the Corrupted "Steelswarm Hercules"[edit]

"Noellia", along with other members of the "Gishki", continued to perform forbidden magic - this time using the corpse of "Hercules" - but those incapable of resisting its intense evil thoughts were instantly corrupted, and this became the form in which "Hercules" revived.

"Gishki Zielgigas"
"Steelswarm Hercules" corrupted the conjurers who performed the ritual. In order to achieve a complete resurrection, he began smashing the "Aquamirrors" that could undo the ritual.

"Avance" Fails His Attempted Resurrection Ritual[edit]

"Avance" desired above all else to revive "Emilia", who had been completely erased when her body and soul were absorbed by "Disigma". Using a "Photomirror" ritual art that he'd discovered in an ancient document, he attempted to resurrect the soul of "Emilia", but his intense feelings for her caused the ritual to backfire and fail.

"Gishki Photomirror"
A mirror that performs Rituals by sacrificing the user's soul. "Avance" intended to sacrifice his own soul.

"Avance" Transforms Into "Levianima"[edit]

The unstable mental state of "Avance" during the ritual caused the power of the "Photomirror" to rebound on him. He absorbed the soul of "Emilia", which had revived in an incomplete form, and this caused him to undergo a complete change into the uncontrollable monster, "Levianima". He lost his sense of self and began rampaging.

"Evigishki Levianima"
"Avance" transformed into a monster: a form of his being that the "Photomirror" drew out from inside his soul.

Older Brother of "Pollux", "Castor", Kamikaze-Attacks "Psychelone", and Dies[edit]

"Constellar Castor" attacked "Psychelone" who was indiscriminately attacking everyone in a blind rampage. While he managed to free "Noellia" from the will of the "Steelswarm", "Castor" lost his life in the process.

"Constellar Meteor"

"Evilswarm Castor" Is Born[edit]

The "Evilswarm" didn't fail to notice the fact that "Castor" had lost his life in a suicide attack. They began to immediately corrupt his corpse, creating "Evilswarm Castor", who wielded the powers of both light and darkness.

"Evilswarm Castor"
His swordsmanship and ability didn't change in the slightest with his possession, and they greatly contributed to the expansion and influence of the "Evilswarm".

"Noellia" Completes the "Photomirror" Ritual Using the Art of the "Cycle"[edit]

"Noellia", who had recovered her senses, regretted the crimes she had committed, and released the rampaging "Avance" from his spell. Then, she decided to revive "Emilia" using her own soul as a sacrifice for the "Aquamirror Cycle".

"Aquamirror Cycle"
By combining the magics of the "Photomirror" and "Aquamirror", they attempted to completely revive "Emilia" in body and soul.

The End of "Zielgigas", and the Inherited "Aquamirror"[edit]

In front of "Noellia", who had sacrificed nearly all of her life force, appeared "Zielgigas". He had been drawn by the power of the ritual. She defeated him using her remaining life energy, and entrusted her two children, from birth and adoption, with the "Aquamirror", before drawing her last breath.

"Spell Wall"
In order to protect "Emilia" and "Avance", "Noellia" used the last of her remaining power to destroy "Zielgigas".

The "Gem-Knights" Rush to the Sides of the Outnumbered "Constellars"[edit]

The transformation of "Castor" into an "Evilswarm", alongside the infection of the three dragons, pushed the "Constellar" into a crisis. In that state, they united with the "Gem-Knights", who shared their sense of justice. A new soldier, "Seraphinite", was born from the fusion of "Virgo" and the warrior who controlled the power of the heavens, "Lazuli".

"Gem-Knight Lazuli""Constellar Virgo"
"Gem-Knight Seraphinite"
A soldier born from the fusion of a "Gem-Knight" and a "Constellar". She possessed a core that symbolized "spreading friendship", and she used that power to help rebuild the "Constellar" forces.

"Constellar Pollux" Strikes Down "Evilswarm Castor", Who Slays "Pollux" in Turn[edit]

"Castor" was the elder brother, and "Pollux" the younger. They had taken down many enemies together throughout their lives, using their synchronized team attack; but after being corrupted by the "Evilswarm", the elder brother turned his blade on his younger brother. The two of them struck each other simultaneously and with equal power, and the "Evilswarm" tried to use this unique opportunity to corrupt "Pollux" as well.

"Constellar Pollux""Evilswarm Castor"
The Gemini brothers. "Pollux", one of the two "Constellar" who govern the constellation Gemini, confronted his older brother "Castor", who had been turned into one of the "Evilswarm".

"Gem-Knight Seraphinite" and "Constellar Rasalhague" Successfully Revive "Pollux" and "Castor"[edit]

The "Gem-Knight" touched the souls of the two valiant heroes, trying to revive them before they were completely corrupted by the "Evilswarm" - and with help from "Constellar Rasalhague", "Seraphinite" had her power amplified, and the revival succeeded.

"Constellar Star Cradle"
By the powers of "Constellar Rasalhague" and "Gem-Knight Seraphinite", the "Constellars" and "Gem-Knights" managed to revive the two warriors.
"Constellar Rasalhague"
The "Constellar" of Ophiuchus. He provides logistical support, and wields a staff that controls healing and resurrection. He appears to have a somewhat different mission from the "Constellar" of the other 12 constellations.

"Constellar Ptolmey M7" Is Born[edit]

The "Constellar", witnessing the power of Fusion of the "Gem-Knights", became aware of the power hidden deep within themselves - to unite their stars - and unleashed it. Seven chosen "Constellars" became the divine dragon of legend, and faced off against the "Evilswarm" in the final, decisive battle.

"Constellar Acubens""Constellar Leonis""Constellar Alrescha"
"Constellar Ptolemy M7"
A divine dragon who was a fusion of 7 beings: "Acubens", "Leonis", "Alrescha", "Aldebaran", "Virgo", "Algiedi", and "Antares" as the core. With its support and its incredible power, the "Constellar" returned to the front lines and began to turn the tide of the battle they'd been losing.
"Constellar Aldebaran""Constellar Virgo""Constellar Algiedi""Constellar Antares"
"Constellar Belt"
"Ptolemy M7" could split into two dragons, creating a belt of light that granted power only to the living.

"Gem-Knight Master Diamond" Is Born[edit]

Before the ultimate, decisive battle with the "Evilswarm", the power of the 7 "Constellar" who became "Ptolemy" resonated with the power of the 7 cores that had gathered as the cores of "Zirconia". Thus, the strongest warrior, "Gem-Knight Master Diamond", was born.

"Gem-Knight Zirconia""Gem-Knight Master Diamond"
"Zirconia" concentrated the power of the higher-level "Gem-Knights" into "Master Diamond": the strongest warrior. He carried a great sword containing the powers of seven cores which housed the crystallized power of repeated and optimized fusions.

The Ultimate, Decisive Battle between "Constellar Ptolemy M7" and "Evilswarm Ouroboros"[edit]

In the skies above the "Mist Valley" Marshlands, the strongest trump card of the "Constellar" and the most diabolic dragon of the "Evilswarm" began their battle with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Many neighboring areas were decimated from the impacts of the fierce battle. And all the while, the "Divine Wind of Mist Valley", which had been witnessed many times in the past, began to form around the two dragons.

"Infestation Terminus"
"Xyz Soul"
During the battle, "Gem-Knight Pearl" gave up his life protecting "Ptolemy M7".

As "M7" fought the dark dragon, the "Gem-Knights" swept away the vast majority of the low-level "Evilswarm".

The Overflowing "Divine Wind"[edit]

The "Divine Wind" flowed out from the "Mist Valley" Marshlands and filled the surrounding regions that had become the battlefield. It breezed gently over the Marshlands, and seemed to be attracted to the "Shrine of Mist Valley".

"Divine Wind of Mist Valley"
An unidentified phenomenon witnessed all across the planet. It always seemed to occur in places that were devastated by war, and was thus said to be the sigh of the Divine, grieving over those conflicts.

The "Divine Wind" Begins to Gather at the "Shrine"[edit]

The "Divine Wind" began to swirl at the center at the "Shrine of Mist Valley", drawn to the center of its altar where a deity was enshrined in a great stone. The "God" there, disappointed by this world that was drowning in war, decided to purify the surface world.

"Shrine of Mist Valley"
The center of the raging winds.

"Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth" Revives[edit]

The altar was destroyed, and from it appeared the giant "Goddess of Rebirth". Unwilling to let the desolation of the surface world continue, she decided to annihilate every living thing on the planet in order to purify it.

"Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth"
"Sophia", the goddess who created many of the lifeforms on the planet. Major symbols and designs from each tribe can be seen on her body. The only part of her body visible at the "Shrine of Mist Valley" is her head.

The world is pushed to the edge of extinction by "Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth"[edit]

In her hands, she held two crystallized embodiments of power which could destroy every living thing in the world and create a new one. The tribe members who stood before her on the front lines were obliterated by her overwhelming power, and it seemed like it was only a matter of time before the entire world was annihilated.

DT Creation Orb.png
The Power of Creation of "Sophia"
From the crystallized power of Creation in her left hand, she created an endless horde of soldiers, her 'children', which surged with overwhelming numbers. Their forms were similar to those of the existing surface tribes.
DT Destruction Orb.png
The Power of Destruction of "Sophia"
The crystallized power of Destruction in her right hand emitted a light that erased every living thing it touched, instantly and all at once. It went beyond physical destruction: it broke down a being's very existence to create new life.

"Lazuli" and "Virgo" Inherit the Fusion Power of "Gem-Knight Master Diamond"[edit]

The damage to the core of "Diamond" began to exceed sustainable limits, and it became impossible for him to continue fighting. Knowing this, he entrusted his power of Fusion to "Lazuli" and "Virgo". The two of them attempted to use that power to fuse with all of the "Constellar".

The longsword of "Gem-Knight Master Diamond"
A longsword that held the "Gem-Knight" power of Fusion, and which had been constantly optimized through their countless battles. "Lazuli" inherited this sword and used it as the core of her ultimate fusion with 12 of the "Constellars".

"Lazuli" and the 12 "Constellar"[edit]

"Lazuli" fused with the 12 "Constellar" of the Zodiac. "Rasalhague", the warrior of Ophiuchus, had other intentions so he exempted himself from the Fusion.

"Constellar Zubeneschamali""Constellar Virgo""Constellar Leonis"
"Constellar Acubens""Constellar Antares""Constellar Pollux"
"Gem-Knight Lazuli"
"Constellar Kaus""Constellar Aldebaran""Constellar Algiedi"
"Constellar Siat""Constellar Alrescha""Constellar Sheratan"

The Power of Creation is Drawn in by the Power of Fusion[edit]

Unable to resist the incredible Fusion energy that came of fusing 13 beings, the crystal that contained the power of Creation of "Sophia" was dragged and incorporated into the fusion, creating the ultimate warrior who not only had the power of the stars, but the power of a God.

DT Creation Orb.png
The power of Creation of "Sophia"

"Constellar Sombre" Is Born[edit]

The warrior of hope, "Constellar Sombre", wielded power equal to that of a god. In order to save the surface world from doomsday, she faced "Sophia" in the ultimate, decisive battle.

"Constellar Sombre"
She possessed the weapons of all of the "Constellar", and in her right hand she held the longsword she got from "Diamond". It was the symbol of the power of Fusion, but it was changed into a single-handed sword. The crystal of Creation she absorbed emitted a holy light from her chest.

"Constellar Rasalhague" Attempts a Fusion with the Three "Evilswarm" Dragons[edit]

"Rasalhague" intentionally kept himself out of the fusion, aiming instead for a fusion that only Ophiuchus could perform: Because they were corrupted in state they couldn't resist due to their seal, unlike the other "Evilswarm", "Rasalhague" speculated they still had life energy left.

"Evilswarm Bahamut""Evilswarm Ouroboros""Evilswarm Ophion"
They had been sealed, and thus in a state where they could not resist corruption. "Rasalhague" speculated that they still had life energy left.
"Constellar Rasalhague"
The three dragons, which had been assimilated into the undead army, had their corruption converted into life energy by "Rasalhague" using his power of revival. He intended to use their power to oppose "Sophia".

Thanks to the Power of the "Aquamirror", "Rasalhague" Successfully Fuses with the Three Dragons[edit]

With the "Mirror of the Ice Barrier" that was transformed into the "Aquamirror" in hand, the two "Gishki" youths ran to the aid of "Rasalhague". He was struggling to control the three dragons, but thanks to the power of the "Aquamirror", his Fusion succeeded.

"Gishki Avance""Gishki Aquamirror""Gishki Emilia"

The Power of Fusion Absorbs the Power of Destruction[edit]

As "Rasalhague" absorbed the power of the "Aquamirror" along with the three powerful dragons, the entity he was becoming also ended up absorbing the crystal of the power of Destruction that lay in the right hand of "Sophia". A soldier of twilight was born, who possessed four forces of destruction - three from the dragons and one from God herself - as well as the healing power of a "Constellar".

DT Destruction Orb.png
The power of Destruction of "Sophia"

"Evilswarm Kerykeion"[edit]

The powers of light and darkness collided within his body, and the power of God herself was superimposed onto them, giving rise to the ultimate warrior of darkness, "Evilswarm Kerykeion". He joined the final, decisive battle to support the light of hope known as "Sombre" in order to defeat the planet.

"Evilswarm Kerykeion"
With both the staff of "Rasalhague" and the "Aquamirror" staff in hand, he was able to completely unleash the power of the three dragons' cores floating around him. In his chest is the crystal of the power of Destruction shining red-black.

With Help from "Kerykeion", "Sombre" Manages to Defeat "Sophia"[edit]

In order to defeat "Sophia", who was temporarily weakened by her two powers being stolen, "Sombre" and "Kerykeion" faced her in a final battle. After several days of nonstop combat, they pierced and broke the orb on her head that served as the source of the power of "God", finally banishing her from the surface world.

"Jewels of the Valiant"
With "Kerykeion" sealing the movements of "Sophia", "Sombre" ended the battle by using her sword to pierce the orb on the goddess' forehead.

"Sombre" and "Kerykeion" Vanish from the Planet[edit]

After banishing "Sophia", "Sombre" and "Kerykeion" themselves vanished from the face of the surface world. Perhaps they were guided by the power of "Sophia" inside them. Meanwhile, those who survived began to reconstruct the surface world, living and carrying on as the traces of God vanished.

The Survivors on the Planet Start Rebuilding[edit]

After "Sombre" and "Kerykeion" vanished, those who survived the Great War reached past their own tribes and worked together. They began reconstruction in and around the vast and still resource-rich "Mist Valley" Marshlands. With God no longer able to help or harm them, what kind of world awaits those willing to forge a future with their own strength?

The Children of "Noellia" and the Survivors of the "Gusto" Play a Vital Role in Repairing the Surface World[edit]

The children of "Noellia" were trained in all sorts of knowledge, and the youngest members of the "Gusto" (including those saved by "Noellia") were the guardians of the Great Marshlands. Those with key relationships to "Noellia" had strange beginnings, and they spread their knowledge to the others who'd survived, and in this way they became the driving force behind the world's reconstruction.

The Children of "Noellia"[edit]

"Gishki Emilia""Gishki Avance"

The Survivors of the "Gusto"[edit]

"Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto""Kamui, Hope of Gusto"

The "Duelist Set" Stock Cases Have Epitaphs Concerning "Constellar Sombre" and "Evilswarm Kerykeion"[edit]

The Epitaph That Hints at the Creation of "Sombre" and "Kerykeion"[edit]

"Duelist Set: Version Lightning Star" Stock Case

It suggests the creation of "Constellar Sombre", who finally appears to struggle and tear apart the cycle of creation and destruction caused by "Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth", thus escaping from the fate of endless reincarnation. What became of "Sombre" is mentioned in the "Dark Returner" epitaph below.

- Time Considered as a Helix of Astrological Stones -

whosoever created by SOPHIA shall return to SOPHIA
but whosoever unbounded shall not
resist thou fate,

then thou shall gain the will of the light

The Epitaph That Hints at the Story After the "Goddess of Rebirth" Was Repelled[edit]

"Duelist Set: Version Dark Returner" Stock Case

Dead ("Kerykeion") and Alive ("Sombre") defeat the Terra ("Sophia") together, and then, after destroying Her cycle of reincarnation, they represent the seeds of new life on the planet. This is the epitaph that suggests the story after the parts mentioned in the "Lightning Returner" epitaph.

- The Word for World Is TSEROF -

dead and alive swear annihilation of the terra
they shall cut the NEMESIS and shall become the
seed of the new terra

then, darkness shall bring the will of the light

Series Introduction: The Internal Conflict Over "Trishula"[edit]

The "Ice Barrier" Is Split between the Pro-release and Anti-release Camps[edit]

The runaway "Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier", could freeze the entire world in a moment. Behind the scenes of the "Ice Barrier", there was intense opposition to unsealing it. The clan was divided by differing interpretations of their teachings, along with the menace of the "Fabled". The pro-release faction was led by "Medium" and "Dai-Sojo", while the three Generals were the ones leading the anti-release faction.

The Faction That Opposes Releasing Trishula[edit]

The Three Generals of the "Ice Barrier"[edit]

They believed in and worshiped all of the sacred beasts of the "Ice Barrier".

In addition to the "Dragons of the Ice Barrier", this faction also believed in "Dewloren" who dwelt in the sacred mountain. They defended that law of the clan, opposing "Trishula's" release, even against the "Fabled".

"General Raiho of the Ice Barrier""General Gantala of the Ice Barrier""General Grunard of the Ice Barrier"
Many of the top-ranking members of the "Ice Barrier's" armed forces believed that their current fighting strength was enough to oppose the "Fabled".
"Royal Knight of the Ice Barrier"
"Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier"
A sacred beast that dwelt deep within the mountains of the "Ice Barrier". Its incredible supernatural powers were said to be able to restrain the Three Dragons.
"Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier""Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier""Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"
The Ice Dragons that were sealed deep inside the sacred mountain of the "Ice Barrier". The descendants of the barrier's protectors were the members of the "Ice Barrier", many of whom held the opinion that, "They should be used as a force we can control" in the many conflicts heir tribe got involved in.

The Faction That Supports Releasing "Trishula"[edit]

They believed in and worshiped only the Three Dragons of the "Ice Barrier".

This group was intent on releasing all three of the dragons. They argued that "Trishula" would always lend its power to the "Ice Barrier" in times of crisis.

"Medium of the Ice Barrier""Dai-Sojo of the Ice Barrier""Geomancer of the Ice Barrier"
"Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier"

The Relic That Controls the Power of the Three Dragons[edit]

"Mirror of the Ice Barrier"
A relic created by the one who became the founder of the "Ice Barrier". It was originally used to seal away the Three Dragons, as it was (and remains) capable of reflecting and suppressing their freezing powers.

Series Introduction: The Inhabitants of the "Mist Valley"[edit]

The Stalwart Defenders Who Combine the Powers of Man and Bird[edit]

The group of warrior birdmen who dwell in the "Mist Valley", which is always full of mist and fog. Whenever anyone invaded the valley and its outskirts, these warriors would use its power to repel them. However, the constant warfare of the recent years has weakened their fighting strength.

"Mist Valley Thunder Lord"
The warriors' leader. He's a bold and daring soldier whom no one can stop once he's enraged.
"Mist Valley Executor"
"Thunder Lord's" number two. Unlike their leader, he plays a supporting role to the rest of their soldiers by manipulating the valley's winds.

The Soldiers of "Mist Valley"[edit]

As their numbers have been depleted by constant warfare, they confront foes through balanced organization.

"Mist Valley Soldier""Mist Valley Falcon""Mist Valley Watcher""Mist Valley Shaman"

The Birds of "Mist Valley" Who Lend Their Power to the Soldiers[edit]

The birds who live in the valley cooperate with the warriors, using their power to help resolve unusual situations. In particular, when "Apex Avian" senses an enemy's actions, it raises a squall to restrain the foe. This ability makes it an overwhelming presence and a symbolic being in the "Mist Valley".

"Mist Valley Apex Avian"
"Mist Valley Baby Roc""Mist Valley Windmaster""Mist Valley Thunderbird"
They display excellent cooperation, regardless of the situation. According to one theory, the valley's warrior birdmen used to be the same as the birds, but over time, their genetic balances shifted slowly toward being more humanoid until they became half-bird-half-man.

The Method of Man and Bird Fighting as One Has Been Taught to the Neighboring "Gusto" Tribe[edit]

There are accounts of a clan which protects the vast Mist Valley Marshlands near "Mist Valley" from invaders, by fighting in a manner similar to that of the "Mist Valley" warriors. This clan is constantly defending against those who seek to seize the vast fertile Marshlands for themselves, so they have come up with their own unique style of fighting alongside the creatures that dwell within the Marshlands.

"Winda, Priestess of Gusto""Gusto Gulldo"
"Daigusto Gulldos"
The "Gusto" clan has a style of fighting in which their hearts and minds become one with those of the birds that dwell in the Great Marshlands.

The Mysterious Life Form, "Mist Worm", Which Wanders Deep in the Valley's Mists[edit]

The mist drifting into the valley confuses intruders, causing them to eventually end up back at the valley's entrance. This mist is constantly being released by the mysterious creature, "Mist Wurm".

"Mist Wurm"
The all-obscuring mist seems to exist to protect "Mist Valley".

Series Introduction: The Fellowship of Flames, "Flamvell"[edit]

The Warriors of Flames Who Helped to Establish the "Allies of Justice"[edit]

In order to fight back against the invading aliens, the various tribes of the Duel Terminal World came together and formed the organization, "Ally of Justice". One such tribe, the masters of the crimson flames, immolated the alien menace, and played an important part in the battles.

"Uruquizas" Controls the "Flamvell" Corps from the Center[edit]

"Uruquizas", who controls the Crimson Arts, also commands the "Flamvell" Corps. Beneath him are "Poun" of the scouting team, "Archer" of the self-defense squad, and "Grunika" of the assault squad. They form the spine of his Corps. And then there's "Fiend", who is a treacherous guy who turns the souls of his comrades into flames for him to throw. This creates a definite undercurrent of tension between the Corps members.

"Flamvell Uruquizas"
"Flamvell Commando""Flamvell Fiend"
"Flamvell Archer""Flamvell Grunika""Flamvell Magician"
"Flamvell Baby""Flamvell Poun""Flamvell Guard""Flamvell Dragnov"

During the Fight Against the "Fabled", a New Tribe of Flames Is Born[edit]

A new species was born from the earth that was boiled red by the meteor collision's intense heat. That species grew and evolved rapidly, and was called "Neo Flamvell" in honor of the lost "Flamvell" tribe.

"Neo Flamvell Shaman""Neo Flamvell Hedgehog""Neo Flamvell Origin"
"Neo Flamvell Sabre""Neo Flamvell Garuda"

They Merged with the Ancient Deity of Flames Who Awoke from a Seemingly Eternal Slumber[edit]

The "Neo Flamvell" began to believe in a deity, as if manipulated by someone or something into doing so. Soon afterward, they began to burn in pure, untarnished flames, and ultimately, their dogma led them to fuse with the deity, awakening an ancient god of fire.

"Ancient Flamvell Deity"

Series Introduction: The Genealogy of X[edit]

The First-generation "X-Sabers"[edit]

The Brawny and Manly Mercenary Corps Led by "Souza"[edit]

The "X-Sabers" originated as a small tribe led by "Souza". They hired themselves out as a mercenary corps, and served in the conflicts of various countries.

"X-Saber Souza"
Status: Missing
He was shunned for his disposition to sacrificing his own men for victory, but he suddenly vanished during a certain mission.

The Warrior Who Returned from Another World[edit]

A strange-looking warrior appeared before the "X-Sabers". He claimed to have no memories of his past, though his tactics bore an eerie resemblance to those of the MIA "Souza".

"M-X-Saber Invoker"
He's clad in equipment that doesn't seem to exist in this world, but he seems to have the same tactics the former commander did, of discarding subordinates to win.

The Second-generation "X-Sabers"[edit]

They Become an Elite Squad of Swordsmen Under the New Commander[edit]

After "Souza" disappeared, his second-in-command, "Gottoms", became the organization's new commander, and turned the "X-Sabers" into an elite squadron of swordsmen. They gained control over all of their territory through the leadership of their ten most elite members, the squadron of swordsmen generally called the "X-Sabers".

The Chosen Ten[edit]

"Gottoms" chose the ten most qualified swordsmen that served under him, and had them each lead dozens of soldiers.

"Commander Gottoms, Swordmaster"
He's extremely popular with his subordinates. Many who'd been turned off by "Souza" and his ways of doing things had nominated "Gottoms" as commander.
"X-Saber Urbellum"
Vice Commander
A master of the same school of dual-wielding as "Sozua". He's skilled in cool, calm, and collected tactical theory.
"X-Saber Anu Piranha""X-Saber Pashuul""X-Saber Airbellum""X-Saber Wayne"
"X-Saber Uruz""X-Saber Palomuro""X-Saber Axel""X-Saber Galahad"

The Third-generation "X-Sabers"[edit]

The Squadron of Swordsmen That Respects Cooperation, "XX-Saber", Is Formed!![edit]

Having struggled against the overwhelming numbers of the "Worms", the "X-Sabers" were reorganized and revived as a group that emphasized cooperative tactics. The two X's in their group name are supposed to symbolize cooperation between two or more "X".

"XX-Saber Gottoms"
"XX-Saber Hyunlei"
Vice Commander

The Change in Generations[edit]

"XX-Saber Gardestrike""XX-Saber Garsem""XX-Saber Ragigura"
"XX-Saber Fulhelmknight""XX-Saber Faultroll"

The third-generation "X-Sabers" are composed of the children and younger siblings of the first and second generations, along with people who were chosen to be the inheritors of the previous generations' will.

New Members[edit]

"XX-Saber Boggart Knight""XX-Saber Emmersblade""XX-Saber Darksoul"




Because the tribes originally all fought one another, they each had their own views on how things should be done when they first allied. They failed to understand one another, and were thus unable to form a monolithic, lockstep organization. Because of this, their initial stage of development consisted mostly of designs based on each tribe's own ideas, and this disjointed collaboration was evident in the machines they produced.

"Ally of Justice Unknown Crusher"
Produced by the "Ice Barrier".
"Ally of Justice Clausolas"
Produced by "Mist Valley".

"Ally of Justice Thousand Arms"
Produced by the "X-Sabers".
"Ally of Justice Thunder Armor"
Jointly produced by "Mist Valley" and "X-Saber".
"Ally of Justice Garadholg""Ally of Justice Rudra""Ally Salvo"
Produced by the "Flamvell".



Upon analyzing the substances from the world the "Worms" came from, the engineers were amazed by its ability to improve the functionalities of the "Ally of Justice" machines. They began to push forward with developing weapons for the purpose of capturing the "Worms", in search of the unknown energy they brought from outer space.


"Ally Mind""Ally of Justice Enemy Catcher"
"Ally of Justice Reverse Break""Ally of Justice Unlimiter"


It was developed to erase targets in different dimensions, but it was ultimately impossible to generate enough output to perform such a task.

"Ally of Justice Cosmic Gateway"



The alliance, which had lost part of its forces, refocused its policies entirely on fighting the "Worms" and the "Fabled", so as to avoid wasting resources on other projects. They returned to the battlefield and destroyed their enemies with overwhelming power, and began designing and constructing the ultimate weapon to seize victory.


The "Allies of Justice" were unable to develop a sophisticated control unit that would allow their giant weapons to move, so they used the "Genex" as a Central Control Core. They placed "Genex Spare" inside "Field Marshal", then used the data they obtained from that to install "Genex Controller" into "Decisive Armor".

"Genex Spare""Ally of Justice Field Marshal"
"Genex Controller""Ally of Justice Decisive Armor"

Series Introduction: The "Worms", as Seen from Their Organizational Structure[edit]

The Evolution of the "Worms": From the Bottom to the Top[edit]

The number and types of the "Worms" can be visually displayed in a pyramid: the lower down their hierarchy a type is, the more members it has. The most remarkable feature of the "Worms" is their rate of multiplication and evolution. They adapt to the external stimuli of the places they leave, such that the members of the next generation are born with adaptations to overcome those environments. Members of the same types are also absorbed and reborn into stronger units.

The Final Destination of Their Evolution Is Also Their Origin: "Zero"[edit]

The final step in the "Worm" invasion is for them to multiply until they completely cover a planet, melting into one another and fusing into one, with the world itself becoming a new "Zero"... or, at least, that's the theory advocated by the researchers of the "Allies of Justice". If it's true, then the complete invasion of any world means that there are multiple "Zero" drifting through the cosmos, looking for new worlds to invade.

"Worm Zero"

The Uppermost Class[edit]

A level that only a very small percentage of "Worms" reach. Besides possessing incredible fighting strength, they lead armies of the other "Worms" (from the upper class downward), controlling them as easily as their own limbs.

"Worm Queen""Worm King""Worm Victory"

The Upper Class[edit]

The few members that have acquired intelligence and physical strength to which the lower-class members can't compare. It's said that the upper-class "Worms" evolve from lower-class "Worms" by absorbing and storing the energies of many of their fellows.

"Worm Erokin""Worm Warlord"
"Worm Noble""Worm Prince""Worm Illidan"

The Lower Class[edit]

Some "Worms" have obtained power, and serve as the main forces for the invasion. A great variety of forms can be seen among their ranks, probably because they are turning points of evolution.

"Worm Cartaros""Worm Gulse""Worm Xex""Worm Solid"
"Worm Barses""Worm Tentacles""Worm Millidith""Worm Yagan""Worm Rakuyeh"

The Lowest Class[edit]

The lowest grade of "Worms" is the most numerous. Since few of them have individual intentions or wills, they either merely follow the orders of the higher-level "Worms", or act on their instincts.

"Worm Jetelikpse""Worm Dimikles""Worm Opera""Worm Falco"
"Worm Lynx""Worm Ugly""Worm Apocalypse""Worm Hope"

Series Introduction: Foreign Species Repulsion Plan (1): "Genex" Military Combat Conversion Documents[edit]

> Plan Outline[edit]

Currently, the anti-"Worm" front has been pushed against the wall by the advent of the Giant Brain Class "Worm King", so we have an urgent need for new fighting methods. This plan is based on the special attributes of the renewable energy lifeforms known as the "Genex", which originally started the fight against the "Worm", and converting them for combat purposes.

> About the "Genex"[edit]

They have existed on this world since time immemorial, but they have never contacted the outside world, and had for ages been disconnected from civilization. However, they began to move when the "Worms" invaded, each of them using the forces of energy like water and fire to create energy to eliminate the enemy.

"Genex Undine"
Hydroelectric Power
"Genex Furnace"
Steam Power
"Genex Blastfan"
Wind Power
"Genex Gaia"
Geothermal Power

> Military Combat Conversion Plan[edit]

Communication with the "Genex" became possible using "Genex Controller", which was the result of research from recent years. "Controller" was also discovered to be capable of evolving the "Genex" into entities with great potential and the ability to fight back. This property means they can be used as a major force against the "Worms".

"Genex Undine""Genex Controller""Hydro Genex"
Safe yet powerful weapons...

> High-powered & High-performance[edit]

After the successful military conversion of the "Genex", a specialized division was opened to advance research about them, focusing on their ability to be used as high-performance reactors.

The Semi-permanent Output Engine, "R-Genex"[edit]

Through research and development, we created the high-output Real Fusion Reactor, and implanted it into the more mechanical "Genex". Its complete form allows them to sometimes serve as energy weapons.

"Locomotion R-Genex"
A weapon approved by the "Ally of Justice" Council. Its Real Fusion Reactor can be seen in and around the shining circle on its chest.

Integration Into the "Ally of Justice" Project[edit]

We can use our technology to further strengthen and remodel the "Genex", and eventually complete a multi-functional weapon. In addition, we can utilize "Controller" as a cutting-edge control unit by eliminating excess thought processes.

"Genex Ally Birdman"
"Final Gesture""Ally of Justice Field Marshall"
The conversion of "Controller".

Series Introduction: MAP OF "NATURIA FOREST"[edit]

Hi! I'm "Naturia Strawberry"!![edit]

"Naturia Strawberry"
Welcome to "Naturia Forest"! Today's really special, since I'll be guiding you around the forest! Be sure to follow me so you don't get lost!

ENTRANCE (South)[edit]

"Naturia Cliff""Naturia Rock"
At the forest borders stand the hardy and tough "Naturia", who chase away the bad guys!

NATURIA POND (Southwest)[edit]

"Naturia Leodrake""Naturia Mosquito"
It looks like Lord "Leodrake" is in trouble because of the large number of "Mosquitoes" that are born during the summer.

NATURIA WOODS (East and Southeast)[edit]

"Naturia White Oak"
This is the place where the trees gather, though not everyone can walk through it, since it's dense woods... ... ...
"Naturia Beast"
Lord "Beast" finds and captures the poachers who enter the forest.

NATURIA PATH (Center)[edit]

"Naturia Guardian"
The "Guardian" who lives in the center of the forest protects the entire tribe.

NATURIA HILL (West and Northwest)[edit]

"Naturia Hydrangea""Naturia Dragonfly""Naturia Landoise"
The hill is an oasis for "Naturia" plants and insects! Everyone there is close friends!

MIST VALLEY (Northeast)[edit]

"Naturia Barkion"
Because the creatures of "Mist Valley" sometimes lose their way, Lord "Barkion" keeps an eye out!

Series Introduction: The Fabled Realm[edit]

Beneath the Surface World, there lies...

The World of the Sealed Gods[edit]

The eternal seal on the Gate of Chaos was finally broken by the conflicts on the surface, and so the "Fabled" invaded from the Fabled Realm. These beings have separated into a hierarchy of three distinct groups. "The Fabled" beasts exist in their own layer of their Realm, based on their status and role, under the might of their god who possesses absolute power and authority.

THE FIRST LAYER: The Realm of Demons[edit]

The layer where the lowest-level "Fabled" live. Although this layer is the one closest to the Gate of Chaos which serves as the entrance to the Surface World, the residents don't have the power to open it.

The Forefront of the Invasion Force[edit]

"The Fabled Cerburrel""The Fabled Chawa""The Fabled Peggulsus"

The Older Brother and Little Sister Who Serve as Spies and Scouts[edit]

"Fabled Lurrie""Fabled Topi"
The scouts who spy upon the Surface World on orders from their superiors in the Realm of Roars. They serve as a part of the suppression squad in cases of invasion. Said squad is composed of the brutal and ferocious "The Fabled".

Miztoji's Grandson[edit]

"Fabled Oltro"

THE SECOND LAYER: The Realm of Roars[edit]

The middle-tier "Fabled", who give orders to the residents of the Realm of Demons. Many of them are bigshots among their tribe, and are commanders of the "Fabled" armies. Both they and their subordinates in the Realm of Demons are eager to pad out their credentials and gain the chance to enter the Realm of Gods.

The Twin Commanders[edit]

"Fabled Ashenveil""Fabled Soulkius"

Middle-tier "Fabled"[edit]

"Fabled Grimro""Fabled Kushano"

The Oldest Spellcaster[edit]

"Fabled Miztoji"
"Miztoji" was famed as a staff officer of the Realm of Gods, due to her ingenuity. After losing her standing by dabbling in forbidden magical formulas and spells, she allied herself with "Dianaira" and schemed to return to the Realm of Gods.

The Corps Commander[edit]

"Fabled Dianaira"

THE THIRD LAYER: The Realm of Gods[edit]

The Realm where the highest-class "Fabled", who possess the power to open the Gates of Chaos, are said to dwell. "Valkyrus" was enticed by the conflict on the surface, and triggered an all-out war... ...

The First King[edit]

"Fabled Valkyrus"

The Second King[edit]

"Fabled Ragin"

The Absolute God Who Reigns Over the "Fabled"[edit]

"Fabled Leviathan"
On the surface, the Absolute God and the two Kings work together to lead the Fabled Realm, but deep down, the three of them don't trust one another. As such, there is a constantly swirling atmosphere of betrayal and schemes in the Realm of Gods.


The familiars who serve the "Fabled" of the Realm of Gods. They can go back and forth freely throughout the Fabled Realm, keeping an eye on the state of the Surface World and any sign of rebellion among the lesser "Fabled".

Fable Imp Limbo
Demon Beast: "The Fabled Peggulsus"
Fable Imp Lust
Demon Beast: "The Fabled Kokkator"
Fable Imp Gludd
Demon Beast: "The Fabled Nozoochee"

Fable Imp Wrath
Demon God: "Fabled Valkyrus"
Fable Imp Heresy
Demon Beast: "The Fabled Catsith"
Fable Imp Vio
Demon Beast: "The Fabled Ganashia"

Fable Imp Gree
Demon Beast: "The Fabled Unicore"
Fable Imp Malice
Demon Beast: "The Fabled Cerburrel"
Fable Imp Breach
Demon Beast: "The Fabled Chawa"

SERIES INTRODUCTION Terminal Geo Graphic: The Hunting of the "Jurrac" and Ecology[edit]

They are skilled at dynamic hunting.

The Dinosaurs Covered in Flames[edit]

In the Duel Terminal World, there exist the Dinosaur "Jurrac". Many members of their species are powerful, as the process of natural selection caused them to have to survive multiple foreign invaders and severe natural environments. Those who managed to cover their bodies in flames ended up using that power to climb to the top of the food chain. However, their overly vigorous appetites routinely drive them to eat up all the natural resources in their surrounding areas, so the carnivorous "Jurrac" always move around as a pack in search of prey, leading them to get into fights with various invaders.

The Garrison Who Protect the Homes[edit]

"Jurrac Stauriko""Jurrac Brachis"
While hunting, the tiny and nimble "Stauriko" and the tough-bodied "Brachis" defend their homes from invaders.

The Advance Team Who Search for Prey[edit]

"Jurrac Guaiba""Jurrac Dino"
The quick and cunning "Guaiba" and "Dino" leave trails of fiery footprints as they hunt, giving the units following them a path to find the prey.

The Main Stars of the Hunt, the Hunting Party[edit]

"Jurrac Tyrannus""Jurrac Titano"
The large "Jurracs" in charge of hunting down the group's prey. They corner it with their flame-clad bodies, and dive at it with their sharp fangs and claws.

They Never Let Go of Their Prey Once They Get Their Hands on It[edit]

The "Jurrac's" ability to cooperate forms the heart of their hunting. They locate their prey, corner it, and then devour it. The flow of the hunt is elaborately organized. Once they come across their prey, they can't help but accept their sad fate of being at the top of the food chain.

"Jurrac Guaiba"
The Advance Team Finds Prey Quickly
The Advance Team injures the prey, but they don't inflict the finishing blow. Their purpose is merely to prevent it from escaping until the Main Force of the hunt arrives.
"Jurrac Tyrannus"
The Hunting Team Corners the Prey
When the prey is too powerful, "Tyrannus" attacks it. He gains strength by consuming other injured, dying "Jurracs".
"Jurrac Giganoto"
The Small and Big Jurrac Work Together to Kill Their Prey
Once the prey has been weakened, they play out a scene of the most brutal hunting imaginable as they launch an all-out attack. Blazing flames spread on the ground around them after they finish the hunt.

The "Fabled" Stood in Their Way, Preventing Them from Travelling in Search of Prey[edit]

Soon after they rose to the top of the food chain, tragedy struck when the "Fabled" attacked the nest they were currently occupying. "Tyrannus" and "Giganoto" struggled in vain, and some of the "Jurracs" saw that their allies were determined and willing to march into the volcano.

They Used Magma to Turn Their Bodies into a Blazing Projectile[edit]

"Jurrac Titano"
"Titano", who was enshrined at the depths of the volcano's crater, awoke in a furious rage, his body shrouded in flames. With the force of an eruption, he broke the atmosphere into outer space. Then, clad in lava, he took aim at the enemies on the planet beneath his gaze.
"Jurrac Meteor"

Series Introduction: The Tribe Entrusted with the Souls of Dragons[edit]

The Dragon Knights Who Ride Through the Heavens, Calling Forth and Wrapping Themselves in the Gale[edit]

A tribe whose territory is the "Dragon Ravine" which exists deep within "Mist Valley". Night and day, they polish their secret skill of establishing deep, emotional, and meaningful bonds with dragons. For the sake of protecting this secret technique, they refuse to deal with the outside world. They can sense any strange incidents occurring in "Mist Valley", and when they do, they ride forth toward the problem.

Those Who Are Able to Raise and Control Dragon Whelps[edit]

The dragon knights are led by birdmen. Their commander, "Dux", has a long and distinguished career. He is followed by the hot-blooded brawler, "Legionnaire", who is good at hand-to-hand combat, and "Militum", a female warrior who serves "Dux" as his counsel and aid.

"Dragunity Legionnaire""Dragunity Dux""Dragunity Militum"

The Dragon Whelps Hone Their Hidden Power[edit]

The whelps show a glimpse of their power as dragons. Many of them have bonds with the birdmen, serving as draconic steeds, while other dragons hone their skills to become warriors.

"Dragunity Darkspear""Dragunity Phalanx""Dragunity Partisan"

The Dragons and Birdmen Become One, Dancing Through the Blue Sky!![edit]

When the hearts of a birdman and a dragon whelp are perfectly in-sync, the whelp matures into an adult dragon, becoming a draconic steed that fights with its birdman rider. The secret art of "Dragon Mastery" allows them to skillfully deal with threats to "Mist Valley".

"Dragunity Knight - Barcha""Dragunity Knight - Gae Bulg""Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana""Dragunity Knight - Trident"

The Dragon Warriors Who Unleash the Powers Within Them!![edit]

Besides becoming the draconic steeds of the birdmen, there are dragons who awaken as dragon warriors after honing their own power to its limits. They're the "Dragunity Arma" who take up weapons and fight.

"Dragunity Arma Mystletainn"
A dragon warrior who wields the legendary magical sword, "Mystletainn". The birdmen's spearsmanship isn't his strong point; instead, he prefers to battle at high speed with his sword.
"Dragunity Arma Leyvaten"
A dragon warrior chosen to wield the legendary magical sword, "Leyvaten". The sword he carries has a will of its own, and will cut down anyone unworthy of its true potential.

Series Introduction: "Gem-Merchant's" Special-Edition Gem-Knight Scoop[edit]

The Warriors Who Unleash the Power of Their Cores to Gain New Power!![edit]

The "Gem-Knights" were knights who obtained various abilities by unleashing the power inside their Cores with exquisite balance. Here, we'll be thoroughly investigating the four Fusion powers that were used in the previous Great War!!

The Four Forms of Fusion Possessed by the "Gem-Knights"[edit]

"Gem-Knight Fusion"
The basic form of Fusion power they used. It placed a burden on their Cores, but it could be used multiple times.
"Pyroxene Fusion"
In case of things like a surprise attack, they could perform an impromptu Fusion in an emergency, and strike back.
"Particle Fusion"
A Fusion method which added the power of the warriors that fused to one of the Cores, causing it to shine with two colors.
"Fragment Fusion"
The power of Fusion used by those who fused during their last moments at the cost of their lives, damaging their Cores.

The Young Warrior, "Lazuli", Who Was Born Waiting for the Core with a "Fragment of the Heavens"[edit]

During the previous Great War, the core, "Lapis Lazuli", which symbolizes the Heavens, was able to fuse herself with the knights of the stars, the "Constellar". She awakened the power of Fusion inside herself to slay the Goddess. Was she born in this era with the power to save the world from annihilation at the hands of a fickle Goddess?

"Gem-Knight Lazuli"
By fusing with "Constellar Virgo", she imparted the power of Fusion to her, and became the heart of the fusion when the 12 "Constellar" fused together in the final, decisive battle.
"Gem-Knight Seraphinite""Constellar Sombre"

The Strange "Obsidian" Creates Illusions When the Core's Power Is Unleashed[edit]

Fusion fuses those present together. "Obsidian" is the instigator of a certain strange phenomenon. He amplifies the power of his Fusion partner's Core, creating a phantom with mass to it. One could say he literally possesses the mysterious power of the stone.

"Gem-Knight Obsidian"
He uses a mysterious illusion-generating ability that provides a ton of power at the cost of headcount being decreased by Fusion.


"Gem-Knight Pearl"
(Core: Pearl)
In the language of gems, it represents "Health, Wealth, and Longevity".
The Birthstone for June
"Gem-Knight Garnet"
(Core: Garnet)
In the language of gems, it represents "Truth, Reality, Fraternity and Friendship".
The Birthstone for January
"Gem-Knight Iolite"
(Core: Iolite)
In the language of gems, it represents "First Love and Stability".
The Birthstone for September
"Gem-Knight Prismaura"
(Core: Aura Crystal)
An Aura Crystal is a manufactured crystal which is coated in metal.
"Gem-Knight Crystal"
(Core: Crystal)
In the language of gems, it represents "Perfection, Calm-Headedness, and Mysteriousness".
The Birthstone for April
"Gem-Knight Aquamarine"
(Core: Aquamarine)
In the language of gems, it represents "Calmness, Wisdom, and Gallantry".
The Birthstone for March
"Gem-Knight Master Diamond"
(Core: Diamond)
In the language of gems, it represents "Eternal Bonds, Purity, Chastity, and Fortitude".
The Birthstone for April
"Gem-Knight Sardonyx"
(Core: Sardonyx)
In the language of gems, it represents "Charity and the Happiness for Married Couples".
The Birthstone for August
"Gem-Knight Amethyst"
(Core: Amethyst)
In the language of gems, it represents "Sincerity, Peace of Mind, and Nobility".
The Birthstone for February
"Gem-Knight Citrine"
(Core: Madeira Citrine)
In the language of gems, it represents "Friendship and your First Love".
The Birthstone for November
"Gem-Knight Sapphire"
(Core: Sapphire)
In the language of gems, it represents "Affection, Sincerity, and Fidelity".
The Birthstone of September
"Gem-Knight Alexandrite"
(Core: Alexandrite)
In the language of gems, it represents "Hidden Feelings".
The Birthstone for June
"Gem-Knight Lazuli"
(Core: Lapis lazuli)
In the language of gems, it represents "Dignity, Majesty, Sublimity, and Nobility".
The Birthstone for December
"Gem-Knight Zirconia"
(Core: Zirconia)
Zirconia is another name for a "Fake Diamond".
"Gem-Knight Amber"
(Core: Amber)
In the language of gems, it represents "Great Joy and Creation".
"Gem-Knight Ruby"
(Core: Ruby)
In the language of gems, it represents "Zeal, Passion, and Pure Love".
The Birthstone for July
"Gem-Knight Seraphinite"
(Core: Seraphinite)
In the language of gems, it represents "The spreading of friendship".
"Gem-Knight Emerald"
(Core: Emerald)
In the language of gems, it represents "Good Luck and Hope".
The Birthstone for May
"Gem-Knight Tourmaline"
(Core: Tourmaline)
In the language of gems, it represents "Hope".
The Birthstone for October
"Gem-Knight Topaz"
(Core: Topaz)
In the language of gems, it means "Sincerity, Friendship, and Purity".
The birthstone for November
"Gem-Knight Obsidian"
(Core: Obsidian)
In the language of gems, it represents "Profound Mystery".

Series Introduction: The Reality of the Tribe of Blazing Flames, "Laval", Approaches!![edit]

The Battle-driven Tribe of Flames Which Lives in the Middle of a Blazing Volcano[edit]

In a volcanic zone covered from end to end with red-hot flames, we'll introduce the "Laval" inhabitants. They believe that a divine dragon exists at the top of the blazing volcano, and it is said to be a very warlike creature. In deference to this, their tribe has a custom: they decide everything by fighting.

The Blazing Volcano of the "Lavals"[edit]

In the molten volcano from which the "Laval" tribe originated lives their commander, "Judgement", and one of their top warriors, "Greater", who carefully prepare for battle. Also, the legendary dragon dwells at the very top.

"Lavalval Dragon"
"Laval Judgement Lord""Laval the Greater"


There are three sisters with flaming hair and burning eyes who are constantly receiving proposals. The youngest sister indulges in walks through the Forest of Flames, while the second daughter is constantly busy protecting the holy land of the burning volcano. Like her younger siblings who left home, the eldest sister seems indifferent to the prospects of marriage, with no one currently interesting her. She prefers to walk along the lava-esque lakeside.

"Laval Volcano Handmaiden""Laval Warrior""Laval Phlogis"

The Blazing Dense "Laval" Woodlands[edit]

A vast, blazing forest that exists near the village of the blazing mountain. At the entrance to this giant forest, the spawn of flames dance around making a racket, causing the surrounding trees to occasionally burst into flames. It's said that you're lucky if you end up running into the "Sprite" taking a rest there.

"Molten Conduction Field""Laval Forest Sprite"
"Laval Burner""Searing Fire Wall"

The Blazing Laval Lakeside[edit]

A lake, in a corner of the Blazing Dense Woodlands, out of which magma gushes. There, many swordsmiths come, seeking high-quality magma. The three sisters make their home there, and many "Soaring Eagles Above the Searing Land" have been seen making their nests there.

"Laval Lakeside Lady""Kayenn, the Master Magma Blacksmith"
"Soaring Eagle Above the Searing Land"

Series Introduction: TRACES OF THE "VYLON"[edit]


In the ancient past, during the battle between the "Constellar" and the "Steelswarm", the "Vylon" were made as weapons that couldn't be infected by the "Steelswarm".

"Constellar Omega""Vylon Omega"
The "Constellar" created the "Vylon", and based them on themselves. Thus, both "Omegas" have parts that seem similar in terms of their general silhouettes.


After the "Constellar" sealed the "Steelswarm", the "Vylon" watched for the demons' revival. Several of the "Vylon" shut down for many ages, but once they sensed the "Steelswarm's" raid, they began to reboot, one after another.

"Vylon Vanguard""Vylon Epsilon"


The "Vylon" gave power to the existing tribes, in order to help eradicate the "Steelswarm". This action was what led them to be infected by the "Steelswarm" dwelling inside of "Noellia".

"Evigishki Tetrogre"
Though the "Vylon" were weapons whose physical forms protected them from external infection by the "Steelswarm", they were powerless against corruption from the inside out.


"Gem-Knight Prismaura""Laval Stennon""Daigusto Sphreez"


The "Vylon" always shared their individual data with one another, and as a result, they were instantly corrupted by the "Steelswarm". Afterward, they went insane and began scheming to take over the surface world.

"Vylon Pentachloro""Vylon Tesseract""Vylon Stigma"


"Vylon Disigma"
It wasn't just the existing tribes that gained the power of Xyz. "Disigma" shone with a sinister light that adsorbed those who rebelled against it.

Series Introduction: The Clan Known as the "Gishki"[edit]

A Clan's Rise[edit]

After the global crisis caused by "Trishula" rampaging out of control, "Noellia", a member of the "Ice Barrier" who had opposed freeing "Trishula", walked away from the "Ice Barrier" with like-minded people by her side. They became the founding members of the major power known as the "Gishki".

"Gishki Noellia"

Ritual Summon[edit]

Generally, a Ritual Summon calls forth an entity from another realm and grants it a flesh-and-blood form. However, "Gishki" Ritual Summoning specialists used the "Aquamirror" to hypnotize themselves, allowing an entity from another realm to descend into their bodies, and causing their bodies and minds to mutate.

"Gishki Shadow""Evigishki Soul Ogre"
"Shadow" transforms into "Soul Ogre".

The "Aquamirror"[edit]

A special mirror that can be used for Ritual Summons, communication between allies, and hypnotism. The "Gishki" give the mirror to full-fledged masters of Ritual Summoning, but the only one who truly wields its power is "Noellia"; all the others are replicas.

"Gishki Aquamirror""Gishki Photomirror"

The Relationships Between the Central Figures of the "Gishki"[edit]

"Gishki Natalia"
She and "Natalia" were like-minded former members of the "Ice Barrier". Although she was a member of the family that believed they should free the third Ice Dragon from its seal, she searched for another way to counter the "Fabled". "Noellia", her comrade-in-arms, wanted to help her, not to save the world, but to stop the quarrel of the "Ice Barrier"; and together, the two conducted a ritual to summon demons. However, the ritual ultimately failed, and "Natalia" lost her life in the process.
"Gishki Noellia"
Worried about the internal split of the "Ice Barrier" over whether or not to release "Trishula", "Noellia" and "Natalia" searched for a means to stop the internal conflict that didn't depend on using the Ice Dragon. What they came up with was a ritual to summon demons, but their ritual failed, and "Noellia" was infected by the thoughts of the very devil they had tried to summon. She remained unaware of its existence deep within her mind, but it ultimately led her to enact a plan that was the source of the disaster.
"Gishki Avance"
The birth son of "Natalia". He was taken in by "Noellia" after "Natalia" died, but he always had a complicated love-hate relationship with his adoptive mother, as he blamed her for his mother's death.
"Gishki Emilia"
The birth daughter of "Noellia". She and "Avance" were childhood friends raised as siblings, but she has a strained relationship with their shared mother, due to her failure to perform during Ritual experiments.
"Gishki Ariel"
She was orphaned when the world was nearly destroyed by the Dragon's uncontrollable rampage, and was ultimately adopted by "Noellia". Later, her talents bloomed, and she became a Ritual Summoner of the "Gishki".

Series Introduction: The Gusto Family Tree[edit]

The "Gusto" emblem
A design that represents the wind. This emblem symbolizes the entire clan.

The Wind Clan That Lives Together with Animals[edit]

Living in the vast Marshlands of "Mist Valley" was a peaceful clan that loved nature. The clan chieftain and his blood relatives were friends with the birds and the beasts that lived there, and the one with the deepest bonds was chosen to become the next chieftain.

The Main House[edit]

"Windaar, Sage of Gusto""Gusto Egul"
"Windaar" is the son of the current clan elder, and as the patriarch, the entire "Gusto" family is gathered under him.
"Winda, Priestess of Gusto""Gusto Gulldo"
When "Windaar" goes to the battlefield, she serves as the clan's acting matriarch.
"Wynn the Wind Charmer"
Though she showed rare talent, she didn't like being tied down by her family, and decided to leave for the outside world.

The Priest House[edit]

"Musto, Oracle of Gusto"
The head of this house is a priest who controls the rules and is in charge of the council. He serves as an adviser when the patriarch isn't around.
"Kamui, Hope of Gusto"
Born in the middle of a war, he was given the name of "Hope", as the one to lead the next generation.
"Caam, Serenity of Gusto"
Though she has a gentle personality unfit for battle, she has shown that she is gifted as a priestess.
"Gusto Falco"
"Kamui's" partner.

The Warrior House[edit]

"Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto"
In order to protect the village from threats, she heads to the battlefield with a combat staff that only the members of the Warrior House are allowed to use. She's in a relationship with her childhood friend, "Kamui."

The "Gusto's" Friends[edit]

"Gusto Egul""Gusto Gulldo"
The members of the clan undergo strict training in "Mist Valley" during their childhood, and upon reaching adulthood, they forge a bond with the beasts and birds, and become their "friends."

The Accomplishments of the Young Warrior, "Reeze"[edit]

In the middle with the fierce battle with the "Steelswarm", the "Vylon" noticed her accomplishments and lent her their power.

"Vylon Sphere""Daigusto Sphreez"

The Clan's Secret Means of Man and Bird Becoming One[edit]

The "Gusto", who become "friends" with the birds and the beasts, can use a secret handed down through the clan to dramatically increase the physical abilities of their "friends", becoming warriors who are both bird and man.

"Daigusto Eguls""Daigusto Gulldos""Daigusto Falcos"

Series Introduction: Ecological Research Paper Number 666: "STEELSWARM"[edit]

The Ancient Predators Who Eat Everything[edit]

The "Steelswarm" are carriers of the "Evilswarm". By feasting on others and evolving, they culture and refine the "Evilswarm" inside their bodies.


The Low-level "Steelswarm" Are Born in Order to Be Preyed Upon[edit]

The "Steelswarm" that have no names (and are therefore labelled, "Nameless") exist to be eaten by those with names. When they're eaten, they scream in agony, and the "Evilswarm" seems to get stronger and more refined as more and more malice is generated

"Steelswarm Cell""Steelswarm Scout""Steelswarm Genome""Steelswarm Sentinel""Steelswarm Caller"

The Upper-level Predators Form the Heart of Their Forces[edit]

Those labelled as Nameless don't choose the means of victory: whatever and whomever they feast upon gives them more power. The survival strategy of the Named has become to feast upon the lower-level, Nameless predators who have gathered power.

"Steelswarm Mantis""Steelswarm Moth""Steelswarm Girastag"

The Greatest, Strongest, Absolute Predators That Reign Over Their Forces[edit]

The commanding officers of the "Steelswarm" who prey upon friend and foe alike. They constantly eat and absorb others in order to maintain their incredible power. They remember losing to the "Constellar" and "Vylon" in the past, being sealed deep within the Earth, and continuing to wait for a chance to sate their desire for revenge.

"Steelswarm Caucastag""Steelswarm Longhorn""Steelswarm Hercules"

Series Introduction: "CONSTELLAR" WAR RECORDS[edit]


The knights of the stars use the incredible power granted to them by the stars' blessing. Their forces consist of several higher-ranking "Constellar", and 13 named lower-ranking ones. When the dead appear before the members in one battle after another, it is said that a new soldier is born by the guidance of the constellations.


They Direct and Support the Lower-ranking "Constellar"[edit]

The higher-ranking soldiers are in charge of directing and supporting the lower-class "Constellar". According to the legends passed down about the war with the "Steelswarm", their numbers were cut in half for a time.

"Constellar Omega""Constellar Pleiades"


They Can Be Promoted to Higher-ranking "Constellar"[edit]

The lower-ranking warriors who fight on the battlefield, having gained the blessing of the constellations. When the higher-ranking "Constellar" are slain, those among the lower ranks are appointed in their places.

"Constellar Kaus""Constellar Virgo""Constellar Leonis"


There were many more of the gallant "Constellar" in the ancient past than there are now, but then they fought the "Steelswarm". The demons consumed the surface world's life and then corrupted its corpses with wicked thoughts, and it is said in ancient lore that the knights of the stars saved the world.


"Steelswarm Hercules"
The demons known as the "Steelswarm" contained the wicked thoughts known as the "Evilswarm" inside their bodies.


In order to combat the "Evilswarm"-ification phenomenon that corrupted the weak and troubled with wicked thoughts, the "Constellars" developed autonomous mobile weapons called "Vylon", which could not be corrupted by the "Evilswarm".

"Vylon Omega"
To cut down the "Steelswarm" en masse, the strongest "Vylon" was developed and based on "Constellar Omega".


We'll reveal a list of the constellations that protect the "Constellars". The holy armors they wear bear motifs matching their respective guardian constellations, so those interested should check that out.

The Constellation Ophiuchus[edit]

"Constellar Rasalhague"

The Constellation Aries[edit]

"Constellar Sheratan"

The Constellation Taurus[edit]

"Constellar Pleiades""Constellar Hyades""Constellar Aldebaran"

The Constellation Gemini[edit]

"Constellar Castor"
"Constellar Pollux"

The Constellation Cancer[edit]

"Constellar Acubens""Constellar Praesepe"

The Constellation Leo[edit]

"Constellar Leonis"

The Constellation Virgo[edit]

"Constellar Virgo"

The Constellation Libra[edit]

"Constellar Zubeneschamali"

The Constellation Scorpius[edit]

"Constellar Antares"

The Constellation Sagittarius[edit]

"Constellar Kaus""Constellar Omega"

The Constellation Capricornus[edit]

"Constellar Algiedi"

The Constellation Aquarius[edit]

"Constellar Siat"

The Constellation Pisces[edit]

"Constellar Alrescha"

Series Introduction: Record of the "Evilswarm" Invasion[edit]

A diary was discovered in the devastated "Mist Valley" Marshlands. It included entries concerning the "Invasions of the Greatest Threat"... the "Evilswarm"...

The World's Third Age: Xth Day of the Month of Mist: The Corruption Begins[edit]


There's a report from a week ago about something strange happening at the remains of an ancient "Mist Valley" battlefield. Those who fell in the Great War against the "Worms" that happened so long ago... the mechanical dolls known as the "Allies of Justice" and the "Genex"... the past heroes of "Mist Valley"... all of them were taken over and corrupted... and yes, even the fallen corpses of the "Worms" ended up corrupted, too...

"Evilswarm Coppelia""Evilswarm Golem""Evilswarm Azzathoth""Evilswarm Thunderbird"

The World's Third Age: Xth Day of the Month of Fire: The Multiplying "Evilswarm"[edit]


As the battles against the strange lifeforms called the "Evilswarm" went into full swing, the tribes united to fight the menace. We fought valiantly, but those who fell to the enemy were corrupted, joining their ranks and further strengthening their forces... It seems that even the strongest among us, the "Gem-Knights" and "Gusto", have already become their prey.

"Evilswarm O'lantern""Evilswarm Hraesvelg""Evilswarm Thanatos""Evilswarm Heliotrope"

The World's Third Age: Xth Day of the Month of Forest: The End of Everything...[edit]


The Three Dragons have been released from their seal, but they've already been corrupted by the "Evilswarm". It's likely that the world will fall to ruin by their power, which seems to have gotten stronger from their sheer malice. Even the "Constellars", armed with the will of Heaven and fighting against this scourge, had some of their number end up corrupted... Is there any hope left for this world...?

"Evilswarm Castor""Evilswarm Ophion""Evilswarm Bahamut""Evilswarm Ouroboros"

The story ends here, as the diary's owner suffered a terrible fate due to the infestation of the "Evilswarm". Although we lost everything in the plague of the "Evilswarm", the survivors must bring back this world that nearly teetered into the abyss of destruction...

Series Introduction: "Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth"[edit]

"Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth"
The Creator of this revived celestial body purifies the world that has gone to ruin!!

She is the Creator of the ancestors of the tribes that currently live on the planet. Unable to remain indifferent to the endless battles on the planet's surface, and in order to restart things once again, she revived, seeking to destroy everything that existed on the planet's surface.

Pick Up Card[edit]

"Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth" Card
It's unable to be Normal Summoned, and its Special Summon has very difficult conditions, but if you manage to Special Summon it, you can activate its transcendent effect that virtually resets everything.

The Endless Cycle of Creation and Destruction[edit]

CREATION: The Goddess Who Created Many of the Tribes Living on the Surface[edit]

After completely cleansing the filthy surface, she hopes to create new life, which would differentiate and evolve soon enough. "I hope to see the world I desire this time"... Without knowing the terrifying reason behind her selfish wish, the people born in this era of war charged towards her.

DESTRUCTION: Repeated Resets Caused by the Goddess' Whims[edit]

When she reset things in the past, no one was sure what the standards were for her purge and reset, because no one survived. Whenever she decides, seemingly suddenly, that everything living on the surface is no longer worth keeping alive, everything she sees begins to be erased. She has repeated this process of creation and destruction many times, and she herself may be a witness to the great cycle of reincarnation

The Tribes Created by "Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth"[edit]

The tribes that control the four elements of "Earth", "Water", "Fire" and "Wind" were the first that she produced. The tribes that currently live on the surface are derived, and have evolved, from those original tribes. There are now multiple tribes of these attributes, which drives "Sophia" to fear the that the balance between the elements on the surface world will shatter and result in the extinction of the various species.

"Mist Valley""X-Saber""Ice Barrier"