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Duel World is a place where Duelists can Duel each other to their heart's content. Worthy Duelists are drawn to Duel World from all dimensions.

— In-game description

Duel Worlds (デュエルワールド) are the hub areas in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Each Duel World represents a different series of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and/or manga. All Duel Worlds have the same facilities, though some Standard Duelists and all Legendary Duelists are exclusive to their respective series' world.

There are currently a total of 6 different Duel Worlds in the game: Duel World (DM), Duel World (DSOD), Duel World (GX), Duel World (5D's), Duel World (ZEXAL), and Duel World (ARC-V).


Standard Duelists and Legendary Duelists spawn throughout all areas of each Duel World. Legendary Duelists spawn independently of other Legendary Duelists spawning in other Worlds, while Standard Duelists are tied and the maximum available is shared over all Worlds. Gifts also spawn occasionally throughout each Duel World giving the player Gate Keys or Gold, also each area has an intractable decoration that will occasionally gift the player with 1-5 Gems when they click on it.


The Gate is the primary facility of this area. Here the player can challenge Legendary Duelists from any series in exchange for Gate Keys. Some events also add special Event Duelists to the Gate, where they can be Dueled for a limited time in exchange for event items, instead of Gate Keys. New Legendary Duelists are added to the Gate by completing Stage Missions, including formally event exclusive characters after their event is taken out of circulation.

The second facility of this area is the Duel Trials (formally named Duel School). Here the player can participate in Loaner Deck Duels, and puzzles, as well access tutorials and the help menu.

During certain events, the Card Trader EX is also present on the map, allowing the player to trade their EX Jewels for cards, boosters and Gold. The fountain at the back can be tapped for a chance of Gems.

PvP Arena[edit]

The PvP Arena is the facility where players can Duel against other players from around the world in ranked or casual duels. Players can also view their PvP statistics by region and watch their saved replays. PvP Events can also be accessed here.

The other features of this area are the shortcut to ranked duels, and intractable lamps.


The Shop facility is the primary method that players will obtain cards in game through BOXes and Structure Decks by spending Gems or making an in-app purchase. The Shop also sells additional Deck Slots for characters, Card Sleeves & Game Mats, as well as items to make farming and grinding more convenient. The roof of the shop can be tapped for a chance of Gems.

The Card Trader also appears on this screen after the player has advanced through several Stage Levels, allowing the player to obtain cards not available in the Shop in exchange for Gold and Jewels.

Card Studio[edit]

The Card Studio area is the fourth screen in Duel World. It's most prominent feature is the Card Studio facility that revolves around viewing and managing the players cards and Decks.

  • The Decklists feature is where the player can view Decklists submitted by other players or Konami as well as submit and share their own Decklists. Players can also set a Goal Decklist to help them monitor their progress towards building a Deck they do not have all the cards for.
  • The Deck Editor is the feature that allows the player to view and edit their Decklists for all their characters.
  • The Card Catalog allows lists all cards avaliable in game, as well as those that the player has obtained and allows converting of undesired cards into Gold and Jewels. It also has a link to the Forbidden/Limited list.
  • The Skill List displays all the Skills in the game and which characters can unlock them.
  • The Customization feature only allows viewing of unlocked Card Sleeves and Game Mats, as setting them was moved to the Deck Editor when it became possible to assign different Sleeves/Mats to each Deck.
  • The KC Report is a feature that displays various statistics on the game, including those related to the KC Cups.

The other features of the Card Studio area are the Street Replay, where player can interact with to watch a PvP Duel and receive 5 Gems per day, as well as the intractable the trashcan (Yusei's toolbox in 5D's).


Update history[edit]

At launch, there was only a single Duel World (which was later given the name Duel World (DM)).