Dungeon Dice Monsters: Battle

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Attack and Defense[edit]

During his/her turn, a player may declare Attacks against the opponent's monster with each of his/her monsters. The opponent may declare a Defense in response. These Normal Attacks and Normal Defenses, which were not activated through Special Abilities, must follow these rules:

Normal Attack:[edit]

Each of your monsters in the Dungeon are able to attack once per turn. To declare an attack, you must spend 1 Attack Crest from your Crest Pool. The attack target must be in front, behind, left or right of your attacking monster.

Normal Defense:[edit]

To declare a Defense, you must spend 1 Defense Crest from your Crest Counter. There is no limit to the number of times that a monster can defend in the same turn. However, a Defense Crest must be spent each time the monster defends.

  • Note: You can't pay multiple Attack/Defense Crest to increase the ATK/DEF of your monsters, unless a special ability allows for such.

Damage Calculation[edit]

The Battle Damage resulting from a Monster Battle is calculated in two different manners, depending on whether the attack was defended or not:

When the attack is defended[edit]

  • If the ATK of your attacking monster is higher than the DEF of the defending monster, the defending monster takes damage to its HP equal to the difference.
  • If the ATK of your attacking monster is less than or equal to the DEF of the defending monster, neither monster takes any damage (weaker attackers only receive damage due to defense in the Gameboy Advance version of the game).

When the attack wasn't defended[edit]

The attacked monster takes damage to its HP by an amount equal to the attacking Monster's ATK.