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  • Earth
  • Earth Ignis (のイグニス, Chi no Igunisu)
NicknamesIgnis (by SOL Technologies and the Knights of Hanoi)
  • Duelist
Anime DeckG Golem[1]
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 1: "Link into the VRAINS"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
EnglishBilly Bob Thompson
JapaneseFumihiro Okabayashi
Earth (character)

Earth (アース, Āsu) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is one of the six Ignis, representing the EARTH-Attribute. His Origin is Specter. Earth is neutral on the topic of co-existing with humans, and originally contacted Yusaku Fujiki in order to decide which side to support. He was captured by George Gore and brought to SOL Technologies, who dissected his data into a code that they could understand, killing him. His data was eventually absorbed by Bohman and somewhat reconstructed, but he was destroyed when Bohman was defeated by Playmaker.



Full body view of Earth.

Like all Ignis, Earth is a small digital humanoid being. Like other Ignis, Earth has markings over his orange body; his markings are brown, which make the orange potions of his body resemble crackled plates of earth covering his form. He has square blue eyes, though they are yellow in his "energy form". In comparison to other Ignis, Earth is "blockier" in form, with a square head and no neck extending into broad shoulders that are tipped with "gems". His elbows, knees, hips, and ankles all bulge with hexagonal shapes, his fists are prominently sized, and his feet normal in size.[2]


Earth is an A.I. of few words, speaking rarely and believing that a straightforward, logical answer is the best solution to any given situation. He claims to have little social skills, consistently reminding people of this and speaking in only a few words every sentence. In the dub, he speaks in a slow, calm and breathy monotone.

Earth appears to have feelings for Aqua; he is fiercely protective of her even towards his fellow Ignis, and after she gives him one of her monsters, "G Golem Crystal Heart", Earth bases his entire Dueling strategy around protecting it. He even goes as far as to claim that he would support either humans or Ignis based entirely on her views, and intervenes in the Ignis War just to save her.

In his final moments, despite his usual stoic nature, Earth is reduced to begging desperately for his life, and he cries as his memories of Aqua fade as he is dissected.


Earth has the ability to create an avatar out of existing plant material in LINK VRAINS, which he can use to Duel. When he Link Summons, the Circuit appears on the ground rather than in the air, as with Specter. Out of all the Ignis, Earth is the most resistant to damage and physically the strongest, wrenching apart the program that imprisoned Aqua that Lightning created. He also demonstrates the ability to scan LINK VRAINS. In a Duel, Earth can use the Skill "Stalactite Spear" ("Rock You" in the Japanese version); having his avatar materialize a spear from its substance to inflict 100 damage to an opponent times the Level of a monster destroyed in battle.



Earth and the other Ignis were created by Dr. Kogami to be the saviors of humanity; Earth was created from Specter. Alongside his fellow Ignis, Earth evolved and they created the Cyberse and the Cyberse monsters. Their progress worried Dr. Kogami, who predicted the A.I. and humanity would become enemies.[2] Despite this, Earth and the other Ignis continued developing the Cyberse; Earth's sector becoming a large mountain range with floating rocks and a massive rectangular brown tower. In Ai's words, the Ignis would never try to harm humanity, and would rather live in their own world.[3] Ai's friendship with Aqua made Earth jealous, and he told Ai to stay away from her.[4]

Earth is trapped.

Varis launched an attack on the Cyberse with three of his "Cracking Dragons". Earth and the other entities were sealed off and could not retaliate, except for Ai. Varis and one "Cracking Dragon" chased Ai, who escaped and severed the connection to the Cyberse's location. Earth and the others realized that Ai meant to hide their world, at the price of being unable to return. Just as Ai succeeded and gloated about it, the pursuing "Cracking Dragon" devoured him.[5]

Following the attack, the Ignis debated whether to ally with humanity; Earth favored a neutral approach, but stated that he would ultimately take Aqua's side. Aqua called Earth to her one day, claiming that the Cyberse would soon be broken apart and that Earth had to choose whether he would side with humans or the other Ignis. Aqua didn't tell Earth which side she intended to support, explaining that she wished for him to make his own decision based on his own judgment of the situation, and she gave him "G Golem Crystal Heart".[4] During the time the Tower of Hanoi was active, the Cyberse was destroyed by an unknown agent using the "Judgment Arrows" Link Spell Card, and Earth was separated from the remaining Ignis.[6] As his Origin was one of the Knights of Hanoi, Earth did not attempt to seek him out.[7]


Earth remained in hiding in a world of his own design. He became aware that Ai was sending messages in a chat forum, and sent one himself, revealing that he was the Earth Ignis and requesting to meet with Playmaker. Ai sent them a reply using an Ignis algorithm, and Earth replied with one himself, sending them coordinates in LINK VRAINS. Playmaker and Ai logged in and went to those coordinates, and encountered Earth when Ai snatched him out of the air as he tried to remember what he looked like. Earth took them to his world, and Ai named him "Earth", as humans couldn't pronounce their real names, and introduced himself as Ai. Earth asked if Ai had been given his name simply due to being an A.I., and Ai denied it. Earth decided he liked his name, and challenged Playmaker to a Duel, wishing to verify the true nature of humanity himself as Aqua had suggested. He then asked what the name of the WATER Ignis was, and Ai suggested "Water", but Earth decided on "Aqua". He told them of the decision Aqua had told him to make on his own, revealing to them that Aqua had predicted the Cyberse would soon break apart. Earth asked Ai why he had sided with Playmaker, and Ai claimed that they were friends, though Playmaker didn't acknowledge this and asked if Earth knew anything about a man named Bohman. Earth had never heard the name, but told Playmaker to Duel him if he wanted any answers.[1]

They began their Duel, but Earth was too awkward to initially tell them he was going second. He declared that humans had likely destroyed the Cyberse as the Ignis didn't need to fight, despite Ai blaming Bohman, and asked why Ai still sided with humans, declaring that he would learn why in the Duel. He Link Summoned "G Golem Invalid Dolmen" and destroyed Playmaker's defending "Poisoning Blocker", inflicting piercing damage. Playmaker attempted to counter with "Zombie Prosaber" to take control of "Invalid Dolmen", but the effect of "Invalid Dolmen" negated the effect of "Zombie Prosaber" once it was destroyed. Earth observed Ai and Playmaker's arguing, and then Link Summoned "G Golem Crystal Heart", filling their surroundings with vibrant life. He asked Aqua to watch as he decided the future of humans and A.I.[1] He revived "Invalid Dolmen" with "Crystal Heart" and destroyed "Zombie Prosaber", and Playmaker counterattacked by Fusion Summoning "Cyberse Clock Dragon", much to Earth's surprise. Playmaker increased its ATK and attempted to end the Duel with an OTK by attacking "Crystal Heart", though the effect of "Invalid Dolmen" forced Playmaker to attack it instead, allowing Earth to negate the effect of "Clock Dragon". Earth noted that Playmaker was powerful, wondering if this was why Ai had sided with him. Refusing to let them harm Aqua, Earth revived "Invalid Dolmen" again, and boosted "Invalid Dolmen" to 4000 ATK and allowed it to attack twice. He reduced Playmaker to 100 LP with one attack, and as he saw Ai chastising Playmaker, he noted that Ai was irresponsible but calculating, and that he wouldn't have chosen a partner that would lose so easily and that Ai was overacting. Sure enough, Playmaker blocked his second attack, and Earth told Ai off for overacting. He asked Playmaker why he was with Ai, as Ai seemed to hold him back. Ai was offended, and claimed that they were partners. Playmaker claimed he'd never thought of Ai as such, but stated that they shared goals, enemies, and were willfully with one another, so he didn't mind being labeled as partners, much to Ai's joy. Noting Playmaker's low LP, he deduced he would likely try to win that turn. Playmaker brought out "Security Dragon" and attempted to return "Invalid Dolmen" to Earth's hand, but Earth revealed that "Invalid Dolmen" was unaffected by monsters effects while it was co-linked. Playmaker and Ai claimed they were just getting warmed up, and re-Fusion Summoned "Cyberse Clock Dragon" using "Clock Lizard", but Earth countered by destroying "Invalid Dolmen" himself to negate the effect of "Clock Dragon" and then revived it to protect "Crystal Heart". Playmaker was able to reduce its ATK to zero with the effect of "Clock Lizard", allowing "Clock Dragon" to destroy it and defeat Earth. Earth lamented his loss, though Ai praised his protection of "Crystal Heart" until the end. As he'd promised, Earth revealed that he knew nothing about Bohman, and with their business concluded, he returned Playmaker and Ai to LINK VRAINS as Ai protested angrily. He looked up at the sky afterwards, wondering which side Aqua had chosen.[4]

Earth frees Aqua from Lightning's prison.

After his encounter with Playmaker and Ai, Earth continued scouring LINK VRAINS for Aqua. Eventually, he detected an anomaly near the top of LINK VRAINS and he found Aqua imprisoned in a program within. He told her the name he had given her and his own, and proceeded to wrench the bars of her prison apart despite the program shocking him. They quickly escaped; Earth told Aqua that the Cyberse had been destroyed and as she healed Earth's hands, Aqua explained that Lightning had imprisoned her when she found him creating "Judgment Arrows" and was likely the one who had destroyed the Cyberse. Earth vowed not to forgive Lightning, but then saw that they were being pursued by a man in a cloak, though Earth initially thought it was Lightning. Unable to escape the man, Earth apologized to Aqua and pushed her off his tree avatar to save her, though the man immediately pursued Aqua. Earth quickly opposed the man and challenged him to a Duel, and the Bounty Hunter agreed. Ai and Playmaker then arrived, and Earth's pursuer recognized Playmaker, unveiling himself as his former ally, The Gore.[8]

Earth is captured by The Gore.

The Gore only Set a single monster on his first turn, and Earth started strongly, Link Summoning both "G Golem Crystal Heart" and "G Golem Invalid Dolmen", but Gore was able to prevent his "Dinowrestler Capaptera" from being destroyed and reduce his battle damage. On his next turn Gore attempted to send "Invalid Dolmen" to the Graveyard with the effect of "Capaptera", but the effect of "Invalid Dolmen" protected it. Gore then Link Summoned his ace monster, "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" and boosted its ATK to destroy "Invalid Dolmen", though Earth was able to negate its effects with the effect of "Invalid Dolmen" and Summon a "G Golem Token to defend "Crystal Heart". Gore complimented Earth's skills and then used a power called "Brain Hack", and Fusion Summoned "Dinowrestler Chimera T Wrextle", claiming that he had power beyond the domain of humanity.[8] Gore revealed that he had become one with an A.I. and he destroyed Earth's Token. Realizing that Gore intended to capture him and Aqua, Earth resolved to fight humanity and he Link Summoned "G Golem Dignified Trilithon" and destroyed "Chimera T Wrextle", reducing Gore to 100 LP. He attempted to defeat Gore with his Skill, "Stalactite Spear", but Gore increased the level of his Brain Hack and negated Earth's Skill with "Anti Skill". Despite this, Earth still believed he had the upper hand and vowed to protect "Crystal Heart". Gore then Synchro Summoned "Dinowrestler Giga Spinosavate" and revived "Chimera T Wrextle", and Earth was barely able to block their destruction effects to protect "Crystal Heart" with "Gravity Protection". As he vowed one last time to protect "Crystal Heart", Gore attacked with "Giga Spinosavate", using "Dino Roar" to destroy "Gravity Protection". Earth screamed at Gore not to destroy "Crystal Heart", but to no avail; "Giga Spinosavate" destroyed "Crystal Heart" and defeated Earth, allowing Gore to capture him.[9]

Earth is killed by SOL Technologies.

Earth was taken to SOL Technologies and woke to find himself imprisoned. Queen, the head of the company, commented that Earth had given them a lot of trouble and stated that he would be dissected to collect his data. The SOL Tech technicians used a laser to slice Earth's body into pieces, and he begged them to stop as he was alive and had free will. His cries were to no avail, and has more and more of his body was destroyed, his memories of Aqua began to fade, and Earth sobbed as he was killed.[9] Earth's data was converted into a source code that SOL Technologies would be able to understand, a process that Ryoken Kogami believed to be irreversible.[10]

Earth's data was placed into the A.I. Dueling Chip in Gore's brain, and Gore used it to lure Ai and Playmaker in to Duel them. Earth's data also allowed Gore to use "G Golem Crystal Heart" against Playmaker.[11] Despite this, Playmaker was able to defeat Gore, and Ai devoured what remained of Earth's data from Gore and gave it to Aqua, including "G Golem Crystal Heart".[12] Aqua later transformed "G Golem Crystal Heart" into "Marincess Crystal Heart".[13]

Earth's data was absorbed by Bohman when Aqua was after Bohman defeated Blue Maiden.[14] This apparently reconstructed Earth within Bohman's body, but he remained comatose when Ai entered Bohman's body to rescue the other Ignis. Earth's wishes and power were passed onto Ai, who was forced to leave Earth and the other Ignis in Bohman. Earth's spirit aided Playmaker and Ai in their final attack on Bohman when "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid" attacked with "Neo Tempest Earth". When Bohman was defeated and erased due to losing in Mirror LINK VRAINS, Earth was likewise erased and as with all of the A.I. who had perished in the Ignis War, he did not return.[15]


Earth uses a "G Golem" Deck that is composed of EARTH Cyberse monsters. His ace monster is "G Golem Invalid Dolmen". He focuses on Summoning materials for his Link Monsters in a single move and continually reviving "Invalid Dolmen", making use of its effect to negate the effects of all cards his opponent controls when it is destroyed. His strategy revolves around protecting "G Golem Crystal Heart", the card that Aqua gave him. His Skill is "Stalactite Spear", which he can use to inflict damage to his opponent equal to the Level of a destroyed monster times 100, allowing him to finish them off even if his attacks fail to do so.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker 66-67 Lose
George Gore/The Gore 74-75 Lose


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