Electric Chair Ride

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Electric Chair Ride
Electric Chair Ride
EnglishElectric Chair Ride


English (Asia)Electric Chair Ride of Death
Game details
Orchestrator(s)Kaiba Manor butler
EventDeath T-2
LocationHorror Zone
Chapters30: "Don't Make a Sound!"

The Electric Chair Ride, known as the Electric Chair Ride of Death in the Japanese version is a dangerous game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, where players sat in a roller coaster-like ride, while wearing helmets that would inflict a deadly shock if they screamed.

It was the first part of stage 2 of Death-T, played while transporting Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu, Honda and Johji to the Murderer's Mansion. The Kaiba Manor butler who was an expert in torture took part in the game too and orchestrated it.


  • All the players must sit on electric chairs in a car.
  • As the car moves along a set of rails, the players are subjected to various spooks and unpleasantries.
  • If a person screams, they will receive an electric shock of one million volts.


The players in the car

The Kaiba Manor butler, who was an expert in various forms of torture, designed the ride for Kaiba's Death-T theme park, intended to kill Yugi Mutou. He used certified electric chairs, which had been used to kill many criminals.

When Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu, Honda and Johji arrived at the Horror Zone of Death-T, the butler guided them to the ride. Once the group sat down, he strapped them all in, apart from Johji, who sat on Anzu's lap. The butler then explained the rules and sat down to take part in the game too. Having designed the ride and knowing how to avoid screaming, the butler was sure he would be okay.

For the first horror, the butler subjected the players to holographic monsters inside a graveyard scene. The monsters included a mummy, Gyaogan, skeletons, zombies and bats. The others struggled, but managed not to scream.

The second horror

The butler turned on the second horror, causing steam to hiss out of the chairs, followed by mechanical hands, which felt and groped the players and a zombie head on a spring. At some point after the beginning of this stage, Jonouchi fainted, preventing him from screaming for the rest of the ride.

Unable to take much more, Anzu felt she was about to scream. Johji noticed this and decided to try and save her. He got off her lap, crawled to the butler, climbed onto his lap and defecated on him. Once the butler realized what happened, he let out a scream, giving himself a shock.

Without anyone orchestrating the horrors, the group arrived at the Murderer's Mansion alive.