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Emma Bessho

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Emma Bessho (べっしょエマ, Bessho Ema) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. When Dueling in LINK VRAINS, she is known as Ghost Gal (Ghost Girl (ゴーストガール, Gōsuto Gāru) in the Japanese version). She is a hacker for hire and a bounty hunter involved with the Zaizen family. She often does small jobs for Akira Zaizen, who she has history with.

Emma Bessho
Emma Bessho
  • Emma Bessho
  • Ghost Gal[1]
  • Ghost Girl (ゴーストガール Gōsuto Gāru)[2]
Other languages
(Fanciulla Fantasma)
  • Female
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 3: "Contact"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
  • Megan MacPhee
  • Yuna Kamakura
Bessho, Emma

In the second season, Emma refuses the offer to hunt down Playmaker as thanks for him saving her life, which draws her into opposition with her half-brother, Kengo Dojun. She takes Skye Zaizen under her wing in order to pursue the Ignis more peacefully than the Bounty Hunters hired by SOL Technologies.




Full body view of Emma.
Emma as Ghost Gal.

Emma is a tall young woman with fair skin. She has long pink hair with lavender bangs and pink eyes. She also wears reddish-pink lipstick. She wears a black outfit with a dark pink t-shirt underneath with dark blue strip going across her body and a black belt at the waistline. She also wears a black choker and black and purple boots and sports black finger-less gloves on both of her hands.

As Ghost Gal, Emma's bangs, eyes, and part of her hair change from lavender and pink to gray. She wears a short-sleeved skintight black shirt lined with grey at the edges and down the center that extends into a mask that covers the lower half of her face, under a sleeveless blue and black one-piece outfit that ends in short shorts. Her belt is the same in form, and has a grey buckle with a golden "G" emblazoned on it, and her gloves are also the same. She also wears a pouch strapped to her right thigh, and mid-thigh-high black stockings with calf-length black boots with grey soles and straps. When she uses her Skill, Secret Cure, the blue parts of her outfit glow.

During the second season, Ghost Gal changes her outfit. Though similar in shape to her previous outfit, it diverges in the details, and she no longer wears a mask. She wears a small dark grey mantle over a blue, white, and black one-piece outfit that ends in short shorts and short sleeves. Her gloves are dark grey and extend further down her arms, with straps around the wrist and pink backs. Her boots, stockings, and pack are the same, but dark grey instead of black with black straps and soles instead of light grey ones.


Emma is shown to be a mercenary Duelist/hacker for hire. She is cunning, playful, devious and skilled as shown when she trapped Playmaker. She also appears to have an interest in Playmaker. Emma shows little concern over which side of a conflict she takes as long as she gets paid and is even willing to backstab people she's worked with before. She prefers showing her clients proof that she indeed has the data they want before giving them the full archives as a show of trust. Emma studies her opponents and surroundings carefully and makes close and precise assumptions to their moves. Thus, she uses this knowledge as she sees fit.

Emma does show some legitimate concern for Akira Zaizen though, informing him of her plans if she feels it will benefit him as well. This also extends towards his younger sister, Skye Zaizen, as well, showing a particularly soft spot for her, encouraging her to take action when needed. Her English voice actress, Megan Macphee, describes her as a "strong lady".


Emma is a very skilled hacker and has the ability to turn the entirety of LINK VRAINS into a trap.[4]

Ghost Gal's rope program.

Inside LINK VRAINS, as a treasure hunter, she has equipment which helps her. She has a built-in rope feature in her Duel Disk, allowing her to swing. She also has "fireflies" which scan the areas and tell Emma where to go. She also has a knife which allowed her to cut through a virtual barrier.[5] In addition, she has a rope she can deploy to grapel to points or people and a shielding program she uses with Blue Angel to dissipate the wind.[6]


Emma is an English name which means whole or universal and shares same katakana as the Japanese name "Ema". Bessho has no particular meaning on it own but is homophonous with the word "bessho" (別称) which means alias, pseudonym, pen name, or nom de plume.



Emma worked alongside Akira Zaizen and Blood Shepherd in a net world that was not LINK VRAINS to capture a hacker. Blood Shepherd used them as bait to attain a chance to destroy the hacker's Avatar, and rescue Emma from the hacker's bomb, calling her by her real name.[7]


While riding her motorcycle, Emma met up with Akira Zaizen, who requested her help in finding information about Playmaker, who had become a popular figure in the city. She agreed as she was also interested in him.[2] Ghost Gal went to LINK VRAINS, where she observed the Speed Duels between Playmaker and The Gore, and Blue Angel.[8][9]

Ghost Gal turns LINK VRAINS into a trap for Playmaker.

She was present in the hospital when Zaizen learned of his sister's condition. At some point, Emma was hired by SOL Technologies and reported to them about Skye being Blue Angel. She later met with Zaizen to discuss trapping Playmaker, where she revealed that she had divulged Zaizen's relationship to Blue Angel to SOL Technologies. Ghost Gal masqueraded as Blue Angel and successfully lured Playmaker to LINK VRAINS. He confronted her knowing that she was deceiving him, she then proceeded to trap him and witnessed Zaizen interrogate and torture Playmaker. She was surprised by the appearance of Varis and his ability to control Data Storms.[4] Per Zaizen's orders, Ghost Gal went after Varis and Playmaker with a camera to film their Duel. She was intrigued by how Playmaker performed three Link Summons to summon "Decode Talker", and was shocked at Varis's power to summon a Data Storm and "Topologic Bomber Dragon".[10] As Varis and Playmaker were drawn inside the Data Storm, Ghost Gal was unable to enter it, and her cameras stopped recording.[11]

Ghost Gal enters the Data Storm to watch Varis and Playmaker's Duel.

Ghost Gal admitted that she could log out of LINK VRAINS to create a program to enter the Data Storm, but she would not be able to return to the network. To her surprise, someone created a path for her to enter the Data Storm, and Ghost Gal realized that Playmaker had an ally they never knew about. The path allowed her to enter the eye of the Storm, and Ghost Gal watched Varis and Playmaker's Master Duel, with her cameras recording it. She learned about the Ignis, A.I. said to have free will like the one Playmaker held.[9] As she watched the Duel, Ghost Gal commented on the situation, and she learned that Playmaker desired revenge for something that had happened to him ten years previously. This intrigued her, hearing the connection with SOL Technologies. When Varis was defeated, Ghost Gal returned to Zaizen, and watched as Playmaker used the virus-removal program he'd won on Blue Angel. Blue Angel disappeared, and Ghost Gal reassured Akira that she had successfully logged out. Playmaker left before Zaizen could thank him, impressing Ghost Gal with his cool attitude. After logging out, Ghost Gal sent an anonymous tip to Zaizen's chauffeur, Nathaniel, to drive Zaizen to the hospital to be with his sister.[12] A few days later Emma ran into Café Nom and met Kolter, but neither recognized each other as either "Ghost Gal" or "Playmaker's assistant". After ordering a coffee and two chili dogs, she said she was interested in Dueling Playmaker, raising Yusaku's interest. Later she logged into LINK VRAINS and met with Frog and Pigeon regarding a interview they had asked "Ghost Gal" to do for them. She gave them the answers to their questions as well as all the information she had gathered about Playmaker for a very expensive price. The information she gave the two reporters would've allowed them to make a big scoop regarding everything Playmaker has done and vital information about the Ignis, but Yusaku and Kolter deleted the scoop while cleaning files involving Playmaker.[13]

After her interview, Emma was doing research on Playmaker, recalling his Skill to obtain monsters from the Data Storm and that ordinary people could not use. She wondered if Playmaker could use it because of his connection with the Data Storm, which she believed to be related to the incident that Varis and Playmaker had discussed. She attempted to find out more by hacking SOL Technologies' data bank with a backdoor program, but a Data Storm protected the database, forcing her to shut down her computer. Emma later spoke with Zaizen about his demotion despite helping save LINK VRAINS; Zaizen replied that he didn't mind as Skye had been healed. Emma noted that Zaizen had been replaced by his former boss, Kitamura, whom Akira believed to be the one making a Duelist army that of A.I. Emma explained that she wanted the Incident Playmaker had been involved in, but as Zaizen knew nothing about it, she'd decided to search on her own by hacking into SOL Technologies' data bank. Zaizen was shocked, but Emma claimed it was just to make connections with them. Zaizen asked her to give the program to him, but Emma replied that she didn't have to, suggesting he pay her. Zaizen refused, so Emma left, suggesting that Playmaker could buy the program. Back at her house, Emma recalled how someone created a path for her to enter the Data Storm during Varis and Playmaker's Master Duel, and she analyzed the program used to create the path and sent a message to its writer offering them the backdoor program if they could defeat her in a Duel.[14]

Emma logs in to LINK VRAINS.
Ghost Gal shows the program she places as a stake for the Duel.

She soon received a reply, and she quickly logged into the LINK VRAINS. Ghost Gal quickly met up with Playmaker, and showed him the program she set as a stake for their Duel. Playmaker wondered why she wouldn't access the data bank, she claimed that she wanted his A.I. so she could sell it to SOL Technologies. She admitted she grew more interested in Playmaker after his latest Duel, and that she wanted to battle him as a cyber treasure hunter. Despite Ai's warnings, Playmaker accepted her challenge. In her first turn, Ghost Gal summoned "Altergeist Marionetter" and Set two Trap Cards, misdirecting Playmaker enough to fend off the attack of his "Cyberse Wizard" with "Altergeist Kunquery". Despite his attack's failure, Ghost Gal was intrigued by his courage in attacking despite despite her Set cards. Ghost Gal then Link Summoned "Altergeist Primebanshee" and swapped one of her "Altergeist Marionetters" for "Altergeist Meluseek", aiming to defeat Playmaker before he could use his Skill. Ai believed that Ghost Gal couldn't inflict enough damage in one turn, but was scolded by both Ghost Gal and Playmaker for such thinking; Playmaker claimed no Duelist would make such a simple error, making Ghost Gal wonder why everyone was after this "dumb A.I.". "Meluseek" attacked directly, sending "Cyberse Wizard" to the Graveyard with its effect, allowing "Marionetter" and "Primebanshee" to attack Playmaker directly. Ghost Gal smiled, feeling her dreams grow larger, and ordered Playmaker to brace himself for his defeat.[14]

Playmaker was able to save himself by Special Summoning "Lockout Gardna" in Attack Position. Rather than attack it and reduce Playmaker's LP low enough to use "Storm Access", Ghost Gal (not fooled by Ai's attempts to entice her into attacking) opted not to attack. On Playmaker's turn, Ghost Gal swapped "Altergeist Meluseek" with "Altergeist Silquitous", by using the effect of "Altergeist Primebanshee", and also added another "Kunquery" to her hand. Playmaker attempted to destroy her ace with "Backlinker", but was prevented by Ghost Gal's "Altergeist Protocol". Ghost Gal claimed she could anticipate their every move: Playmaker attempted to revive Backlinker with "Striping Partner", but was stopped by "Altergeist Silquitos". Using "Lockout Gardna", both effects were negated, though Ghost Gal had one final trap prepared. She noted how Playmaker was an interesting person, as she suspected. Playmaker Link Summoned "Underclock Taker" and tried to weaken "Altergeist Primebanshee". Ghost Gal countered that with "Altergeist Camouflage", and protected "Altegeist Primebanshee" from attacks, stating Playmaker had reached his limits.[15]

Playmaker saves Ghost Gal from the Data Storm.
"Excode Talker" attacks Ghost Gal directly.

But Playmaker paid 1000 LP to activate the effect of his "Balancer Lord", bringing him low enough to use "Storm Access". Ghost Gal refused to let him do so, activating her own Skill "Secret Cure" to increase their LP. Despite her efforts, Playmaker Special Summoned "Scan Doll", and paid 1000 LP to use "Altergeist Protocol" on "Altergeist Silquitos". However, Ghost Gal believed he simply forgot about "Altergeist Kunquery" she still had in her hand. Playmaker used "Storm Access", and Ghost Gal followed him into the Data Storm, but she lost control of her Duel Board and fell off. To her surprise, Playmaker saved her, reminding her their Duel was not over yet. Outside the Data Storm, Ghost Gal thanked Playmaker, but stated that him saving her had nothing to do with their Duel. Playmaker brought out "Excode Talker", and prevented Ghost Gal from using two of her remaining Monster Zones, thus sealing he effect of "Kunquery" and leaving her open to the direct attacks of "Excode Talker", which defeated her. After the Duel, Ghost Gal watched the moon. Ai stated that it was just data, though Ghost Gal replied dumb A.I.s couldn't understand this feeling. Ghost Gal gave the backdoor program to Playmaker, bid him farewell and departed, but not before deleting the footage of the Duel that Frog and Pigeon had recorded, wishing to keep their Duel a secret.[15]

Later, Ghost Gal revealed to Zaizen that she had given the program to Playmaker. Zaizen was furious, wondering what was Ghost Gal thinking. As a digital butterfly flew near them, Ghost Gal defended herself, reminding Zaizen that he also wanted to know more about the data in the data bank, but that he had no authority after his demotion. Ghost Gal claimed that Kitamura would be held responsible, and would attempt to stop Playmaker, and Zaized realized that if they used Playmaker as a decoy, nobody would notice their activities. After Zaizen logged out, Ghost Gal addressed the digital butterfly as Blue Angel, well aware that Skye had been spying on them, and she offered her a chance to restore her reputation.[16]

Ghost Gal obtains a data crystal.

Zaizen and Emma watched Playmaker's infiltration in Emma's computer, logging into LINK VRAINS after Kitamura sent two A.I.s to Duel Playmaker.[16] Ghost Gal was pleased to see that Blue Angel had come to the mother computer system to aid Playmaker, much to Zaizen's shock, and her accused Ghost Gal of being involved and tried to save his sister. Ghost Gal reminded him that this was their only chance to learn about the Incident, stating that Zaizen's sister was not a child. With Playmaker and Blue Angel Dueling the A.I.s, they easily made to the data bank, and they learned about the Lost Incident, also known as the Hanoi Project, masterminded by Kiyoshi Kogami that had involved kidnapping six children, including Playmaker. She hid when Playmaker arrived, and asked Zaizen to hide as well, but he refused despite the risks to their plan.[17] Playmaker asked them why they were in the data bank, and Ghost Gal explained that they were after the data as well. Ai accused Ghost Gal of losing on purpose to give them the backdoor route, but Ghost Gal reminded him that she still had the opportunity to obtain him and had been fine with either outcome. She anticipated that Zaizen would challenge Playmaker to a Duel, noting the strength of his Deck and observing his "Tindangle Angel" and "Tindangle Hound" combo, comparing them to Akira and Skye's bond as siblings to bring one another back.[18]

As the Duel continued, Ghost Gal complimented Zaizen for summoning "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" during Playmaker's turn. She was pleased when the watching Blue Angel revealed herself to them, and she chipped in with details as Zaizen revealed the history of the Lost Incident.[19] As the Duel continued, she noted that Zaizen's cards both protected his monsters and gave him multiple ways to win. Despite this, Playmaker withstood him by using "Cynet Backdoor", which would allow his "Firewall Dragon" to make a direct attack on Zaizen. Zaizen was able to prevent him from attacking with "Euler's Circuit", and Ghost Gal believed that this would allow Zaizen to fulfill the conditions of "Gergonne's End" and defeat Playmaker. But despite the limitations, Playmaker triggered the effect of "Gergonne's End" and negated the damage, then his "Firewall Dragon" defeated "Tindangle Acute Cerberus", and defeated Zaizen. Ghost Gal was impressed by Playmaker, noting that nobody could calm his desire for revenge. After Playmaker logged out, Ghost Gal told the Zaizens to be nice to each other, and logged out as well. Emma departed on her motorcycle, wondering who would buy the data she acquired.[20]

Tower of HanoiEdit

Ghost Gal was in LINK VRAINS when an eclipse blocked the virtual sun; she suspected the Knights of Hanoi were behind this, and that this was a new threat.[21] As the Knights of Hanoi began more brazenly invading LINK VRAINS and Deleting people, Emma largely remained at her hideout, observing Kitamura's A.I. army confronting the Knights of Hanoi.[22] At a local café, she watched The Gore Duel a Knight of Hanoi on the news, as well as hearing news that Blue Angel had not appeared in LINK VRAINS for some time. She met Skye at Den City High School, revaling her that she knew her identity as Blue Angel and that she was Ghost Gal. At a nearby bridge, Emma asked if Skye was done with her online persona, and then told her that it would be fine if she stopped being Blue Angel if she couldn't take full responsibility for her actions and only wanted to do things to please herself. After their discussion, Emma rode away on her motorcycle, asking herself why she did that.[23]

Zaizen met up with Emma, reporting that with the Knights of Hanoi gone, peace had returned to LINK VRAINS. Emma wondered if Zaizen came here just to tell her that, and Zaizen admitted that despite the victory, SOL Technologies had been looking for more employees. Zaizen believed that the Knights of Hanoi wouldn't retreat that easily, and noted Varis was still on the loose. Emma felt that something was going on, and she decided search through LINK VRAINS for a treasure. She promised to sell it to Zaizen, who asked for a discount, and Emma promised to think about it. Ghost Gal logged into LINK VRAINS for her treasure hunt, releasing data fireflies to help her in her search. She found Playmaker and Ai, who had traced her data fireflies. Ghost Gal admitted that she had a tip from someone about something going on in LINK VRAINS, and decided that it was likely true if Playmaker was investigating it as well. Ghost Gal admitted that her data fireflies led her to treasure, and Playmaker warned her that the path ahead was dangerous and advised her to log out. Ghost Gal thought Playmaker would steal her treasure, commenting that the reward would be greater if it was dangerous. The data fireflies led them into a data sewer, leading to a reprocessing plant. Playmaker was surprised Ghost Gal knew about it, and Ghost Gal explained that she was a treasure hunter that visited many virtual worlds. They came to a fork in the path; Ghost Gal's data fireflies passed down the path on the right. Ai suggested that they settle who took which path with a game, which amused Ghost Gal. Ghost Gal told him that whoever chose the "lovelier" card from her Deck could choose the path they took. Ai declared a "Destiny Draw", only to pick "Fake Trap". Ghost Gal claimed the card was the least lovely in her Deck, and didn't even bother to draw a card. She bid farewell to Ai and Playmaker, following her fireflies down the path on the right. [5]

Ghost Gal encounters Varis himself.

Ghost Gal came to the reprocessing plant, protected by a force field. Ghost Gal easily cut her way through with a knife, and found a massive pulsing energy core. She had her data fireflies analyze it, and learned that an incredible amount of energy was being poured into the core. Some of her fireflies moved to a different area of the plant, and Ghost Gal used a grappling hook to follow them, only to find Varis, who was surprised by her arrival and noted that she was snooping again. Ghost Gal promised to leave but Varis barred the exits. Ghost Gal asked Varis what he planned to do with her after capturing her, suspecting she would be in trouble. Varis offered her a chance to leave if she defeated him in a Duel, as he wished to test his rebuilt Deck. Ghost Gal attempted to log out, but Varis pointed out that logging out was disabled.[5]

Ghost Gal had no choice but to Speed Duel Varis, and started off by summoning "Altergeist Marionetter" and setting "Altergeist Manifestation".[5] Ghost Gal was surprised that Varis had been in the reprocessing plant, but swore to defeat him to inform the others about what was going on. Ghost Gal noted that Varis did not include an A.I. in his Duel Disk, and Varis stated trusting an AI was foolish. Ghost Gal remembered Varis spoke that Ignis would destroy the world, but Varis ignored her, considering her as a mercenary that would not understand that. Ghost Gal reminded herself of Varis's ace, and noted the longer the Duel lasted, the more she would be at a disadvantage. Varis quickly brought out "Topologic Bomber Dragon", as Ghost Gal sensed Varis wanted to quickly end the Duel. She was able to negate its effects "Altergeist Kunquery", and she asked Varis about the energy sphere, but Varis simply replied that something unimaginable was bound to happen. Ghost Gal then used the effect of "Altergeist Silquitous" to return "Topologic Bomber Dragon" to Varis's Extra Deck, displeasing him, then Link Summoning "Altergeist Primebanshee" and reviving the "Altergeist Kidolga" that she'd used as a Link Material for the latter's Summon. Ghost Gal's "Altergeist" monsters attacked Varis directly, dropping his LP to 400, and the effect of "Kidolga" even took Varis's "Twin Triangle Dragon" to defeat him.[24]

Ghost Gal's data is added to the Tower of Hanoi.

Ghost Gal gloated in her victory, but Varis called her a fool. With a single Trap Card, Varis negated the attack and destroyed all of Ghost Gal's monsters. Ghost Gal realized Varis could have simply played his card earlier to avoid damage, and all of that was just so he could activate his Skill. Varis mocked her for not predicting that, while Ghost Gal returned her "Altergeist Marionetter" to her hand. To prevent Varis from using his Skill, Ghost Gal activated "Secret Cure" to at least raise Varis's LP, but much to her displeasure she drew the zero ATK "Altergeist Kunquery". Varis continued mocking her, stating that her luck had abandoned her. Despite the setback, Ghost Gal planned her strategy to deal with Varis's effects and attacks using "Altergeist Protocol". Unfortunately for her, Varis Set Ghost Gal's card with "Red Reboot", which also let Ghost Gal set a Trap Card from her Deck, but rendered her unable to use any Trap Cards during his turn. Ghost Gal still believed she had the LP and field advantage, but Varis mocked her, claiming that only darkness awaited her from which she could not escape. Varis used his own Skill, "Storm Access", to obtain a new Link Monster, which emitted from the energy sphere. Varis Link Summoned his new monster, "Topologic Trisbaena", and used it to defeat Ghost Gal, who screamed as she fell off her Duel Board. By this point Playmaker had arrived, and he swore to save her, but Ghost Gal claimed that she was too pathetic for a professional. Instead she gave Playmaker the data she had acquired by analyzing the sphere. Ghost Gal glowed with a red light, and started vanishing. She warned Playmaker about Varis and his new card before disappearing.[24] With her loss, her data was added to the Tower of Hanoi and used to construct its rings.[25]

After Playmaker defeated Varis, the Tower of Hanoi was destroyed. As such, everyone's data, including Emma's, were returned to their original owners, restoring their consciousnesses.[26]

Lost IgnisEdit

Emma visited the new LINK VRAINS, noting that there were likely many new treasures to be found here. She encountered The Brave Battler, who introduced himself as Playmaker's ally. Ghost Gal claimed to be impressed, and departed, warning The Brave Battler that he shouldn't broadcast his relationship with Playmaker. She met up with Blood Shepherd in the central plaza, noting that he'd accepted the contract on Playmaker from SOL Technologies. Blood Shepherd confirmed that he had, and criticized Ghost Gal for being soft when she stated that she hadn't as she owed Playmaker. She criticized him for making his decisions based on money, and he replied that it was professional and warned her that he wouldn't show her mercy if she opposed him.[27] She later observed both Playmaker's Speed Duel against Bohman, and Soulburner's against BitBoot, surprising by the Reincarnation Link Summon that Soulburner used.[28][29]

Ghost Gal and Blue Girl using shields to dissipate the wind.

Ghost Gal and Blue Girl successfully managed to enter the unknown world through the portal, where they were met by strong winds. After being nearly brought down, both of them landed safely, only to find the emergency signal from the missing research team. As they reached the cave originating the signal, they found the unconscious researchers. Blue Girl suggested they could rescue them by using their emergency evacuation program, but that would require using both of their logout, and Ghost Gal wasn't willing to risk it. Blue Girl then explained how she couldn't leave them behind, since her previous defeats only showed how much of a child she still was, forcing others to always save her, and for that reason, she couldn't allow herself to leave others behind. With that reasoning, Ghost Gal accepted using her program as well, logging out both researchers. After leaving the cave, they managed to travel safely through the winds using a shield program, until it suddenly stopped blowing as Playmaker and Soulburner reached them.

Upon making contact with the two, Blue Girl presented herself as Blue Angel. Soulburner was happy to meet another savior of the old LINK VRAINS, but Blue Girl stated they were actually seeking to retrieve the Ignis. While both Playmaker and Ghost Gal were willing to solve the situation without Dueling, Soulburner accepted Blue Girl's challenge.[6] Ghost Gal opted not to follow Playmaker, instead watching her partner's Duel. She was visibly satisfied with Blue Girl's performance, as she was able to predict and prevent all of Soulburner's initial moves. However, he was able to turn the Duel around and Fusion Summoned "Salamangreat Violet Chimera", winning the Duel in a single attack. Ghost Gal was surprised to see Blue Girl lose so suddenly, especially considering the position she was in. After Soulburner forcibly logged out Blue Girl, Ghost Gal approached him, but decided not to challenge him after seeing the poor condition in which he was due to the previous battle. Flame then offered her a copy of Blue Girl's evacuation program, which she accepted, recognizing she wouldn't be able to go any further without her partner.[30]


Emma (as Ghost Gal) and "Altergeist Primebanshee".

Emma uses an "Altergeist" Deck. She swarms her field with monsters in order to set up various combos with Trap Cards. She tends to use the effect of "Altergeist Marionetter" to set Traps directly to her field from her Deck, but will also use hand traps unexpectedly, such as the effect of "Altergeist Kunquery", even when she has multiple Set cards on the field. Furthermore, she uses the effect of "Altergeist Primebanshee" to swap out her monsters for ones in her Deck, giving her various advantages over her opponents, depending on the moves that they make. As noted by Ai, this gives her a very solid wall of defense. During the second season, she includes Tuner and Synchro Monsters in her Deck.

When playing with Ai, Emma is shown to have another Deck that she keeps in a separate pocket that contains a copy of "Fake Trap".




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