Empowered Warrior

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Empowered Warrior
"Terratiger, the Empowered Warrior"
  • そうせん
  • 魔装戦士 (base)
  • まそうせんし (ruby)
  • Masō Senshi (romanized)
  • Magic-Equipped Warrior (translated)

  • Guerrier Éveillé

  • Ermächtigte Krieger

  • Guerriero Potenziato

  • 마장전사

  • Guerreiro/a Edificado/a

  • Guerrero/a Fortalecido/a

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"Empowered Warrior" (そうせん Masō Senshi) is an archetype that is part of the "Empower" series. While the monsters debuted in Starter Deck 2014, it was not until OCG Clash of Rebellions that they received Pendulum support. They are related to the "Summoner" series and the "Aether" archetype.

The term "Empowered" refers to the armor pieces worn by the monsters of this archetype. "Arnis", "Hydrotortoise", "Terratiger" and "Ventdra" have equipment originated from "Aether, the Empowering Dragon", while both "Dragodeus" and "Dragonox" are basically different forms of "Ventdra" that is equipped by the armor of "Aether, the Evil Empowering Dragon".


Monster Origin
Empower Summoner
Aether Golden Dragon Yellow Dragon
Arnis Red Sparrow Vermilion Bird
Hydrotortoise Green Turtle Black Tortoise
Terratiger White Tiger White Tiger
Ventdra Blue Dragon Azure Dragon

Playing style[edit]

Competitively, when running "Terraforming", the "Empowerment" Field Spell Card and it's "Discard to Special Summon from Deck" effect is used for "Dragodies, the Empowered Warrior" to gain its "When Destroyed on the Field" effect.

Both "Dragodies" and "Dragonox, the Empowered Warrior" as Pendulum Scales for their strong Battle Phase effects when using them from the Hand. The Field effect of "Dragonox" can be useful for any Deck for great utility, but the revival target must be checked by the opponent to make sure it is a correct target: losing any surprise factor.

"Aether, the Evil Empowering Dragon" has a Pendulum Scale of 4, is out of this archetypes ability to Pendulum Summon or Special Summon (Mostly Level 4 basis) normally and has a high cost (For a Pendulum archetype especially) the effect of "Empowerment" to search for an "Aether" Monster. Making for awkward Deck builds of this archetype for not much, not recommended.

"Terratiger, the Empowered Warrior" (When Normal Summoned) and "Ventdra, the Empowered Warrior" (When Destroyed on the Field) have utility effects for Normal Monsters and would be useful for Graveyard-style archetypes like "Dark Magician" or "Red-Eyes" with a slight Rank 4 Monster focus.

"Dragodies" and "Empowerment" combo is similar to "Sky Iris" and "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" in terms of speed and utility. For a little context, in the OCG, "Empowered Warrior" Pendulum cards were released around the same time as "Performage" and "Dracoslayer" (Both heavily restricted); whereas "Odd-Eyes" and "Pendulum Magician" (Some search effects restricted) cards were released around the same time as the "Red-Eyes" support in "Clash of Rebellions".

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