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2-Player Starter Deck: Yuya & DeclanYS15
2013 Collectible Tins Wave 1CT10
2013 Collectible Tins Wave 2CT10
2014 Mega-Tin Mega PackMP14
2014 Mega-TinsCT11
2015 Mega-Tin Mega PackMP15
2015 Mega-TinsCT12
2015 Value BoxLTGY
2016 Mega-Tin Mega PackMP16
2016 Mega-TinsCT13
2017 Mega-Tin Mega PackMP17
2017 Mega-TinsCT14
2018 Mega-Tin Mega PackMP18
2018 Mega-TinsCT15
2019 Gold Sarcophagus TinTN19
2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin Mega PackMP19
2020 Tin of Lost MemoriesMP20
2021 Tin of Ancient BattlesMP21
Absolute PowerforceABPF
Absolute Powerforce PlusABPF
Absolute Powerforce Sneak Peek Participation CardABPF
Absolute Powerforce: Special EditionABPF
Abyss RisingABYR
Abyss Rising Sneak Peek Participation CardABYR
Abyss Rising: Special EditionABYR
Advanced Demo Deck Extra PackDEM4
Ancient GuardiansANGU
Ancient ProphecyANPR
Ancient Prophecy PlusANPR
Ancient Prophecy Sneak Peek Participation CardANPR
Ancient Prophecy: Special EditionANPR
Ancient SanctuaryAST
Anniversary PackYAP1
Astral Pack EightAP08
Astral Pack FiveAP05
Astral Pack FourAP04
Astral Pack OneAP01
Astral Pack SevenAP07
Astral Pack SixAP06
Astral Pack ThreeAP03
Astral Pack TwoAP02
Battle City Tournament KitTKN4
Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsBP02
Battle Pack 3: Monster LeagueBP03
Battle Pack Tournament Prize CardsBATT
Battle Pack: Epic DawnBP01
Battles of Legend: ArmageddonBLAR
Battles of Legend: Hero's RevengeBLHR
Battles of Legend: Light's RevengeBLLR
Battles of Legend: Relentless RevengeBLRR
Blazing VortexBLVO
Blazing Vortex Premiere! promotional cardBLVO
Breakers of ShadowBOSH
Breakers of Shadow Sneak Peek Participation CardBOSH
Breakers of Shadow: Special EditionBOSH
Brothers of LegendBROL
Burst of DestinyBODE
Champion Pack: Game EightCP08
Champion Pack: Game FiveCP05
Champion Pack: Game FourCP04
Champion Pack: Game OneCP01
Champion Pack: Game SevenCP07
Champion Pack: Game SixCP06
Champion Pack: Game ThreeCP03
Champion Pack: Game TwoCP02
Chaos ImpactCHIM
Chaos Impact Sneak Peek Participation CardCHIM
Chaos Impact Special EditionCHIM
Circuit BreakCIBR
Circuit Break Sneak Peek Participation CardCIBR
Circuit Break Special EditionCIBR
Clash of RebellionsCORE
Clash of Rebellions Sneak Peek Participation CardCORE
Clash of Rebellions: Special EditionCORE
Code of the DuelistCOTD
Code of the Duelist Sneak Peek Participation CardCOTD
Code of the Duelist Special EditionCOTD
Collectible Tins 2004CT1
Collectible Tins 2005CT2
Collectible Tins 2006 Wave 1CT03
Collectible Tins 2006 Wave 2CT03
Collectible Tins 2007 Wave 1CT04
Collectible Tins 2007 Wave 2CT04
Collectible Tins 2008 Wave 1CT05
Collectible Tins 2008 Wave 2CT05
Collectible Tins 2009 Wave 1CT06
Collectible Tins 2009 Wave 2CT06
Collectible Tins 2010 Wave 1CT07
Collectible Tins 2010 Wave 2CT07
Collectible Tins 2011 Wave 1CT08
Collectible Tins 2011 Wave 2CT08
Collectible Tins 2012 Wave 1CT09
Collectible Tins 2012 Wave 2CT09
Collectible Tins 2012 Wave 2.5CT09
Collectible Tins Exclusive 2008CT05
Collectible Tins Exclusive 2009CT06
Cosmo BlazerCBLZ
Cosmo Blazer Sneak Peek Participation CardCBLZ
Cosmo Blazer: Special EditionCBLZ
Crimson CrisisCRMS
Crimson Crisis Sneak Peek Participation CardCRMS
Crimson Crisis: Special EditionCRMS
Crossed SoulsCROS
Crossed Souls Sneak Peek Participation CardCROS
Crossed Souls: Advance EditionCROS
Crossroads of ChaosCSOC
Crossroads of Chaos Sneak Peek Participation CardCSOC
Crossroads of Chaos: Special EditionCSOC
Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure DeckSDCR
Cyberdark ImpactCDIP
Cyberdark Impact Sneak Peek Participation CardSP02
Cybernetic HorizonCYHO
Cybernetic Horizon Sneak Peek Participation CardCYHO
Cybernetic Horizon Special EditionCYHO
Cybernetic RevolutionCRV
Cybernetic Revolution Sneak Peek Participation CardSP1
Dark Beginning 1DB1
Dark Beginning 2DB2
Dark CrisisDCR
Dark LegendsDLG1
Dark Legion Starter DeckYS15
Dark NeostormDANE
Dark Neostorm Sneak Peek Participation CardDANE
Dark Neostorm Special EditionDANE
Dark Revelation Volume 1DR1
Dark Revelation Volume 2DR2
Dark Revelation Volume 3DR3
Dark Revelation Volume 4DR04
Dark SaviorsDASA
Dawn of MajestyDAMA
Dawn of Majesty Premiere! promotional cardDAMA
Demo Deck 2015DEM2
Demo Deck 2016DEM3
Demo PackDEM1
Demo Speed Dueling kitSL00
Destiny SoldiersDESO
Dimension of ChaosDOCS
Dimension of Chaos Sneak Peek Participation CardDOCS
Dimension of Chaos: Special EditionDOCS
Dinosmasher's Fury Structure DeckSR04
Dragons Collide Structure DeckSDDC
Dragons of LegendDRLG
Dragons of Legend 2DRL2
Dragons of Legend: The Complete SeriesDLCS
Dragons of Legend: UnleashedDRL3
Dragunity BlastSDDL
Dragunity Legion Structure DeckSDDL
Duel DevastatorDUDE
Duel Disk - Yusei VersionDDY1
Duel OverloadDUOV
Duel PowerDUPO
Duel Terminal - PreviewDTP1
Duel Terminal - Preview Wave 1DTP1
Duel Terminal - Preview Wave 2DTP1
Duel Terminal 1DT01
Duel Terminal 2DT02
Duel Terminal 3DT03
Duel Terminal 4DT04
Duel Terminal 5DT05
Duel Terminal 5aDT05
Duel Terminal 5bDT05
Duel Terminal 6DT06
Duel Terminal 6aDT06
Duel Terminal 6bDT06
Duel Terminal 7DT07
Duel Terminal 7aDT07
Duel Terminal 7bDT07
Duelist AllianceDUEA
Duelist Alliance Sneak Peek Participation CardDUEA
Duelist Alliance: Deluxe EditionDUEA
Duelist League 13 participation cardsDL13
Duelist League 14 participation cardsDL14
Duelist League 15 participation cardsDL15
Duelist League 16 participation cardsDL16
Duelist League 17 participation cardsDL17
Duelist League 18 participation cardsDL18
Duelist League 2 participation cardsDL11
Duelist League 2010 participation cardsDL09
Duelist League 3 participation cardsDL12
Duelist League Demo 2010DLDI
Duelist League Series 10 participation cardDL10
Duelist League Series 2 participation cardsDL2
Duelist League Series 3 participation cardDL3
Duelist League Series 4 participation cardDL4
Duelist League Series 5 participation cardDL5
Duelist League Series 6 participation cardDL6
Duelist League Series 7 participation cardDL7
Duelist League Series 8 participation cardDL8
Duelist League Series 9 participation cardDL9
Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2008DPCT
Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2009
  • DPCT
Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2010DPCT
Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2011
  • DPCT
Duelist Pack Collection Tin: Jaden YukiDPCT
Duelist Pack: Aster PhoenixDP05
Duelist Pack: Battle CityDPBC
Duelist Pack: Chazz PrincetonDP2
Duelist Pack: CrowDP11
Duelist Pack: Dimensional GuardiansDPDG
Duelist Pack: Jaden YukiDP1
Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 2DP03
Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 3DP06
Duelist Pack: Jesse AndersonDP07
Duelist Pack: KaibaDPKB
Duelist Pack: Rivals of the PharaohDPRP
Duelist Pack: Special EditionDPK
Duelist Pack: YugiDPYG
Duelist Pack: YuseiDP08
Duelist Pack: Yusei 2DP09
Duelist Pack: Yusei 3DP10
Duelist Pack: Zane TruesdaleDP04
Duelist RevolutionDREV
Duelist Revolution Sneak Peek Participation CardDREV
Duelist Revolution: Special EditionDREV
Duelist SagaDUSA
Egyptian God Deck: Obelisk the TormentorEGO1
Egyptian God Deck: Slifer the Sky DragonEGS1
Elemental EnergyEEN
Elemental Energy Sneak Peek Participation CardSP1
Elemental Energy: Special EditionEEN
Emperor of Darkness Structure DeckSR01
Enemy of JusticeEOJ
Enemy of Justice Sneak Peek Participation CardSP2
Eternity CodeETCO
Eternity Code Premiere! promotional cardETCO
Event Pack Speed DuelEVSD
Evolzar Dolkka Collectible TinCT09
Exclusive PackEP1
Extreme ForceEXFO
Extreme Force Sneak Peek Participation CardEXFO
Extreme Force Special EditionEXFO
Extreme VictoryEXVC
Extreme Victory Sneak Peek Participation CardEXVC
Fire Fists: Special EditionFFSE
Fists of the GadgetsFIGA
Flames of DestructionFLOD
Flames of Destruction Sneak Peek Participation CardFLOD
Flames of Destruction Special EditionFLOD
Flaming EternityFET
Flaming Eternity Sneak Peek Participation CardSP1
Forbidden LegacyFL1
Force of the BreakerFOTB
Force of the Breaker Sneak Peek Participation CardFOTB
Force of the Breaker: Special EditionFOTB
Fusion EnforcersFUEN
GX Next GenerationGXNG
Galactic OverlordGAOV
Galactic Overlord Sneak Peek Participation CardGAOV
Gates of the Underworld Structure DeckSDGU
Geargia Rampage Structure DeckSDGR
Generation ForceGENF
Generation Force Sneak Peek Participation CardGENF
Generation Force: Special EditionGENF
Genesis ImpactGEIM
Ghosts From the Past (set)GFTP
Gladiator's AssaultGLAS
Gladiator's Assault Sneak Peek Participation CardGLAS
Gladiator's Assault: Special EditionGLAS
Gold SeriesGLD1
Gold Series 2009GLD2
Gold Series 3GLD3
Gold Series 4: Pyramids EditionGLD4
Gold Series: Haunted MineGLD5
HERO Strike Structure DeckSDHS
Heroic Champion - Excalibur Collectible TinCT09
Hidden ArsenalHA01
Hidden Arsenal 2HA02
Hidden Arsenal 3HA03
Hidden Arsenal 4: Trishula's TriumphHA04
Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm InvasionHA05
Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion: Special EditionH5SE
Hidden Arsenal 6: Omega XyzHA06
Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of StarsHA07
Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1HAC1
Hidden Arsenal: Special EditionHASE
Hidden SummonersHISU
High-Speed RidersHSRD
Hobby League 1 participation cards AHL1
Hobby League 1 participation cards BHL1
Hobby League 1 participation cards CHL1
Hobby League 2 participation card AHL2
Hobby League 2 participation card BHL2
Hobby League 2 participation card CHL2
Hobby League 2 participation card DHL2
Hobby League 2 participation card EHL2
Hobby League 2 participation card FHL2
Hobby League 3 participation card AHL03
Hobby League 3 participation card BHL03
Hobby League 3 participation card CHL03
Hobby League 3 participation card DHL03
Hobby League 3 participation card EHL03
Hobby League 3 participation card FHL03
Hobby League 3 participation card GHL03
Hobby League 4 participation card AHL04
Hobby League 4 participation card BHL04
Hobby League 4 participation card CHL04
Hobby League 4 participation card DHL04
Hobby League 4 participation card EHL04
Hobby League 4 participation card FHL04
Hobby League 5 participation card AHL05
Hobby League 5 participation card BHL05
Hobby League 5 participation card CHL05
Hobby League 5 participation card DHL05
Hobby League 5 participation card EHL05
Hobby League 5 participation card FHL05
Hobby League 6 participation card AHL06
Hobby League 6 participation card BHL06
Hobby League 6 participation card CHL06
Hobby League 6 participation card DHL06
Hobby League 6 participation card EHL06
Hobby League 6 participation card FHL06
Hobby League 7 participation card AHL07
Hobby League 7 participation card BHL07
Hobby League 7 participation card CHL07
Hobby League 7 participation card DHL07
Hobby League 7 participation card EHL07
Hobby League 7 participation card FHL07
Ignition AssaultIGAS
Ignition Assault Sneak Peek Participation CardIGAS
Ignition Assault Special EditionIGAS
Invasion of ChaosIOC
Invasion: VengeanceINOV
Invasion: Vengeance Sneak Peek Participation CardINOV
Invasion: Vengeance: Special EditionINOV
Judgment of the LightJOTL
Judgment of the Light Sneak Peek Participation CardJOTL
Judgment of the Light: Deluxe EditionJOTL
Jump Pack 2014 Issue 1 promotional cardJUMP
Jump Pack 2014 Issue 2 promotional cardJUMP
Jump Pack 2014 Issue 3 promotional cardJUMP
KC Grand Tournament 2021 prize card2021
KC Grand Tournament prize card2020
Kaiba's Collector BoxKACB
Kids' WB! Duel of Destiny promotional cardEP1
King's CourtKICO
Labyrinth of NightmareLON
Legacy of DarknessLOD
Legacy of the ValiantLVAL
Legacy of the Valiant Sneak Peek Participation CardLVAL
Legacy of the Valiant: Deluxe EditionLVAL
Legend of Blue Eyes White DragonLOB
Legendary CollectionLC01
Legendary Collection 2: Gameboard EditionLC02
Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy YearsLC02
Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega PackLCGX
Legendary Collection 3: Yugi's WorldLC03
Legendary Collection 3: Yugi's World Mega PackLCYW
Legendary Collection 4: Joey's WorldLC04
Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Mega PackLCJW
Legendary Collection 5D'sLC05
Legendary Collection 5D's Mega PackLC5D
Legendary Collection KaibaLC06
Legendary Collection Kaiba Mega PackLCKC
Legendary Collection: Gameboard EditionLC01
Legendary Decks IILDK2
Legendary Dragon DecksLEDD
Legendary DuelistsLEDU
Legendary Duelists: Ancient MillenniumLED2
Legendary Duelists: Immortal DestinyLED5
Legendary Duelists: Magical HeroLED6
Legendary Duelists: Rage of RaLED7
Legendary Duelists: Season 1LDS1
Legendary Duelists: Season 2LDS2
Legendary Duelists: Sisters of the RoseLED4
Legendary Duelists: Synchro StormLED8
Legendary Duelists: White Dragon AbyssLED3
Legendary Hero DecksLEHD
Light and Darkness Power PackLDPP
Light of DestructionLODT
Light of Destruction Sneak Peek Participation CardLODT
Light of Destruction: Special EditionLODT
Lightning OverdriveLIOV
Lightning Overdrive Premiere! promotional cardLIOV
Limited Edition 1JUMP
Lord of the Tachyon GalaxyLTGY
Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy Sneak Peek Participation CardLTGY
Lost Sanctuary Structure DeckSDLS
Machina Mayhem Structure DeckSDMM
Machine Reactor Structure DeckSR03
Make-A-Wish Foundation promotional cardTYL
Master Collection Volume 1MC1
Master Collection Volume 2MC2
Master Hyperion Value BoxSDLS
Master of Pendulum Structure DeckSDMP
Mattel Action Figure promotional cards
  • MF01
Mattel Action Figure promotional cards: Series 1MF01
Mattel Action Figure promotional cards: Series 2MF02
Mattel Action Figure promotional cards: Series 3MF03
Maximum CrisisMACR
Maximum Crisis Sneak Peek Participation CardMACR
Maximum Crisis: Special EditionMACR
Maximum GoldMAGO
McDonald's Promotional Cards 2MDP2
Metal RaidersMRD
Millennium PackMIL1
Millennium Pack: Lite EditionMIL1
Movie PackMOV
Mystic FightersMYFI
Next-Gen Dueling KitYS11
Noble Knights of the Round Table Box SetNKRT
Noble Knights of the Round Table Power-Up PackNKRT
Number HuntersNUMH
OTS Tournament Pack 1OP01
OTS Tournament Pack 10OP10
OTS Tournament Pack 11OP11
OTS Tournament Pack 12OP12
OTS Tournament Pack 13OP13
OTS Tournament Pack 14OP14
OTS Tournament Pack 15OP15
OTS Tournament Pack 16OP16
OTS Tournament Pack 17OP17
OTS Tournament Pack 2OP02
OTS Tournament Pack 3OP03
OTS Tournament Pack 4OP04
OTS Tournament Pack 5OP05
OTS Tournament Pack 6OP06
OTS Tournament Pack 7OP07
OTS Tournament Pack 8OP08
OTS Tournament Pack 9OP09
Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure DeckSDOK
Order of ChaosORCS
Order of Chaos Sneak Peek Participation CardORCS
Order of Chaos: Special EditionORCS
Palladium Oracle Mahad SweepstakesSBPR
Pendulum Domination Structure DeckSDPD
Pendulum EvolutionPEVO
Phantom DarknessPTDN
Phantom Darkness Sneak Peek Participation CardPTDN
Phantom Darkness: Special EditionPTDN
Phantom RagePHRA
Phantom Rage Premiere! promotional cardPHRA
Pharaoh Tour 2005 promotional cardsPT1
Pharaoh Tour 2006 promotional cardsPT02
Pharaoh Tour 2007 promotional cardsPT03
Pharaoh's ServantPSV
Photon ShockwavePHSW
Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek Participation CardPHSW
Poseidra Value BoxSDRE
Power of the DuelistPOTD
Power of the Duelist Sneak Peek Participation CardSP02
Premium Collection TinPRC1
Premium GoldPGLD
Premium Gold: Infinite GoldPGL3
Premium Gold: Return of the BlingPGL2
Premium Pack (TCG)PP01
Premium Pack 2 (TCG)PP02
Primal OriginPRIO
Primal Origin PlusPRIO
Primal Origin Sneak Peek Participation CardPRIO
Primal Origin: Deluxe EditionPRIO
Ra Yellow Mega PackRYMP
Ra Yellow Mega Pack: Special EditionRYMP
Raging BattleRGBT
Raging Battle Sneak Peek Participation CardRGBT
Raging Battle: Special EditionRGBT
Raging TempestRATE
Raging Tempest Sneak Peek Participation CardRATE
Raging Tempest: Special EditionRATE
Realm of Light Structure DeckSDLI
Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure DeckSDRE
Remote Duel at Home SweepstakesSBPR
Retro PackRP01
Retro Pack 2RP02
Return of the DuelistREDU
Return of the Duelist Sneak Peek Participation CardREDU
Return of the Duelist: Special EditionREDU
Rise of DestinyRDS
Rise of Destiny: Special EditionRDS
Rise of the Dragon Lords Structure DeckSDRL
Rise of the DuelistROTD
Rise of the Duelist Premiere! promotional cardROTD
Rise of the True Dragons Structure DeckSR02
Rising RampageRIRA
Rising Rampage Sneak Peek Participation CardRIRA
Rising Rampage Special EditionRIRA
SJ Jump Pack Fall 2019 promotional cardYDPR
SJ Jump Pack Spring 2020 promotional cardJMPS
Saber Force Starter DeckYS15
Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure DeckSDBE
Samurai AssaultSAAS
Samurai Warlords Structure DeckSDWA
San Diego Comic-Con 2006 promotional cardsTKN1
Savage StrikeSAST
Savage Strike Sneak Peek Participation CardSAST
Savage Strike Special EditionSAST
Secret SlayersSESL
Secrets of EternitySECE
Secrets of Eternity Sneak Peek Participation CardSECE
Secrets of Eternity: Super EditionSECE
Shadow Samurai Value BoxSDWA
Shadow SpectersSHSP
Shadow Specters Sneak Peek Participation CardSHSP
Shadow Specters: Special EditionSHSP
Shadow of InfinitySOI
Shadow of Infinity Sneak Peek Participation CardSP2
Shadow of Infinity: Special EditionSOI
Shadows in ValhallaSHVA
Shining VictoriesSHVI
Shining Victories Sneak Peek Participation CardSHVI
Shining Victories: Special EditionSHVI
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