Enna's hideout

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The hideout's interior

Enna's hideout is the residence of Enna in the Astral World. The exact location is unknown, but it is within a dark pit beneath the Astral World's city. A large room featuring stained glass windows makes up much of it. The room is sparse, containing only a bed and several Astralite crystals. When Yuma Tsukumo journeyed to the Astral World to save Astral, Enna brought him here to recover after nearly being killed by Eliphas. She explained the Astral World's current predicament and sent Yuma on his way via a secret passage. Eliphas himself arrived here shortly thereafter and demanded to know where Yuma had gone.[1]

The Astralite crystals in the room were used by Enna and numerous other Astral beings to watch the Duel between Yuma and Eliphas that took place in the Astral Tower, watched over by copies of Eliphas' energy form.[2][3][4]


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