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The European Championship is a two-day tournament gathering some of the best players from all across the continent of Europe.

The WCQ EC happens once a year, in the summer, after National season.

The Top 4 will qualify for the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship, later in the same summer.

Since 2010, only those who qualified via WCQ Regional in their country, can participate in the European Championship.

2015 European Championship[edit]

It will Dublin, Ireland, the 4th and 5th of July 2015.

2014 European Championship[edit]

It was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the 28th and 29th of June,2014, with 1057 Participants.

Champion : Eugen Heidt (Germany) (Mermail)

Runner-Up : Marcel Burri (Switzerland) (Lightsworn Dragons)

Semi-Finalist : Andrea Zenari (Italy) (Bujin)

'Semi-Finalist : 'Niccoló Mazzoleni (Italy) (Spellbook)

2013 European Championship[edit]

It was held in Franckfurt, Germany from June 29-30, 2013. 1142 Players registered.

2013 European Championship Standings[edit]

Champion: Chris Bountaloudis (Greece) (Spellbook)

Runner-Up: Michel Grüner (Germany) (Dragon Ruler)

Semi-Finalist: Valerio Rozza (Italy) (Dragon Ruler)

Semi-Finalist: Sergio Soldani (Italy) (Spellbook)

2012 European Championship[edit]

It was held in Milan, Italy from July 6−8, 2012. 865 Players registered.

2012 European Championship Standings[edit]

Champion: Stefano Memoli (Italy) (Wind-Up)

Runner-Up: Michail Paraschos (Greece) (Chaos Dragon)

Semi-Finalist: Angel Matas (Spain) (Inzektor)

Semi-Finalist: Joschua Schmidt (Germany) (Wind-Up)

2011 European Championship[edit]

It was held in Madrid, Spain. The 2011 European Championship included 580 entrants.

2011 European Championship Standings[edit]

Champion: Michel Grüner (Germany) (Tengu Plants)

Runner-Up: Sami Sekkoum (UK) (Gravekeeper's)

Semi-Finalist: Raul Fernandez (Spain) (Worm)

Semi-Finalist: Luke Lennard (UK) (X-Saber)

2010 European Championship[edit]

It was held in Birmingham, England, with more than 500 participants

2010 European Championship Standings[edit]

Champion: Rodrigo Togores Moli (Spain) (Frog OTK)

Runner-Up: Stephan Sluis (Netherlands) (Infernity)

Semi-Finalist: Sebastien Gonzalez (Belgium) (X-Saber)

Semi-Finalist: Stefano Memoli (Italy) (Anti-Meta)

2009 European Championship[edit]

It was held in Lille, France.

2009 European Championship Standings[edit]

Champion: Vittorio Wiktor (Germany)

Runner-Up: Eduard Alvarez Carrera (Spain)

Semi-Finalist: Sebastien Gonzalez (Belgium)

Semi-Finalist: Sharief Mahomedradja (Netherlands)

2008 European Championship[edit]

The 2008 European Championship included 245 entrants from 25 nations. It was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2008 European Championship Standings[edit]

Champion: Vasilis Boulbasakos (Greece)

Runner-Up: Claudio Kirchmair (Austria)

Semi-Finalist: David Dursun (Germany)

Semi-Finalist: Terence Figueiredo (France)

2007 European Championship[edit]

The 2007 European Championship had over 688 duelists invited to the event. It was held in Turin, Italy.

2007 European Championship Standings[edit]

Champion: Davide Bellocchio (Italy)

Runner-Up: Alessandro Nunziato (Italy)

Semi-Finalist: Mattia Sarpa (Italy)

Semi-Finalist: Oliver Schmidt-Voss (Germany)

2006 European Championship[edit]

The 2006 European Championship included more than 240 entrants from over 22 nations. It was held in Bochum, Germany.

2006 European Championship Standings[edit]

Champion: Vincent GrindtegelAhé Wielandt (Netherlands)

Runner-Up: Adrian Madaj (Poland)

Semi-Finalist: Donato Mancini (Italy)

Semi-Finalist: Dario Longo (Italy)

Other coverage of the event to be found at [[1]]