Evil Eye

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Evil Eye
"Gorgon", "Basilius", and "Serziel" (holding the "Evil Eye of Selene") in the artwork of "Evil Eye Reemergence".
"Gorgon", "Basilius", and "Serziel" (holding the "Evil Eye of Selene") in the artwork of "Evil Eye Reemergence".
  • じゅがん
  • 呪眼 (base)
  • じゅがん (ruby)
  • Jugan (romanized)
  • Cursed Eye (translated)
  • Œil Maléfique
  • Bösauge
  • Malocchio
  • 주안
  • 呪眼 (Hanja)
  • Juan (romanized)
  • Olho Maligno
  • Ojo Maligno

Defiler of my Pareidolia, sink before Selene!

— The archetype's tagline in promotional material

"Evil Eye", known as "Cursed Eye" (じゅがん Jugan) in the OCG, is an archetype introduced in Deck Build Pack: Infinity Chasers. It is described as being a "Fiend theme that uses Equip Spells to employ powerful effects."[1]


The "Evil Eye" crest.
Those who have fallen under the spell of the all-consuming "Evil Eye"...

"Serziel" and "Medusa" clash over the "Evil Eye of Selene", which is said to grant great power. "Serziel" overloads the "Evil Eye of Selene" during their battle, and thus is reborn as "Zerrziel", who begins plotting to take over the world... [2]


The name of the members of this archetype have a variety of origins:

Evil Eye Origin
Basilius Basilisk
Catoblepas Catoblepas
Gorgon Gorgon
Medusa Medusa
Serziel Sariel
Zerrziel Zerachiel
Pareidolia Pareidolia
Evil Eye of Gorgoneio Gorgoneion
Evil Eye of Selene Selene

Playing style[edit]

Most members of this archetype has a Quick Effect if they're equipped with "Evil Eye of Selene", and a second effect triggered during the next Standby Phase after using that effect. The key monster, "Serziel, Watcher of the Evil Eye", is a good example of this as not only does he add any "Evil Eye" card from the Deck to your hand upon being Normal Summoned, he can target and destroy your opponent's Special Summoned monsters while equipped with "Selene", said Equip Spell making any "Evil Eye" monster it is equipped with immune to being destroyed and targeting by the opponent's cards and effects. This not only makes him the best monster to Normal Summon but also one of the best ways for the Deck to disrupt the opponent. His counterpart, "Medusa, Watcher of the Evil Eye" instead adds used "Evil Eye" cards from the GY to the hand as well as banishing a monster from the opponent's GY, thus making her perfectly good for recycling and disrupting strategies relying on the GY. Their Link Monster forms - "Zerziel, Ruler of the Evil Eyed" and "Gorogn, Empress of the Evil Eyed", respectively - are equally powerful, with "Zerziel" being able to attack multiple times a turn if the right Link Material is used and destroying any card, and "Gorgon" gaining 100 ATK for each used "Evil Eye" card in the GY as well as negating the effects of monsters the opponent controls if equipped with "Selene". "Basilius, Familiar of the Evil Eye" and its counterpart "Catoblepas" are also incredibly useful, with "Basilius" being an immediate Special Summon that can mill archetypal cards from the Deck and "Catoblepas" being excellent discard fodder as it can Special Summon itself or make your Spells/Traps immune to destruction.

"Evil Eye of Selene" itself is essential for reasons stated above, however "Evil Eye of Gorgoneio" is also an option as it treats itself as "Selene", and can easily help with searching the "Evil Eye" Spell/Trap line-up. Combining it with "Basilius" and/or "Catoblepas" allows for easily gaining access to "Evil Eye Awakening". By Summoning "Serziel" one is able to build a potentially strong starting board by searching for "Basilius", using it to dump "Gorgoneio", then proceeding to use "Gorgoneio" to get immediate access to "Awakening" which could be used to revive "Serziel" and serve as the cost for "Selene" to make said "Serziel" invincible. This also allows "Evil Eye Defeat" to return 2 targets to the hand instead of 1, "Evil Eye Mesmerism" will treat the monster it steals as an "Evil Eye" monster, and "Evil Eye Retribution" will become an unstoppable Counter Trap. This also allows "Awakening" to Summon monsters from the Deck, "Evil Eye Confrontation" to banish the Spell/Trap it destroys, "Evil Eye Reemergence" to Special Summon 2 copies "Familiar of the Evil Eye Token" instead of 1, and force your opponent to share the pain as "Evil Eye Domain - Pareidolia" will force them to take the same battle damage as you.

Combining this Deck with cards like "Vahram, the Magistus Divinity Dragon" will allow you to obliterate your opponent's field, or to begin the process of upgrading a card like "Yubel" as well as the vast majority of the "Unchained" archetype. These cards can also work well with other Decks that do not rely too heavily on Normal Summons to get themselves going.


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