Evolved Hassleberry

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Evolved Hassleberry
Evolved Hassleberry
EnglishEvolved Hassleberry
Event information
TypeRoaming Duelist event
  • May 18, 2020 – May 24, 2020

Evolved Hassleberry is a Roaming Duelist event in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. During this event, a special version of Tyranno Hassleberry appears in Duel World (GX), and special Event Missions are made available.

Event Details[edit]


The first time the player enters Duel World during the event, they will be greeted by a cutscene.

Hassleberry roars and announces he's ready to evolve, as he roars louder and his pupils turn narrower. Syrus and Chazz, who are watching this unfold, wonder if Hassleberry is really evolving. Bastion explains that Hassleberry has Dino DNA because of a dinosaur bone transplanted into his leg, which can cause him to go berserk in certain conditions. This change in behavior can indicate an actual evolution. Syrus and Chazz then realize that this has already happened many times and that they're already getting used to it, possibly meaning they have also evolved to deal with his shenanigans.


Duel Rewards[edit]

In addition to the following, standard Duel Rewards were also available by Dueling Tyranno Hassleberry Level 30 or less.

Rarity Card
UR "Evo-Price"
SR "Evoltile Elginero", "Gear Golem the Moving Fortress", "Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei", "Gren Maju Da Eiza"
R "Protective Soul Ailin", "Raise Body Heat", "Ultra Evolution Pill", "Mad Sword Beast"
N "Ancient Lizard Warrior"

Event Missions[edit]

Mission Reward
Win 1 Duel(s) against Evolved Hassleberry in Duel World. 1 "Protective Soul Ailin" (Glossy)
Win 3 Duel(s) against Evolved Hassleberry in Duel World. 1 "Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei" (Glossy)
Win 7 Duel(s) against Evolved Hassleberry in Duel World. 1 "Evoltile Elginero"
Play 15 Duel(s) against Evolved Hassleberry in Duel World. (Surrenders are not counted.) 1 "Evo-Price"