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"Exosister Mikailis"
  • エクソシスター
  • Ekusoshisutā (romanized)
  • Exosœur
  • Exoschwester
  • Esosorella
  • 엑소시스터
  • Eksosiseuteo (romanized)
  • Exoirmã
  • Exormana

Assemble to the end, savior maidens! Exorcise the evil with a blessed miracle!!

— The archetype's tagline in promotional material

"Exosister" (エクソシスター Ekusoshisutā), introduced in "Deck Build Pack: Grand Creators", is an archetype of LIGHT Spellcaster/Warrior monsters which focuses on Xyz Summoning and dealing with GY-related mechanics.


The archetype's name is a portmanteau of "exorcist" and "sister", a form of address for nuns and religious sisters.

The Main Deck members use western female given names, with their corresponding Xyz forms combining their names with the names of archangels.


The "Exosister" crest.

The "Sister" forms of each member, represented by the Main Deck Spellcaster monsters, are wearing dark military-style uniforms. The "Exorcist" forms of each member, represented by the Warrior Xyz Monsters, are wearing modified white versions of their respective uniforms. Their weapons varies within a wide range of weaponry, from swords and spears to compound bows and rifles. Outside Japan, the dresses of the "Exosister" monsters are recolored to a brighter shade.

The shared effect of the "Sister" members to Special Summon an "Exosister" Xyz Monster represents their transformation into their "Exorcist" counterparts.

The archetype's cards and card effects are associated with the number 800:

  • Each Main Deck "Exosister" monster has 800 DEF, and each Extra Deck monster has a DEF that ends in 800.
  • "Exosister Gibrine" increases the ATK of Xyz Monsters by 800.
  • Each Main Deck "Exosister" monster (except "Exosister Malfa") has an effect to gain 800 LP.
  • Each "Exosister" Spell/Trap with an LP payment cost requires paying 800 LP.

The Extra Deck "Exosister" monsters all have ribbons made of holy water covering parts of their bodies and weapons. These ribbons are in the shape of the number 8, possibly referencing their card effects that often involve 800 points. Wings made of holy water flank the sides of some ribbons, forming a close resemblance toward the "Exosister" crest.



Each Main Deck "Exosister" monster mentions the name of another Main Deck "Exosister" monster in its effect text; this forms two pairs of "Exosister" monsters where each member references their counterpart in their effect text, and an additional single-direction reference in "Malfa".

Pairing Sister
Archangel origin


Malfa - -
Elis Mikailis Michael
Stella Kaspitell Qaspiel (Cassiel)

Irene Gibrine Jibril (Gabriel)
Sophia Asophiel Israfil (Raphael)
Exosisters "Exosister" pairing Name origin
Magnifica Kaspitell + Mikailis Magnificat


The "Exosister" Spell/Traps are named after Christian/Latin terms or phrases.

Exosister Name origin
Arment Amen
Carpedivem Carpe diem
Litania Litania
Pax Pax
Vadis Quo vadis?

Playing style[edit]

"Exosister" is an Xyz Monster-based archetype focused on punishing the opponent for interacting with the Graveyards, with conditional Trigger Effects that allow the player to Xyz Summon monsters using only 1 "Exosister" monster.

All "Exosister" Main Deck monsters have two effects: a shared 1-card-Xyz Trigger Effect that can be used if a card is moved out of a GY, and an individual effect.

Shared 1-card-Xyz effect
Exosister Effect summary Notes
Trigger Condition Effect
Elis If your opponent moves a card out of either GY, Special Summon 1 "Exosister" Xyz Monster using this card as material.
  • Can be triggered by the opponent moving cards via a card's cost, effect, or Summoning conditions (e.g. "ABC-Dragon Buster").
  • The opponent must be involved in the action; if their controller moves a card out of their opponent's GY (e.g.: with "D.D. Crow"), this effect will not trigger.
Malfa [If either player moves a card out of either GY,]
  • The greatly reduced restrictions gives the player control over the 1-card-Xyz effect, letting it be used in setup combos.
Individual effects
Exosister Effect summary Notes
Elis If you control an "Exosister", Special Summon this card from hand. Then, if you control the monster's paired counterpart (see #Design), gain 800 LP.
  • Special Summon from hand extension effects.
Stella Special Summon 1 "Exosister" from hand.
Irene Place 1 "Exosister" card from hand on Deck bottom, draw 1 card.
  • Situational conditional card draw effects.
  • The effect of "Sophia" is less risky to use.
Sophia If you control another "Exosister", draw 1 card.
Malfa If you control no monsters, or only Xyz Monsters: Special Summon this card from your hand, and 1 "Elis" from your Deck. You cannot Special Summon the turn you activate this effect, except "Exosister" monsters.
  • Powerful 1-card double summon effect, able to set up an Xyz Summon by itself.
  • Strong restrictive condition, greatly restricting the player's play options.

The shared 1-card-Xyz effect allows Main Deck "Exosister" monsters to immediately turn into Xyz boss monsters with disruptive or suppressive effects if the opponent moves any card out of either GY.

Each Rank 4 "Exosister" Xyz Monster has 3 effects:

Exosister Xyz Monster effects
Exosister Continuous Quick/Trigger Ignition
Mikailis Cannot be destroyed by battle with a monster summoned from GY. (Quick) Target 1 card in the opponent's field/GY; banish it. Search 1 "Exosister" Spell/Trap.
Kaspitell (Trigger) Neither player can summon monsters from the GYs this turn. Search 1 "Exosister" monster.
Gibrine Cannot be destroyed by the activated effects of monsters summoned from GY. (Quick) Target 1 opposing Effect Monster; negate its effects this turn. All friendly Xyz Monsters gain 800 ATK this turn.
Asophiel (Trigger) Neither player can activate card effects in the GY this turn. Target 1 opposing monster; return it to the hand.

The Rank 8 "Exosisters Magnifica" requires 2 "Exosister" Rank 4 Xyz monsters to summon, and cannot be summoned by "Exosister" 1-card-Xyz effects. It has double attack, Quick Effect banish, and Quick Effect 1-card-Xyz effects, making for a potent game finisher.

"Exosister" Spell/Traps provide diverse removal, utility, and consistency options. "Pax" provides Spell Speed 2 searching and conditional special summoning. "Arment" provides a conditional Spell Speed 2 manual 1-card Xyz effect. "Carpedivem" provides Continuous protection, conditional "Prohibition" effect, and S/T removal. "Vadis" is a trap that special summons 2 "Exosister" monsters from Deck with return-to-deck restrictions, incentivizing the player to time the trap's activation correctly and immediately use the summoned monsters' effects to perform 1-card-Xyz summons. "Litania" provides targeted banish removal, and provides additional combo or removal if conditions are met.

"Exosister" setup combos focus on swarming Level 4 Spellcaster monsters, in order to summon "Exosister Mikailis" and search for a S/T for use as disruption on the opponent's turn (typically "Litania"). If possible, the Deck will typically extend into another "Exosister" Xyz monster to then summon "Exosisters Magnifica" for more disruptions. "Exosister Malfa", with its double summon effect, thus becomes central to the swarming strategy; it is searchable by "Exosister Kaspitell", so making a single "Kaspitell" guarantees the full combo of summoning "Mikailis" and then "Magnifica".

Recommended cards[edit]